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Wanderlog: Best AI Planner for Trips with Friends!



You’re all set to explore new destinations, but are you still struggling with maps on one hand and an itinerary on the other, trying to find your directions? This is what Wanderlog can easily replace. This innovative tool simplifies creating, organising, and visualising your travel routes.

Wanderlog is designed to make your travel planning as straightforward as possible. With all your travel details integrated smoothly, you’re free to enjoy the excitement of your upcoming trips. Let’s look at how the Wanderlog app can improve your travel experience with friends. 

Key Points to Note

  • Wanderlog provides a user-friendly interface for seamless trip planning.
  • You can collaborate with friends in real time, making group planning much easier.
  • The AI feature suggests activities based on real-time data, enhancing your travel experience.
  • Wanderlog allows you to track and split expenses among your travel companions.
  • Offline access to your itinerary is available with the premium plan, ensuring you can view your plans without internet access.
  • The route optimisation feature helps you save time and fuel during your travels.
  • You can create and manage customisable checklists for packing and tasks, keeping you organised.
  • Wanderlog centralises all your travel details in one place for easy access and management.
  • The app supports importing your existing bookings by connecting your email or forwarding your booking confirmations.
  • Wanderlog offers options to set your trip visibility to private, public, or friends-only.
  • Wanderlog ensures your trip plans are always up-to-date with real-time adjustments and updates.

What Is Wonderlog?


Wanderlog is a user-friendly travel planning tool designed to simplify trip organisation, especially when travelling with friends. With Wanderlog, you can view your entire planned itinerary and a map view for easy navigation. It provides an easy way to visualise your travel plans.

The app shines in group trips with its real-time collaboration feature. Everyone can access and edit the itinerary simultaneously, making it simple to coordinate plans, share ideas, and make decisions together. 

Moreover, Wanderlog helps manage the financial aspect of your trip. Its expense tracking and splitting feature lets you keep tabs on costs and easily divide expenses.

Pros and Cons of Wonderlog

Wanderlog has an easy-to-use interface for trip planning.Some features are only available with a premium subscription.
It allows real-time collaboration with friends.There is a learning curve for first-time users.
You can seamlessly integrate flight and hotel bookings into your itinerary.You have to generate separate itineraries for each day. 
It offers a guide to help you easily navigate the interface.Offline access is limited without the premium plan.
The AI generates activity suggestions based on real-time information.AI-generated suggestions may not always match personal preferences.
Wanderlog includes a feature for tracking and splitting expenses.
The route optimization feature helps save time and fuel.
You can create customizable checklists for packing and to-dos.

What Makes Wonderlog Different from Other Itinerary Planners?

Wanderlog stands out in the crowded field of itinerary planners with its easy-to-use features for planning trips. From real-time collaboration to integrated expense tracking, here’s how Wonderlog helps you better enjoy your vacation. 

1. Custom Itinerary with Maps

Wanderlog offers a custom itinerary integrated with a map for seamless navigation. This feature lets you view your entire trip plan and corresponding locations all in one place. The interactive map helps you see the geographical layout of your itinerary, ensuring you can plan your route efficiently and make the most of your time.

2. Route Optimisation

Wanderlog helps you get the most efficient route by automatically rearranging your itinerary to save time and fuel. Perfect for road trips, it ensures you visit all your planned destinations in the most logical order.

The route optimisation feature is available with Wanderlog’s premium paid plan. 

3. Add New Places to Itinerary

Wanderlog has done the heavy lifting by crawling the web to gather a comprehensive list of must-see spots and hidden gems. Instead of spending hours researching, you can easily add the places mentioned to your itinerary with minimal effort.

You can pull recommendations from various travel guides directly into your plan with just a single click, making exploring new destinations effortless and efficient.

4. Real-Time Collaboration

With live syncing and collaborative editing, everyone in your group can contribute to the itinerary simultaneously. This means you can add or modify plans, suggest new places, and make decisions together without the back-and-forth of messages or emails.

5. Import Your Bookings

Wanderlog makes it easier to organise your travel plans by allowing you to import your bookings easily. This feature supports the inclusion of flight and hotel reservations directly into your itinerary, ensuring that all your important details are in one convenient place.

You can connect your email or forward your booking confirmations to Wanderlog to simplify things. The platform will then automatically extract the relevant information and integrate it into your trip plan.

6. Expense Tracking and Splitting

Wanderlog offers a practical feature for managing trip expenses, making it easier to keep track of your budget and split costs among friends. You can log all your expenses directly within the app, categorising them as needed. The Wanderlog app then helps you split the costs fairly, eliminating the guesswork and potential misunderstandings.

7. Easy to Edit Checklists

Whether you need a packing list, a to-do list, a shopping list, or any other type of list, Wanderlog has you covered. These checklists are incredibly flexible and user-friendly, allowing you to add, remove, and modify items as needed. 

This means you can quickly jot down last-minute items to pack, essential tasks to complete before you leave, or even a shopping list for supplies you’ll need during your trip. 

8. Offline Access

The offline access feature lets you download your entire itinerary locally to your device. You can view and manage your plans anywhere, anytime, without Wi-Fi. It is handy when travelling to remote areas or foreign countries where internet connectivity can be unreliable. 

The offline feature is available with Wanderlog’s premium paid plan. 

How to Use Wanderlog to Plan Your Trip Itineraries? 

Planning your trip with Wanderlog is simple and intuitive. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you easily create a perfect itinerary, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

Sign Up


Before planning your trip, you must sign up for the platform. You can do this via Facebook, Google, or by manually entering your email. Once signed up, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard.

Start Planning Your Trip


To start planning, click on the “Plan new trip” option. Enter your destination and the dates you’ll be there. You can set your trip to private (only you can see it), public (anyone can see it), or friends (invite friends to plan with you). Once done, click on “Start Planning.”

Invite Tripmates


If you want your friends to join in the planning, you can enter their email addresses and keep the trip settings for friends so they can edit it. If not, you can choose the “Maybe Later” option.

Make Your Itinerary


Wanderlog offers two options for building your itinerary. You can manually enter the spots you want to visit through guides or let Wanderlog’s AI fill your day. You will need to fill up your days individually.

Use the AI Feature


The AI will quickly fill your day with activities by clicking on the “Auto Fill Day” option. You can scroll through it to see what the app has planned for you. The AI suggests open and suitable activities for that day’s weather. You can also add other activities from the suggested options.

Optimise Your Route


To minimise travel time, you can ask the AI to optimise your route using the pro plan or the 7-day free trial. Select the start and end points, and the app will automatically rearrange everything to get the best route and save money on gas. It even shows you the travel time and gas savings with the optimised route.

Book Hotels


You can also book your hotels via the Wanderlog app. Your city and travel dates will be pre-filled based on your itinerary. Click on the Search option, and the app will suggest multiple hotel options. You can filter these based on your budget, user ratings, amenities, or property type. All hotels are shown on the map. To book, click on the hotel name, and you will be redirected to the partner website for booking.

Import Your Reservations


If you’ve already booked your hotel and flights, you can import your bookings to Wanderlog. To manage your reservations, forward your email to Wanderlog or sync your account with Gmail.

Add Your Expenses


To keep your finances transparent with your group, you can add expenses and set the budget for the entire trip. Enter the expense, select the item from the trip plan you’ve paid for, and choose who to split the cost with. Click on the Save option to add the expense.

Share Your Trip


Once you are happy with your itinerary, you can share your trip with friends or family via a link. Set this link to either “View only” or “Can Edit” to control who can make changes.

How Does Wonderlog Use AI to Plan Your Trips?

Wanderlog leverages advanced AI technology to make trip planning smarter and more efficient. By understanding your preferences and travel needs, Wanderlog can create a personalised itinerary that maximises your travel experience.

1. Personalised Recommendations

Wanderlog’s AI analyses vast travel data, including popular destinations, user reviews, and travel trends. This information suggests personalised recommendations for attractions, restaurants, and activities that match your interests. This ensures your trip is tailored to your tastes, making every moment enjoyable.

2. Seamless Integration of Bookings

The AI integrates your flight, hotel, and activity bookings into your itinerary. By simply connecting your email or forwarding your booking confirmations, Wanderlog automatically adds these details to your trip plan.

3. Optimised Routes

Wanderlog’s AI optimises your travel routes to save you time and money. Analysing the most efficient routes between your destinations helps you plan a logical and cost-effective journey. This is particularly useful for road trips, where route optimisation can significantly reduce travel time and fuel costs.

4. Real-Time Adjustments

Travel plans can change unexpectedly, and Wanderlog’s AI can handle these adjustments in real time. Whether you need to reschedule a visit to an attraction or change your accommodation, the AI updates your itinerary accordingly.

5. Local Insights and Updates

The AI provides local insights and real-time updates, such as weather forecasts, events, and traffic conditions. This information helps you make informed decisions and adjust your plans as needed.

Alternatives to Wanderlog

While Wanderlog offers a comprehensive suite of tools for trip planning, it’s not the only option available. Several other apps and platforms cater to different travel needs and preferences. Here are some popular alternatives you can consider. 


Traivl is a great alternative to Wanderlog. It focuses on creating travel itineraries that match your interests and preferences. It uses artificial intelligence to give tailored suggestions and update your itinerary in real-time.

One of Traivl’s best features is its transparent pricing. There are no hidden fees; all costs are upfront, so you can easily budget your trip. You can book everything for your trip—flights, hotels, and activities—through Traivl’s single platform. This makes planning more convenient because you don’t need multiple websites.

To read more about this AI planner, read our detailed Traivl review.

WonderPlan AI

WonderPlan is a strong alternative to Wanderlog. It offers personalised travel plans using advanced AI technology. The platform is flexible, allowing you to change your plans anytime easily. It also provides detailed cultural insights and recommendations, enriching your travel experience.

WonderPlan saves time by efficiently organising your trip details. The more you use it, the smarter it gets about your preferences. You can access your travel plans offline, making it convenient to explore without internet access. Sharing your trip plans with others is also simple.

To read more about this AI planner, read our detailed WonderPlan AI review.


Wanderlog is a great tool for easy trip planning with friends. It offers real-time collaboration, simple booking integration, and route optimisation. The app also helps with offline access and expense tracking. While some features need a premium subscription, Wanderlog makes organising travel details much easier.

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