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Planmulticitytrip Review 2024



Planning a multi-city trip can be daunting. Where should you start? Which route will offer the most rewarding experiences? Planmulticitytrips is here to simplify your travel planning. This AI-powered platform tailors your itinerary to fit your unique tastes and requirements.

Planmulticitytrips uses the information you provide—like your favourite activities and must-visit places—to shape a journey that feels uniquely yours. It’s not just about picking destinations; it’s about building an experience that caters to your interests. 

Once your personalised plan is ready, booking is easy as well. You can arrange your flights, trains, and ferries within the same platform.

Key Points to Remember

  • The platform customises travel plans based on your likes and interests.
  • It finds the most efficient and cost-effective travel routes for you.
  • You can book flights, trains, and ferries all in one place.
  • It’s easy to make changes to your itinerary if your plans change.
  • You get personalised suggestions for activities in each city you visit.
  • The service covers 90 cities.

What Is Planmulticitytrips?


Planmulticitytrips is an AI trip planner that simplifies organising trips with multiple stops. It’s ideal for anyone planning an extensive journey.

The process is straightforward. First, you input your main destination and any additional stops you want to include in your trip. Then, you customise your preferences. Once you’ve set your preferences, Planmulticitytrips goes to work. It generates a personalised itinerary that suggests the best order to visit your chosen destinations. 

This means you no longer need to juggle multiple booking websites or worry about lining up all the details. Everything is streamlined through a single platform. Additionally, using AI means that your itinerary is tailored to your likes and optimised for the most efficient route.

Pros and Cons of Planmulticitytrips

Customises travel plans to fit your interests.Can only plan Euro trips. 
Finds the most time-efficient and cost-effective travel routes.Requires an email verification step before use.
Lets you book all your travel needs in one place.AI recommendations might not suit everyone’s tastes.
Easily adjust your plans if your schedule changes.Limited access to last-minute deals not on the platform.
Offers tailored suggestions for things to do at each stop.Can only edit trips with the paid plan. 

Features of Planmulticitytrips

So, what makes this AI tool different from other planners? Let’s take a look at the features that sets it apart. 

Personalised Travel Plans

Planmulticitytrip tailors your travel plan to fit your preferences and interests. The process starts when you share your preferences with the platform. Whether you enjoy art and museums, outdoor adventures, or quiet walks through bustling cities, you must provide your likes and desired destinations. 

It creates an itinerary that doesn’t just list places to visit but connects them to what you love. This system removes the need for extensive research. 

Time & Cost Optimization

Planmulticitytrips shines by finding the most efficient and cost-effective travel routes. This feature ensures you get the best value for your time and money.

The app uses smart algorithms to analyse different travel options. It looks at various routes and modes of transport, such as trains, planes, and ferries. Planmulticitytrips then picks the fastest and cheapest ways to get you from one city to the next. This means you spend less time travelling and more time enjoying your destinations.

AI Integration

Planmulticitytrips uses’s AI integration. This AI handles complex data effortlessly and processes a huge range of data. It then suggests the best travel routes and times. It also helps with logistics, like coordinating flights and arranging ground transportation. 

Multi-stop Coordination

Planning a multi-city adventure is complex. You have to figure out the best sequence of cities, how to travel between them, and how to allocate your time. That’s where Planmulticitytrips steps in. The platform uses advanced AI to handle the details of travelling between different cities.

This careful planning by the AI saves you time before and during your trip. It helps ensure that your travels are smooth and enjoyable, and you avoid the hassle of coordinating multiple tickets and schedules on your own.

Easy Booking Options

Organising different parts of a trip often involves visiting various websites. This can be time-consuming and frustrating. Planmulticitytrips solves this by offering a one-stop solution for all your booking needs.

The platform connects directly with numerous transport providers, ensuring you have access to a  range of options, current schedules, and competitive prices. This integrated system saves you time and keeps your travel details organised. All your bookings are stored in one location, making it easy to manage your itinerary. 

Dynamic Adjustments

Travel plans often change, and Planmulticitytrips is designed to handle these changes smoothly. This feature allows you to adjust your itinerary easily. It offers a straightforward interface that lets you modify your plans quickly.

If you change your travel dates, add new stops, or skip a city, you can update your itinerary with just a few clicks. The platform then recalculates your schedule and updates your bookings accordingly. 

How to Use Planmulticitytrip?

Setting up and planning your trip with Planmulticitytrips is a simple process. Here’s a detailed guide to help you get started:

1. Sign Up


First, you need to create an account. You can sign up quickly using your Google account or manually entering your email address. After entering your details, verify your email by clicking on the link. 

2. Starting Your Journey


Once your account is set up, you will be directed to the homepage. You can begin by entering the city where you want to depart. The platform offers 90 cities to choose from.

3. Choose Your Adventure


Next, you can customise your itinerary using various filters. You have four options: plan a trip to capitals, Schengen countries, popular destinations, or choose the “I Am Flexible” option for more spontaneous suggestions. You can also pick specific cities you wish to visit or select the ‘Anywhere’ option to explore new possibilities. After selecting your preferences, choose your travel dates.

4. Plan Your Adventure


Click on “Design Adventure” to generate your trip. The platform will display a graphic map outlining your route and show the total cost of your journey. This visual helps you see your planned path and budget your trip effectively.

5. Review and Proceed


If you’re satisfied with the itinerary, click ‘Continue’. You’ll then see a detailed list of each leg of your journey, including flight costs and details about the airlines. This allows you to review each segment of your trip and make any necessary changes.

6. Finalise Your Booking


You can complete your bookings directly on the platform. Everything from flights to hotel reservations can be handled within Planmulticitytrips, making the process streamlined and efficient.

How Does Planmulticitytrip Use AI to Plan Its Trips?

Planmulticitytrips leverages advanced AI technology to simplify and enhance your multi-stop travel planning. This AI-driven method offers a tailored and efficient journey.

1. Smart Destination Suggestions

Initially, the AI examines your travel preferences. It looks at your past travel history, favourite activities, budget, and preferred travel times. This information suggests cities and attractions that match your interests. 

2. Route Optimisation

After you choose your destinations, the AI calculates the best route. It considers travel times, costs, and geographic order between stops. This ensures you spend more time enjoying your trip and less time travelling.

3. Integrated Booking System

The AI extends its capabilities to the booking process. It searches through numerous options for flights, trains, and ferries to find the best deals and schedules. This search is conducted in real-time, providing you with the latest information and the best possible choices.

4. Personalised Activity Recommendations

Beyond planning your route, AI helps enhance your trip by suggesting activities and attractions at each stop. These recommendations are tailored to your interests, like having a personal travel advisor who knows exactly what you love.

Alternatives to Planmulticitytrip

Looking into alternatives to Planmulticitytrips can be beneficial if you seek different features or broader options that better fit your travel planning needs. While Planmulticitytrips offers comprehensive tools for creating multi-city itineraries, other platforms might excel in areas like user customisation or a more extensive range of destinations. 


Traivl stands out as a travel planning platform that prioritises personalisation and clarity. It crafts itineraries that reflect your tastes and interests. A major benefit of using Traivl is its straightforward pricing. All costs are transparent and presented upfront, ensuring no surprises when it comes to fees.

The platform employs advanced artificial intelligence to customise travel suggestions uniquely for you. This AI adjusts your itinerary in real-time, considering your feedback and any external changes like weather conditions or local events. This ensures your travel plan is always up-to-date and suited to your needs. Moreover, Traivl allows you to book every aspect of your trip—flights, hotels, and activities.

Do you want to read more about this tool? Read our comprehensive Traivl review.


Forgemytrip is proficient at adapting to changes swiftly, ensuring that your travel plans remain feasible even when unexpected weather changes occur.

A significant advantage of using Forgemytrip is its capability to secure the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals. This feature is especially useful for travellers who need to stick to a budget. Besides helping you save money, Forgemytrip also provides recommendations for lesser-known spots. 

Do you want to read more about this tool? Read our comprehensive Forgemytrip review.


Planmulticitytrips stands out as a robust tool for planning multi-city trips. It creates personalised travel plans tailored to your interests, efficiently maps out routes, and simplifies the booking process through its integrated platform. While it covers 90 cities and needs an internet connection to function optimally, its AI-driven features streamline the planning process effectively. 

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