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How Did Eddy Travels Help Find Cheap Flight & Hotel Deals?



Have you ever wondered how easy it could be to discover amazing travel deals? Eddy Travels is an AI travel assistant that instantly provides the best options for your trips. This advanced AI travel assistant swiftly finds the top flight and accommodation deals.

Eddy Travels is powered by a custom-built natural language processing system. This technology makes using the digital assistant as straightforward as chatting with a friend. I recently used the app to find the most affordable flights and hotels for my trip to Tokyo. 

Besides being incredibly user-friendly, Eddy Travels’ precision and speed ensured that I didn’t miss out on any great deals. Let’s find out how good this AI assistant actually is.

Key Points to Remember

  • Eddy Travels launched in November 2018 and now serves over 4 million users worldwide.
  • The platform quickly finds the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals.
  • It works with big travel companies like Skyscanner,,, and Priceline to offer various travel options.
  • Eddy Travels uses AI to make booking faster and to provide personalised help.
  • The interface, similar to a chat app, is easy to use, making travel planning straightforward.
  • It offers tailored travel suggestions based on what users like.
  • AI helps with 24/7 customer support, understanding travel trends, sending targeted marketing, handling multiple languages, and keeping the platform secure.

What is Eddy Travels?


Eddy Travels was launched in November 2018 and quickly became a favourite among travellers. It now boasts over 4 million users globally. This app excels at finding top flight and accommodation deals quickly, all from your mobile.

Eddy Travels is unique because it features a custom natural language processing system. This technology makes the app straightforward to use with its chat-like interface.

Furthermore, Eddy Travels partners with major travel industry leaders like Skyscanner,,, and Priceline. This ensures users have access to extensive travel options and competitive prices. With Eddy Travels, planning your travel is simple and efficient, whether for a quick business trip or a relaxing holiday.

Pros and Cons of Eddy Travels

Quick search for best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals.Personalised options require user data, which might raise privacy concerns.
User-friendly interface with a chat-like interaction.Limited to partners’ offers, possibly overlooking some local deals.
Personalised travel suggestions based on user preferences.Faced some network issues while trying to sign up.
Integration with major travel industry leaders for comprehensive options.
Automated customer support available 24/7.

Features of Eddy Travels

So, what makes this AI travel assistant stand out? Let’s look into the features that set it apart.

1. Travel Deals Automation

Eddy Travels uses AI technology to streamline the sales and support processes, helping users quickly find great deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals.

The AI efficiently processes vast amounts of data to pinpoint the best deals. This automation makes the booking process quicker and easier. You save time as the system handles the comparison of prices and options.

2. Quick Search


With Eddy Travel’s quick search function, you can easily find the best deals on flights and accommodations. This tool is designed for those who value their time and prefer straightforward options. With many integrations, you can access a wide range of choices at competitive prices.

3. User-Friendly Interface

Eddy Travels stands out for its user-friendly interface, which makes booking travel straightforward and hassle-free. Designed for simplicity, it helps even first-time users navigate easily.

The interface mimics a chat application, creating a familiar and intuitive experience. Users simply type in their travel queries and receive immediate answers. Additionally, the layout is clean and simple, presenting only necessary information. This helps avoid overwhelming users with too much data at once. 

4. Integration with Industry Leaders


Eddy Travels stands out by partnering with top names in the travel sector. It works with Skyscanner,,, and Priceline. This integration enriches the user experience by providing various travel options.

This feature offers two major advantages. First, it ensures you get competitive prices, helping you find the best deals. Second, it expands your search options, covering everything from budget flights to luxury accommodations.

The integration also keeps information current, reflecting real-time changes in prices and availability.

5. Personalised Assistance

This service improves your travel plan by adapting to your preferences and previous interactions. The platform learns what you like and suggests travel options that fit your needs. From this data, Eddy Travels predicts your future travel preferences. 

6. Group Planning


Eddy Travels simplifies group travel with its AI assistant. This feature lets you plan trips efficiently with friends or family. It’s easy to find and agree on the best deals together.

Once you choose a great travel offer, you can share it instantly. Eddy Travels automatically creates a group conversation for this purpose. Everyone can discuss and refine plans in one convenient place.

To bring your friends into the conversation, you can just send them a link. They can click to join the group chat and start contributing to the travel plans.

How did I use Eddy Travels to Find Cheap Flights and Hotels in Tokyo

Getting started with Eddy Travels is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make the most of this travel planning tool:

Step 1: Sign Up

Before exploring travel options, you need to sign up for an account. You can register manually with your email or use your Facebook or Google account for quicker access. Once signed up, you’ll be directed to the chat interface.

Step 2: Communicate with the AI

You can begin interacting with the Eddy Travels AI in the chat interface. Simply tell the AI about your travel needs, whether you’re looking for the best flight offers or accommodations. This is where you specify your preferences and requirements.

Step 3: Review AI Suggestions

After receiving your input, the AI will search its database for the best deals on available flights and hotels. For flights, it will show details like price, flight times, duration, and any stops. For hotels, it will provide the total cost of your stay, the star rating of the hotel, and its distance from the city centre.

Step 4: Share and Discuss with Your Group

If you’re planning with others, Eddy Travels makes it easy to share these deals. You can send the best deals directly or invite your friends to join the conversation in the chat.

Step 5: Make Your Booking

Once you’ve decided on an offer, select it. Eddy Travels will then direct you to the third-party vendor’s site, where you can complete your payment and finalise your booking.

How Does Eddy Travel Use AI to Find the Best Deals?

Eddy Travels leverages advanced AI technology to help users find the best travel deals quickly. Here’s an in-depth look at how this system enhances the travel planning experience.

1. Advanced Search Algorithms

Central to Eddy Travels is its AI-driven search technology. The system uses powerful algorithms to scan extensive data from travel providers worldwide. It examines price patterns and availability to pinpoint the most economical and suitable travel options. This means faster, more accurate searches for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

2. Learning User Preferences

Machine learning is another crucial feature of Eddy Travels’ AI. The system observes your search habits, past bookings, and feedback to refine its suggestions. This learning process helps tailor travel options to your tastes and needs, making each recommendation more personal.

3. Real-Time Updates

The AI in Eddy Travels processes data in real-time. The system updates immediately if a price drop or a new deal is posted, ensuring you receive instant notifications about the latest deals. Staying updated in real-time helps you snag the best prices as soon as they are available.

4. 24/7 Automated Support

Eddy Travels offers round-the-clock customer support through AI. This system uses natural language processing to understand and address user queries efficiently. It delivers quick and accurate responses, ensuring help is always available.

Alternatives to Eddy Travels

While Eddy Travels offers a robust suite of features for simplifying travel planning, it’s not the only player in the game. Let’s explore some alternatives to Eddy Travels that provide excellent travel planning tools. Each platform has its unique strengths and specialities, giving travellers a variety of options to choose from. 



Planmulticitytrip offers a tailored travel planning experience that perfectly aligns with your interests. One of the standout features of Planmulticitytrip is its efficiency in mapping out travel routes. It cleverly combines flights, trains, and ferries in one place, making booking travel easy and cost-effective.

The platform also prioritises flexibility, understanding that plans can change. If you need to alter your itinerary, adjustments are straightforward and hassle-free. This adaptability ensures your travel plans can quickly adapt to new circumstances.

Priceline AI


Priceline uses artificial intelligence to help you plan and book your trips. Its efficient booking system prioritises the most relevant flight and hotel options from the start, saving you time and simplifying your booking process.

Moreover, Priceline AI provides dynamic pricing insights. You can book your trips at the lowest prices, optimising your budget. The platform’s real-time assistance is invaluable, especially if you must handle sudden flight changes or disruptions. 


Eddy Travels offers a compelling feature suite that optimises travel planning. Its quick search capabilities, integration with major travel industry leaders, and user-friendly AI simplify the booking process. While it offers many benefits, you should be aware of potential limitations, such as reliance on partner deals.

Overall, Eddy Travels provides a comprehensive and convenient service for travellers looking for an easy and personalised planning experience.

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