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Are you searching for travel deals that seem almost too good to be true? might just be what you need. This platform stands out by finding low-cost travel opportunities with the help of advanced AI technology. is a master at using artificial intelligence to sift through countless travel options. This ensures you get access to deals that often remain hidden. In this review, we’ll look closer at how can make your trips more affordable.

Key Points to Remember

  • uses advanced AI to find the cheapest travel options.
  • It combines flights, trains, and buses to create unique, cost-effective itineraries.
  • The platform offers price locking, travel hacks, and personalised recommendations.
  • The mobile app provides easy access to bookings, boarding passes, and exclusive offers.
  • Users can filter search results by various preferences, including stops, connections, and duration.
  • Price trends help you find the cheapest travel dates if you have flexible plans.
  • The Price Lock feature lets you secure a fare by paying a percentage upfront, with protection against price increases.
  • Integration with offers cheap car rentals and accommodations.

What Is Kiwi?

Kiwi has become a go-to platform, with over 10 million travellers trusting it to simplify their booking experience each year. The essence of Kiwi lies in its ability to find budget-friendly flights. With a single search, the Kiwi-Code sifts through numerous flight options. It brings you the cheapest and most convenient choices available. This unique capability ensures you have access to deals that might not be visible on other platforms.

Pros and Cons of Kiwi

Finds cheap flights that other sites often miss.Some users have reported customer service issues.
Combines flights, trains, and buses for unique itineraries.Hidden city ticketing may have risks with airlines.
User-friendly interface makes booking easy.Changes and cancellations can be complicated.
Offers features like price locking and travel hacks.
Provides personalised travel options based on preferences.

Features of

Kiwi offers a range of features designed to make travel planning easier and more affordable. From its advanced search technology to unique travel hacks, Kiwi is a valuable tool for budget-conscious travellers.

1. Find Cheap Flight, Bus, and Train Options

Kiwi excels in finding affordable travel options using advanced AI technology. The AI-powered search engine scans vast amounts of data from various sources, such as airlines, travel websites, and social media. This ensures you get the cheapest and fastest options available.

Besides flights, also searches for bus and train options. This gives you a full view of all possible travel routes. The AI algorithm considers your preferences, too. It takes into account your budget, preferred airlines, and desired layovers.

2. Self Transfer

With the self-transfer option, you can travel anywhere by connecting airlines and carriers that typically don’t work together. Kiwi goes beyond just flights. It combines flights, trains, and buses to create unique itineraries that other search engines can’t find. This means you can enjoy more flexible and often cheaper travel options. 

3. Finding Hidden Cities

Instead of booking expensive direct flights to popular destinations, offers the cheapest options, often including multi-stop flights. This approach helps you save money by uncovering less obvious routes.

You can take advantage of these cost-saving opportunities with the hidden cities feature. If your final destination is not the last stop of the journey, you can get off in the hidden city and skip the last part of the trip.

4. Throw-Away Ticketing

Kiwi allows you to only pay for what you need. Often, airlines overprice one-way tickets, making them more expensive than round-trip tickets.

With throw-away ticketing, Kiwi finds the best prices on all routes. You can book a round-trip ticket but use just the first leg, ignoring the return if it proves cheaper than a one-way fare. This approach makes your travel planning both flexible and economical.

5. Nomad

This tool is perfect for planning trips to multiple destinations. It helps you save both time and money.

Nomad works by exploring every possible travel combination for your multi-city trip. It searches for the lowest prices across various routes. You don’t have to compare countless flights manually. Instead, Nomad does the hard work for you. This means your multi-city travel plans become easier to organise and more affordable. 

6. Price Trends

This tool helps you track and predict flight prices, ensuring you get the best deal possible. By analysing historical data and current market conditions, Price Trends show you when prices will likely rise or fall.

This feature lets you decide the best time to book your flights. For instance, if the tool indicates prices might drop, you can wait and save money. Conversely, if prices are expected to rise, you can book now to avoid higher costs.

7. Lock Kiwi Flight Price

With the lock price option, you can pay a percentage of the ticket price to lock in that rate for your flight. This way, you don’t have to pay the total amount upfront.

If the price drops, you’ll pay the new, lower price. You can pay the remaining ticket price within three days. Besides, if the price goes up, covers the increase to a certain limit. They will refund your price lock fee if the price rise exceeds this limit. 

8. Seamless Partnerships

Kiwi integrates smoothly with, making travel planning easier. It helps you find cheap car rentals and affordable stays in one place.

You can cancel or change most car rental bookings for free 48 hours before pick-up. This gives you great flexibility. Besides, there are no hidden fees, so you know exactly what you’re paying.

Additionally, offers a Price Match Guarantee. They will also match the price if you find the same car rental deal for less elsewhere. 

9. Easy-to-use Mobile App

The mobile app simplifies travel planning. Downloading the app gives you one-touch access to all your travel needs.

With the mobile app, you’ll unlock hidden features and special offers unavailable on the website. You can download your boarding passes directly to your phone, ensuring you have everything you need.

The app also provides exclusive offers and prices, helping you save more on your travels. Booking is easy with one-click options, and you’ll receive trip notifications to keep you updated on any changes or important information.

How to Use

Using is simple. Follow these steps to make the most of its features and find the best travel deals for your next adventure.

1. Enter Your Travel Details


To find cheap flights on, enter your departure and arrival cities. Select your travel dates, choose whether you want a one-way or round trip, and select your travel class. Once you’ve done this, click on the search option.

2. Explore Flight Options


The app uses AI algorithms to search its database and find flights that are cheaper and suitable for your needs. You can sort through the deals and choose the ones that best match your preferences.

3. Use Filtering Options


You can apply multiple filters in the sidebar to narrow your search. You can select the number of stops, preferred connections, trip duration, and the travel hacks uses to find cheaper flights.

4. Check Price Trends


If you are flexible with your travel dates, use the price trends feature to see which dates offer the cheapest flights. This can help you plan your trip for the best possible price.

5. Lock Price

Once you have selected your trip, you can lock the flight price by paying a percentage of the ticket cost. If the price drops, you’ll pay the new, lower price. You have up to three days to pay the remaining balance.

How Do Kiwi Use AI to Search for the Cheapest Travel Option?

Kiwi uses advanced AI technology to find the best travel deals. Here’s how their AI-driven processes ensure you get the cheapest and most convenient options for your trips.

AI-Powered Search Engine uses a powerful AI search engine to find the best travel deals. This technology scans vast data from airlines, travel websites, and social media. By analysing this data, the AI identifies the most cost-effective and convenient travel options for you.

Data Analysis

The AI algorithm at processes historical data and current market trends. It looks at price fluctuations and predicts future changes. You can access the cheapest flights, trains, and buses based on real-time information.

Personalised Recommendations

The AI also considers your personal preferences. Whether you have a specific budget, prefer certain airlines, or want particular layover times, the AI tailors its search results to match your needs. This ensures you get travel options that fit your criteria perfectly.

Travel Hacks and Unique Itineraries’s AI is adept at finding travel hacks and creating unique itineraries. It can combine different modes of transport, like flights, trains, and buses, to find the cheapest and most efficient routes. This often results in travel options that other search engines can’t offer.

Continuous Learning

The AI system at is continuously learning and improving. With every search and booking, it gathers more data, which helps refine its algorithms. This ongoing process ensures the search results become even more accurate and beneficial.

Alternatives to

While offers impressive features, it’s worth exploring other travel platforms. Here are a few alternatives that might suit your needs.

1. LowPriceTravels


LowPriceTravels is an excellent alternative to It uses AI to quickly find the best prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals. This app excels at searching and comparing various travel options to ensure you get the best deals.

Additionally, LowPriceTravels provides detailed plans for both city trips and road trips. It creates itineraries that fit your budget and interests, making travel planning easier and more enjoyable.

The user interface is simple and easy to navigate. It looks like a chat app which helps users find and book travel options without hassle. This familiar layout makes the app user-friendly and efficient.

Here’s our detailed LowPriceTravels review.

2. Eddy Travels


Eddy Travels, launched in November 2018, now serves over 4 million users worldwide. This platform excels at quickly finding the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Eddy Travels partners with major travel companies like Skyscanner,,, and Priceline to ensure users have a wide range of travel options. The platform uses AI to speed up booking and provide personalised assistance.

The interface is user-friendly and looks like a chat app. This design makes travel planning straightforward. The app offers tailored travel suggestions based on user preferences, helping you find the best options.

Here’s our detailed Eddy Travels review.

Takeaway offers many innovative features, such as AI-powered searches and unique travel hacks, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious travellers. The platform finds hidden cities, combines different transport modes, and offers personalised recommendations. Although there are some customer service issues, the overall benefits make a valuable tool for finding cheap travel options.

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