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Planning a Budget-Friendly Trip with LowPriceTravels



LowPriceTravels uses AI technology to improve your travel planning, making it more budget-friendly. This app not only assists you in booking cheap flights but also helps you create your itineraries. Whether you’re gearing up for a multi-city road trip or just exploring a city, LowPriceTravels ensures that your trip is well-planned without overspending. 

But is this AI app better than others in the market? Let’s take a look.

Key Points to Remember

  • LowPriceTravels uses AI to find the best prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals quickly.
  • The app learns what you like and improves at suggesting travel options matching your preferences.
  • It offers detailed plans for both city trips and road trips, tailored to your budget and interests.
  • The app’s interface is easy to use, much like a chat app, making it simple to navigate.
  • The more you use LowPriceTravels, the better it gets at helping you plan trips that you’ll enjoy.

What Is LowPriceTravels?


LowPriceTravels is an AI-powered application that helps you plan trips without spending much money. Its main goal is to make travel planning easy and affordable. The app takes the hard work out of sifting through numerous travel options. It finds deals that you might not easily find on your own.

This app isn’t just for booking flights. It also helps you find affordable places to stay and offers tools to help you create detailed travel plans. Whether you want to explore a new city or go on a long road trip, LowPriceTravels is your guide. It ensures that your plans stay within your budget.

One of LowPriceTravels’ best features is its simplicity. The user interface is straightforward and suitable for tech-savvy users and those new to digital planning. LowPriceTravels promises value for money and doesn’t compromise on the quality of your travel experience.

Pros and Cons of LowPriceTravels

AI-powered tools quickly find the best deals on flights and hotels.Limited to partner sites like and Aviasales for bookings.
Customizable search options tailor results to your preferences.May not always include every available travel option or local deal.
User-friendly interface makes planning easy and efficient.Limited to 74 cities, which may restrict options for some travellers.
Offers detailed itineraries for city trips and road trips.Can create itineraries for just 15 days
Do not have to sign up to use the platform. 
Learn your travel preferences over time. 

Features of LowPriceTravels

So, what sets this AI tool apart from other planners when you’re seeking a budget-friendly option? Let’s take a look at the features that differentiate it.

1. Search Affordable Flights

LowPriceTravels quickly scans numerous airlines and booking platforms. This ensures you find the best flight deals that fit your budget and schedule. This tool is ideal if you’re flexible with your travel plans or open to visiting various destinations.  It not only shows the lowest-priced flights available but also suggests multiple dates. These options can lead to further savings.

2. City Trip Itinerary

LowPriceTravels is a fantastic tool for anyone planning to explore a city. It lets you set a budget and decide how busy you want your day to be. This makes it easy to plan your activities without worrying about costs or a packed schedule.

You start by entering how much you want to spend and how many activities you’d like to fit into your day. The app then suggests attractions, places to eat, and local events that fit your criteria. Whether you prefer a laid-back day or one filled with adventures, you can tailor it to your liking.

3. Road Trip Itinerary

LowPriceTravels is also great if you like exploring cities with your car. It helps you plan the perfect journey, whether you’re after scenic views or the quickest route. You simply input your starting point, destination, and budget. The app then maps out the best routes for you.

This feature suggests paths to take and must-see spots, local eateries, and interesting roadside attractions. The road trip planner helps you find unique places and activities off the beaten path, allowing you to tailor your trip to suit your interests and travel style.

4. Booking Flights and Hotels

LowPriceTravels helps you find the best deals on flights and accommodations. For hotel bookings, LowPriceTravels partners with This connection gives you access to a wide range of options. You can choose from luxury hotels, quaint bed and breakfasts, or affordable hostels. Booking the perfect place to stay is simple and quick with this app.

Regarding flights, the app uses Aviasales to book your air travel. It searches through many airlines and flight options to find the best prices. The app considers your travel dates and budget, ensuring you get a great deal.

How to Use LowPriceTravels for Planning and Booking a Budget-Friendly Trip

LowPriceTravels helps you plan every aspect of your trip, from booking flights and hotels to planning activities there. Here’s how you can get started.

Booking Affordable Flights Using LowPriceTravels

Finding budget-friendly flights is easy with LowPriceTravels. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you secure great flight deals:

Step 1: Head to the Flight Search


Start by clicking on the ‘Flight Search’ option in the top toolbar of LowPriceTravels.

Step 2: Enter Travel Details


From the homepage, input your departure city, destination city, and preferred month of travel. After filling in these details, click the ‘Search Flights’ button.

Step 3: Review the Deals


It takes about 10 seconds for the app to find available deals. You’ll see the price for a one-way flight and the dates available. Choose the flight that best fits your schedule.

Step 4: Book Your Flight


To finalise your booking, click on the “Book Now” option. You will be redirected to the Aviasales website to book your flight at the deal price initially shown.

Planning City Trip Using LowPriceTravels

Planning your city trip is easy with LowPriceTravels. Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up your itinerary:

Step 1: Select City Trip


Begin by clicking on the ‘City Trip’ option, which you can find on the top toolbar of the LowPriceTravels screen.

Step 2: Input Your Trip Details


Enter all the relevant details of your trip, such as your destination city, the number of days you will stay, the month of your travel, your budget, how full you want your schedule to be, and your interests. Once you have completed this, click ‘Submit’ to send the form.

Step 3: Review Your Itinerary


The app only takes about 10 seconds to create a full itinerary. This plan will outline each day of your visit and include activities, attractions to see places to stay, and dining options.

Step 4: Share Your Itinerary


If you want to share your planned itinerary with friends and family, click the ‘Copy Itinerary’ option. This allows you to copy and distribute your travel plans efficiently.

Step 5: Book Your Trip


For accommodations, press the ‘Book Trip’ button. You’ll be redirected to There, you can book your hotel stay directly.

Planning Road Trip Using LowPriceTravels

Planning your road trip can be easy and fun with LowPriceTravels. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Choose Road Trip


First, click on the ‘Road Trip’ option. You’ll find it on the top toolbar of the LowPriceTravels screen.

Step 2: Enter Your Details


Next, fill in the details of your journey. Include your starting city, destination, how long you’ll be travelling, the month of travel, your budget, how full your schedule is, and what interests you. Once everything is filled out, click “Submit.”

Step 3: Get Your Itinerary


The app generates a detailed itinerary in about 10 seconds. This plan covers your whole trip and includes travel times, recommended places to stay, attractions to visit, and dining options.

Step 4: Share Your Plans


If you wish to share your itinerary with friends or family, click the ‘Copy Itinerary’ button. This makes it easy to distribute your travel plans.

Step 5: Book Your Stays


To book places to stay, hit the ‘Book Trip’ button. This will take you to, where you can book your accommodations directly.

How Does LowPriceTravels Use AI to Plan Affordable Trips?

LowPriceTravels uses advanced AI technology to make your travel planning affordable and simple. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

AI-Powered Search Engines

The core of LowPriceTravels is its AI-powered search engine. This tool uses complex algorithms to search through hundreds of online sources. It quickly finds the best prices on flights and hotels, so you don’t have to check multiple websites yourself.

Learning Your Preferences

The AI also learns from your travel habits and previous bookings. Over time, it gets better at tailoring search results to match your preferences, like window seats or specific check-out times.

Optimising Itineraries

AI also helps optimise travel itineraries. It considers things like travel time, layover durations, and total cost. This helps balance cost and convenience, offering the most efficient travel options.

Alternatives to LowPriceTravels

If you’re considering different travel planning tools, it’s helpful to look at various options available besides LowPriceTravels. Each alternative has its own set of features that might better match your specific travel needs. 

1. EddyTravels


Since its launch in November 2018, Eddy Travels has quickly expanded its reach, now serving over 4 million users worldwide. This platform is renowned for quickly locating top deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals. It partners with major travel industry players like Skyscanner,,, and Priceline. 

Eddy Travels stands out due to its advanced AI technology, which speeds up the booking process and offers personalised assistance tailored to individual user preferences. This makes finding travel options that align with your likes and past choices much easier.

2. Priceline AI


Priceline AI makes your travel planning smoother by showing you options you will most likely enjoy. When it comes to booking flights and hotels, Priceline AI simplifies the process. It first shows you the most relevant options, saving you time and making decision-making easier. 

The AI is also equipped with dynamic pricing insights. This means Priceline AI helps you book travel needs at the lowest possible prices. Its real-time assistance is crucial if there are any last-minute changes to your flight or disruptions during your journey. 


LowPriceTravels is a valuable tool for travellers who want to keep their expenses low while enjoying a seamless planning experience. Through its AI-powered system, LowPriceTravels offers personalised travel suggestions and efficient booking options. And the more you use LowPriceTravels, the better it can anticipate your preferences and continuously improve your travel planning process.

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