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Traivl Review 2024



Traivl focuses on creating tailored travel plans that aren’t just run-of-the-mill checklists. They specialise in designing itineraries that immerse travellers in local cultures. Their approach is refreshing and cheerful. 

Besides their commitment to genuine cultural engagement, Traivl streamlines the booking experience. Their seamless online platform simplifies the entire process. But is it as good as it claims to be? We tested it to find this out.

Key Points to Remember

  • Traivl focuses on creating travel itineraries that match your personal interests and preferences.
  • There are no hidden fees with Traivl; all pricing is transparent and upfront.
  • The platform uses artificial intelligence to provide tailored suggestions and adapt your itinerary in real-time.
  • You can book everything for your trip—flights, hotels, and activities—through Traivl’s single platform.
  • Itineraries can be shared with friends and family, who can contribute to the planning.
  • The more you use Traivl, the better it gets at understanding your travel preferences.

What Is Traivl?

Traivl is a Swiss startup founded in 2023. It has quickly made a name for itself in digital travel planning. In a relatively short time, they’ve planned over 60,000 trips, showcasing their expertise and growing popularity.

The core of Traivl’s success lies in its vast network of partnerships. They collaborate with more than 300,000 hotels globally, giving travellers various accommodation choices, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hotels. 

Additionally, Traivl works with over 800 airlines. This extensive network offers seamless flight connections to almost any destination worldwide. Planning your trip becomes much simpler and more enjoyable with many options.

Through these partnerships, Traivl provides a personalised and efficient travel planning experience. They stand out in the busy digital travel market by making travel arrangements hassle-free and accessible to everyone.

What Makes Traivl Stand Out?

Traivl isn’t an ordinary travel itinerary planner. Along with suggesting activities to do and places to visit, it even lets you book these activities or lets you know how to get there. Here is what makes this digital planner stand out:

1. Personalised Travel

Traivl is dedicated to creating personalised travel experiences. Everyone has their travel preferences, and Traivl recognises this. They tailor every itinerary to match your individual needs. 

The system learns and improves as you interact more with Traivl’s recommendations and provide feedback. Each suggestion it makes becomes increasingly tailored to your preferences. This means the more you use Traivl, the better it gets at planning trips just for you.

2. Unbiased Suggestions

Traivl offers unbiased, ad-free recommendations. This ensures that when you plan your trip, your decisions are based purely on what’s best for you, not influenced by ads or sponsored deals. By eliminating ads, Traivl ensures that nothing sways your choices except your own needs and the quality of the options. This approach leads to a more rewarding travel experience. 

3. Transparent Pricing

Traivl has a transparent pricing model. This feature is crucial because you know exactly what you’re paying for without hidden fees or surprises.

It commits to clear communication about costs from the beginning. You get a detailed breakdown of expenses for flights, hotels, and activities. This clear information helps you budget effectively and make decisions that align with your financial goals.

4. Effortless Booking

Travel allows you to book your entire journey as one complete package. This feature is designed for maximum convenience, making travel planning straightforward and stress-free. You can arrange your flights, hotels, and activities all at once.

5. Interactive Maps

Traivl does more than display your location; it details your travel route. This helps you visualise exactly where and how you’ll get there. The interactive maps on Traivl are user-friendly. You can easily navigate your planned route using a smartphone or a computer. 

6. Booking Departure Vehicle

With its departure vehicle service, Traivl makes getting from the airport to your hotel easy. This feature allows you to choose the type of vehicle you’d like for your airport transfer. 

Each vehicle comes with a certified professional driver. You can relax, knowing that your driver is skilled and knowledgeable about the local area. Additionally, all vehicles are guaranteed to be clean and have air conditioning.

Pros and Cons of Traivl

Personalised travel itineraries tailored to your preferences.Requires internet access for planning and booking.
Transparent pricing with no hidden fees.Limited by the range of partners, possibly excluding some local options.
Seamless booking experience for flights, hotels, and activities.Potential privacy concerns with data handling.
AI-enhanced recommendations that improve with usage.May be less effective for destinations less covered by the platform.
Extensive network of hotels and airlines.

How Can You Use Traivl to Create Your Itineraries?

Creating a personalised travel plan with Traivl is straightforward. Here’s a detailed guide on how to use their platform effectively.

Signing Up


First, head to the Traivl homepage. Click the arrow at the top right corner of the screen and select ‘Sign up.’ You can sign up manually by entering your email address or using your Google account for quick registration.

Entering Your Travel Details


Once logged in, you’ll return to the homepage. Here, you can begin outlining your trip. Input your destination, the type of vacation you’re looking for, and your travel dates. After filling in these details, click the ‘Search’ button.

Reviewing Your Itinerary


Traivl generates your itinerary in about 30 seconds. You can then review a summary of your trip and detailed plans. The tool shows the total budget for your trip, which helps you plan your expenses.

Customising Your Itinerary


Traivl offers flexibility in itinerary planning. You can customise your trip by selecting from various activity options, mostly tours. Each activity comes with photos, a short description, and the price, keeping the process transparent.

Choosing Accommodation


The suggested accommodation in your initial itinerary includes the price per night and its TripAdvisor rating. If this doesn’t suit your needs, you can click on ‘Find a different hotel’ to choose another option.

Sharing Your Itinerary


Sharing your itinerary is simple. Just copy the itinerary link and send it to friends and family. They can also add or change activities by using this collaborative link.

Booking Your Trip


Finally, when you’re ready to book, click the ‘Next’ button at the end of the itinerary. This allows you to book and pay for your entire trip directly through Traivl, making the entire process streamlined.

How Does Traivl Use AI to Plan Your Trips

Traivl uses advanced artificial intelligence to make travel planning seamless and personalised. Here’s a detailed look at how it does this. 

1. Learning Your Preferences

At the core of Traivl’s technology is its ability to learn from your input. When you sign up and start planning, you’ll input details about your travel preferences, such as your favourite travel styles and budget. The AI processes this information to understand better what you enjoy most.

2. Customised Itinerary Suggestions

The AI uses the data you provided to tailor trip suggestions specifically for you. It scans through extensive data, including details about destinations, past travel trends, and current updates, to recommend the best travel options. This ensures that whether you prefer quiet spots or bustling tourist areas, you get recommendations that suit your taste.

3. Transparent Pricing

AI plays a crucial role in ensuring transparent pricing. Analysing real-time data and various pricing factors provides accurate cost estimates for flights, accommodations, and activities. This transparency helps you budget effectively, with no hidden fees or surprises.

4. Optimising Routes

AI also optimises your travel routes. It calculates the most efficient ways to travel between your itinerary points, suggesting the most economical travel options that save you time and reduce costs.

5. Dynamic Adjustments

One of AI’s biggest benefits is its ability to adapt in real time. If unexpected issues like bad weather or local disruptions occur, the AI can alter your itinerary instantly. This flexibility helps keep your travel plans smooth, no matter what comes up.

Alternatives to Traivl

Traivl provides a robust platform for travel planning, but it’s worth exploring other options to see what suits you best. We will look at various services that offer different features and experiences. By comparing these options, you can find a travel planning tool that fits your specific needs and preferences.

1. Forgemytrip


Forgemytrip is good at adjusting travel plans quickly when unexpected changes occur, such as weather shifts or other disruptions. This flexibility ensures that your trip goes smoothly, no matter what comes your way.

The platform is committed to helping you secure the best prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals. Additionally, it offers insights into lesser-known attractions. These suggestions are perfect for travellers eager to explore hidden gems and enjoy unique experiences.

With its chat-like interface, you can modify your itinerary easily. Whether you need to change a booking or ask for restaurant recommendations, you can do it all through this interactive chat. This service suits all budgets, making travel planning accessible to a wide audience.

To learn more about Forgemytrip, check out our detailed Forgemytrip review.

2. Wonderplan AI


Wonderplan AI is built to be flexible, so you can easily change your plans at any moment. It enhances your travel experience by providing detailed cultural insights and recommendations, giving you a deeper appreciation of the places you visit. 

You can also access your travel plans offline. This is incredibly useful in areas with limited internet connectivity, allowing you to explore uninterrupted. Sharing your itinerary with friends or family is also straightforward, making it easy to coordinate group trips or keep loved ones updated.

To learn more about Wonderplan AI, check out our detailed Wonderplan AI review.


Traivl is a dynamic and user-friendly platform that excels at crafting travel plans tailored to each user’s preferences. Its AI-driven technology adapts to user feedback, ensuring that itineraries become more personalised over time. Traivl’s clear pricing and the ability to manage your entire trip through a single interface make it highly appealing to those who value simplicity and transparency in travel planning.

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