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Is TripHobo the Smartest Vacation Planner?



Planning a trip can often feel like juggling too many balls at once. But AI tools like TripHobo are here to help. This trip-planning platform lets you plan trips to over 90,000 cities worldwide. 

TripHobo is a one-stop destination for all your travel needs. You can explore attractions, create detailed itineraries, and book hotels, transportation, and tours all in one place.

But is it the smartest AI planner in the market? Let’s dive in and find out. 

Key Points to Remember

  • TripHobo is an innovative trip-planning platform covering over 90,000 cities worldwide.
  • You can plan detailed itineraries and book hotels, flights, and tours directly through the platform.
  • TripHobo offers personalised recommendations based on your preferences and travel dates.
  • The platform integrates with partners like HotelsCombined, Agoda, and for comprehensive booking options.
  • Real-time updates and adjustments ensure your itinerary stays up-to-date and flexible.
  • The “Things to Do” feature provides a fixed list of activities and attractions for information purposes.
  • TripHobo leverages AI to optimise travel plans, offer dynamic pricing insights, and provide predictive analysis.
  • Easily share your trip plans via social media or email.
  • The platform includes budget estimation and flexible itinerary editing for a smooth travel planning experience.

What Is TripHobo?


TripHobo is an innovative trip-planning platform that lets you plan trips from over 90,000 cities worldwide. With its vast database of attractions, you can create itineraries and book hotels, transportation, and tours.

Moreover, TripHobo has created millions of itineraries to date. With its user-friendly interface, you can plan your trip for each day. You can include the attractions you want to visit, schedule your activities, and ensure your trip runs smoothly.

In addition to its planning features, TripHobo has partnerships with platforms like and HotelsCombined. These partnerships ensure that you get the best deals on accommodations and travel services.

Pros and Cons of TripHobo

Allows you to plan trips with detailed itineraries.Must sign up to use full features.
Covers over 90,000 cities and numerous attractions.Cannot access itineraries without an internet connection.
Add in multiple destinations to your itineraries.Extensive options might overwhelm first-time users.
Book hotels, flights, and tours directly through the platform.May experience occasional technical issues.
Easy to navigate and use.
Offers tailored recommendations based on your preferences.
Provides updates and adjustments for your itinerary.
Estimates trip costs based on selected options.
Easily edit and customise your travel plans.

What Makes TripHobo Different from Other Vacation Planners?

Are you wondering what sets TripHobo apart from the rest? This platform offers unique features and an easy-to-use interface that makes trip planning easier. Let’s find out why it’s the go-to choice for travellers looking to simplify their travel plans.

Trip Planner

The Trip Planner lets you build your customised trip plan with ease. You can create your travel itinerary and book your accommodation, tours, and flights all as a package online. 

With thousands of cities on the planner, you can explore various attractions and decide which ones to include in your itinerary. This planner is designed with your flexibility in mind, allowing you to easily adjust your daily schedule and activities as needed.

How to Use TripHobo’s Trip Planner?

Using TripHobo’s Trip Planner is simple and efficient. Follow these steps to create a customised travel itinerary and book your trip seamlessly.

1. Sign Up

To start using the planner, you must sign up on the platform. You can sign up manually by entering all your details or connecting the trip planner to Facebook. You’ll also need to verify your email before using TripHobo.

2. Add Your Destination and Dates

Enter the name of the city you want to visit and then add the dates of your trip. You can also include multiple destinations for your trip. If you do not know your dates, you can choose “Don’t know dates”. Once done, click on the Start Planning option.

3. Add Your Home City and Trip Duration

Now, you can add your home city and choose the days you’ll stay in each destination city. Once done, click on the Next option.

4. Choose the Itinerary Option

In the next step, you can choose the type of itinerary you want TripHobo to create for you. You can create an itinerary that suggests accommodations, things to do, and transportation options. Or you can pick just one of these. Once you’ve made your selection, click on the Next option.

5. Choose Travel Partners

Next, you can select who you want to travel with. You can choose from solo, couple, family, or friends. You can also specify your age and gender so the app can suggest more relevant activities. When done, click on the Next option.

6. View Your Trip

TripHobo will create a clear itinerary for your destination cities. This includes accommodation options, things to do, pricing for each, and an option to book. You can view your entire trip.

7. Editing the Trip

TripHobo offers a clean calendar-style view of your trip that you can edit easily. You can use the editor for your calendar similarly. Drag and drop activities, add your suggestions, or replace accommodations. The app will then suggest other booking options. You can also add dinner/lunch places to your itinerary. TripHobo’s AI also suggests adding restaurant options.

8. Booking

If you’re happy with the planned itinerary, you can book your accommodations or tours within TripHobo. Just click on the Book option, and you’ll be redirected to their partner site to complete the booking. Once you have completed the booking, it will be highlighted on your itinerary.

9. Set Trip Budget

The AI will give you an estimated trip budget based on the accommodation and activities chosen by the trip planner. You can change the budget or split the expenses as well.

10. Sharing the Trip

You can share your trip details via Facebook or Twitter. You can also add email addresses and send your TripHobo itinerary to your friends or family.

Things To Do


TripHobo’s “Things to Do” feature offers a detailed guide to activities and attractions at your chosen destinations. It provides a wealth of information to help you plan your trip effectively. 

First, you can search your favourite destinations worldwide using TripHobo. The platform offers a huge database that suggests multiple things to do in each selected location. Whether you’re interested in historical sites, cultural experiences, outdoor activities, or dining options, you’ll find a comprehensive list of recommendations.

Furthermore, this feature is designed to be informative and easy to navigate. Each activity or attraction has a detailed description and is regularly updated to ensure you have the most current information.



The Tours option adds another layer of convenience and variety to your travel planning. This tool allows you to search for tours by the tour or activity name or the city you’re travelling to.

First, when you enter your search criteria, TripHobo provides a wide range of tour options. These options are available through both TripHobo and its partner, GetYourGuide. This collaboration ensures you access diverse tours catering to different interests and preferences.

Furthermore, each tour listing includes detailed information about the trip. You can find the tour descriptions, the itinerary, key highlights, and what you can expect to see and do.

Besides the detailed descriptions, TripHobo also includes pricing information for each tour. You can easily compare the costs and choose a tour that fits your budget. Additionally, many listings feature user reviews, giving insights from other travellers who have experienced the tour.

Book Hotels


The Book Hotels option allows you to find and book hotels effortlessly, ensuring a seamless travel planning experience.

First, you enter the city you’re travelling to, your travel dates, and the number of people in your party. This information helps narrow the search to find the most suitable options for your stay.

Furthermore, TripHobo’s partnerships with major booking platforms like HotelsCombined, Agoda, and provide many hotel choices. These partnerships give you good deals that suit your budget and preferences.

Besides offering multiple options, the platform lets you review hotels in detail. Each listing includes comprehensive information about the hotel, such as amenities, room types, and services. You can also see Google ratings and user reviews, which provide insights into other travellers’ experiences.

Moreover, you can filter your search results based on ratings. This feature helps you quickly identify highly-rated hotels, making it easier to choose a place.

How Do TripHobo Use Artificial Intelligence?

TripHobo uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make your travel planning smarter and more efficient. Here’s how AI is integrated into the platform to enhance your experience:

Personalised Itinerary Suggestions

TripHobo’s AI helps you create personalised itinerary suggestions. Based on your preferences, travel dates, and destinations, the AI recommends activities, attractions, and experiences tailored to your interests. This ensures your itinerary is unique and ideally suited to your travel style.

Optimised Travel Plans

The AI also optimises your travel plans, ensuring you maximise your time. The AI creates an efficient schedule by analysing travel distances, attraction opening hours, and preferences. This way, you can visit more places without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Dynamic Pricing Insights

TripHobo’s AI provides dynamic pricing insights. It continuously monitors and analyses hotel and tour prices from multiple sources. This helps you find the best deals and make informed booking decisions. The AI ensures you get the most value for your money by highlighting the best options available.

Real-time Updates and Adjustments

Furthermore, TripHobo’s AI offers real-time updates and adjustments to your itinerary. If travel conditions change, such as weather updates or sudden closures of attractions, the AI suggests alternative plans. This flexibility ensures your trip remains smooth and enjoyable, even when unexpected changes occur.

User Reviews and Ratings

AI also helps aggregate and analyse user reviews and ratings. TripHobo collects feedback from various platforms to provide comprehensive insights into hotels, tours, and attractions. The AI processes this data to highlight the most relevant and valuable reviews, helping you make better travel decisions.

Predictive Analysis

TripHobo also uses AI for predictive analysis. By analysing trends and patterns in travel data, the AI can forecast popular travel destinations, peak travel times, and price fluctuations. This information helps you plan your trips more effectively, allowing you to avoid crowds and get the best deals.

Alternatives to TripHobo

While TripHobo offers a comprehensive travel planning experience, it’s helpful to consider other options. Let’s explore some popular alternatives to TripHobo that can also improve your travel planning.

1. Wanderlog


Wanderlog is a strong alternative to TripHobo, offering a user-friendly interface for seamless trip planning. Its intuitive design makes it easy to organise your travels efficiently. Moreover, Wanderlog stands out with its collaborative features, allowing you to plan trips with friends in real-time. This makes group planning much simpler and more enjoyable.

Additionally, its AI improved your travel experience by suggesting activities based on real-time data. Wanderlog also offers offline access to your itinerary with its premium plan. 

For a more detailed review of Wanderlog and its features, check out our in-depth Wanderlog review.

2. PlanMultiCityTrips


PlanMultiCityTrips is a great alternative to TripHobo, offering features that make travel planning simple and effective. This platform customises travel plans based on your likes and interests, ensuring your itinerary fits your preferences. It considers your travel style and gives recommendations that match what you enjoy.

Using this tool, you can book flights, trains, and ferries all in one place, saving you the trouble of using multiple booking sites. Moreover, PlanMultiCityTrips lets you change your itinerary if your plans shift quickly. 

For a more detailed review of PlanMultiCityTrips and its features, check out our in-depth PlanMultiCityTrip review.


TripHobo is a comprehensive and easy-to-use vacation planning platform covering over 90,000 cities worldwide. Its features include personalised itinerary suggestions, real-time updates, and integrated booking options, making it a strong choice for travel planning.

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