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Best AI Travel Safety Apps for Your Next Trip (2024)



Travelling can be exciting, but staying safe is essential. Whether exploring Europe or travelling solo in Asia, safety should come first. AI travel safety apps are changing how we travel, offering tools to help you feel secure in new places.

In this article, we’ll look at the best AI travel safety apps you can use today. These apps provide features like real-time alerts and emergency help to keep you safe. Let’s see how these tools can make your travels safer and give you peace of mind.

Best AI Travel Safety Apps

When it comes to travelling safely, having the right tools can make all the difference. Here are a few we tested out, which you can use on your next trip. 

1. Sitata


Sitata is a helpful AI travel safety app that keeps you informed and safe on your trips. It provides real-time updates on risks like health alerts, natural disasters, and political unrest. The app’s interactive map shows the safety status of different areas, helping you decide where to go.

Features of Sitata as a Travel Safety App

Sitata offers a range of features designed to keep you safe and informed while travelling. Here’s what you can expect from this handy app:

  • Real-Time Alerts: Stay updated on potential risks like health alerts, natural disasters, and political unrest.
  • Flight Tracking: Get notifications about flight delays, cancellations, and changes to your itinerary.
  • Interactive Map: View the safety status of different regions to help you plan your travels more wisely.
  • Health Information: Access comprehensive health advice and vaccination requirements for your destinations.
  • Emergency Assistance: Find nearby hospitals, pharmacies, and emergency contact numbers.
  • Travel Insurance: Get information on travel insurance options to ensure you’re covered during your trip.
  • Travel Tips: Get useful advice tailored to your destination, including local customs, safety tips, and health precautions.

2. GeoSure


GeoSure is a handy AI travel safety app that helps you stay aware of your surroundings. It provides detailed safety scores for neighbourhoods worldwide, covering physical harm, theft, and political freedoms. The app lets you confidently explore new places, knowing you have a reliable source of safety information.

Feature of GeoSure as a Travel Safety tool

GeoSure meticulously enhances your travel safety with detailed, reliable information. Here’s what makes it an essential part of your travel toolkit:

  • Safety Scores: Get detailed safety ratings for neighbourhoods worldwide, covering physical harm, theft, and political freedoms.
  • Real-Time Updates: Benefit from constantly updated data to ensure you have the latest safety information.
  • Personalised Tips: Receive safety advice tailored to your profile and travel habits.
  • Health Insights: Access information on local health risks and get real-time updates on health and sanitation, helping you stay prepared and healthy.
  • Theft & Physical Harm Metrics: GeoSure provides specific ratings on the likelihood of theft or physical assaults, allowing you to effectively assess and mitigate potential risks.
  • Women’s Safety Scores: Find specific safety ratings and tips for female travellers aiding in making informed decisions.
  • LGBTQ+ Safety Ratings: The app promotes inclusivity by including safety ratings for LGBTQ+ travellers. These ratings guide you to safer, more welcoming destinations.
  • Environmental Alerts: Stay informed about environmental hazards like severe weather or natural disasters.
  • Cultural Insights: Get advice on local customs and cultural norms to help you blend in and stay safe.

3. Safeture


With Safeture, you receive real-time alerts about potential threats such as natural disasters, political unrest, and health risks in the areas you’re visiting. The app also offers detailed travel advice, including information on local laws, cultural norms, and health precautions. Its user-friendly interface and extensive safety features make it a good option.  

Features of Safeture as a Travel Safety App

Safeture is an essential travel companion for ensuring your safety. Here are some of the key features you’ll find helpful:

  • Real-Time Alerts: Receive immediate notifications about threats such as natural disasters, political unrest, and health risks in your current location.
  • Travel Advice: Access detailed information on local laws, cultural norms, and health precautions to help navigate unfamiliar environments safely.
  • Location Tracking: Share your real-time location with trusted contacts so they always know where you are and can assist if needed.
  • Emergency Assistance: Access emergency services and local contacts, providing peace of mind in an unexpected situation.
  • Health Updates: Stay informed about any health concerns or outbreaks in your destination, ensuring you can take the necessary precautions.
  • Language Support: The app’s translation features can help you communicate effectively in foreign countries. Alternatively, you can use AI language translation tools to better communicate with locals. 
  • Safety Resources: Access a wide range of safety resources, including local emergency numbers and contact information for nearby embassies and consulates.
  • Insurance Integration: If you have travel insurance, you can integrate it with Safeture. This integration allows for smoother assistance and support.
  • Travel Itinerary Management: You can upload and manage your travel plans directly within the app. Safeture then uses this information to send you targeted updates relevant to your locations.

4. Smart Traveler


Smart Traveler, developed by the Australian government, is an invaluable tool for anyone planning international travel. This app provides up-to-date travel advisories and alerts for countries around the world, helping you stay informed about potential risks. You can also access detailed information about local laws, customs, and visa requirements. 

Features of Smart Traveler as a Travel Safety Tool

Smart Traveler is a must-have for international travel. Here are some of the key features you’ll find useful:

  • Travel Advisories: Get up-to-date alerts and warnings about potential risks in your destination.
  • Country information: Access detailed information on local laws, customs, and visa requirements to help you prepare.
  • Trip Registration: Register your trip with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate, vital in emergencies.
  • Emergency Contacts: Easily find contact information for U.S. embassies and consulates around the world.
  • Local Services: Get information about local medical services and legal assistance.
  • Personalised Alerts: Receive notifications tailored to your travel itinerary, informing you about changes or new advisories.
  • Resource Library: Browse a comprehensive library of travel resources, including tips and guidelines for safe travel.
  • Itinerary Tracking: Keep track of your travel plans and receive relevant updates for each destination.
  • Document Safe: The app securely stores digital copies of your important documents, such as your passport and visa.
  • Embassy Locator: Find contact details and locations for embassies and consulates worldwide.
  • Travel Safety Tips: Access general safety advice and specific tips for different regions to ensure a smooth trip.
  • Crisis Assistance: Get step-by-step guidance on what to do in various emergencies, from natural disasters to personal crises.
  • Language Support: Use the app’s language tools to help you communicate in foreign countries.

5. Glympse


Glympse is a versatile AI travel safety app that lets you share your real-time location with friends and family. With its easy-to-use interface and practical features, Glympse helps ensure you stay connected and safe during your travels.

Features of Glympse as a Travel Safety Tool

Glympse helps you stay connected and safe while travelling. Here are some of the key features you’ll find helpful:

  • Real-Time Location Sharing: Share your live location with friends and family through a simple link.
  • No App Required: Your contacts can view your location without downloading the app.
  • Estimated Arrival Times: Let others know when to expect you with accurate arrival predictions.
  • Live Updates: Provide real-time progress updates so your loved ones can track your journey.
  • Privacy Controls: Decide who sees your location and for how long, ensuring your privacy is respected.
  • Temporary Sharing: Share your location for a specific duration, perfect for meeting up or short trips.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Navigate the app effortlessly with its user-friendly design.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Use Glympse on various devices, ensuring compatibility with your travel needs.
  • Geofencing: Set virtual boundaries to alert contacts when you arrive at or leave a specified area.
  • Group Sharing: Share your location with multiple people simultaneously, which is ideal for group travels or events.
  • Offline Mode: Share your location even with limited internet access, ensuring continuous updates.

The Advantages of AI Integration in Travel Safety Apps

AI integration in travel safety apps offers many benefits that can make your travel experience safer and more enjoyable. These apps use advanced technology to provide real-time, personalised, detailed safety information. 

Real-time Alerts and Updates

AI-powered travel safety apps like Sitata and GeoSure give you real-time alerts about risks such as natural disasters, political unrest, and health threats. These timely updates help you make quick decisions and avoid dangerous situations.

Personalised Safety Information

Apps like GeoSure and Safeture offer personalised safety tips based on your profile and location. This ensures the advice you get is relevant to your specific needs, making your travels safer and more confident.

Comprehensive Coverage

AI allows travel safety apps to gather and analyse large amounts of data. For example, Smart Traveler provides detailed information on local laws, customs, and health precautions, helping you prepare well for your trip.

Enhanced Connectivity

Apps like Glympse use AI to let you share your real-time location with friends and family. This feature ensures your loved ones know where you are, giving them peace of mind and enabling quick assistance.

Predictive Analysis

AI in travel safety apps can predict potential risks before they happen. For instance, Safeture uses AI to alert you about emerging threats like severe weather or health outbreaks, allowing you to take proactive measures to stay safe.

Easy Accessibility

AI integration ensures that travel safety apps are user-friendly and easy to access. Apps like Sitata and Glympse have intuitive interfaces that make navigating and using their features easy.


AI travel safety apps offer essential features to keep you safe. They provide real-time alerts, personalised safety tips, and comprehensive information to help you make informed decisions. These tools ensure you stay connected with loved ones and can access assistance. These apps allow you to explore the world with greater confidence and peace of mind.

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