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4 Best AI Road Trip Planners (2024)



Planning your road trip takes a lot of time and effort. You need to find the fastest route to your destination, one that is scenic and has activities you can enjoy. This is where AI road trip planners can help you. 

But which tools are the best and easiest to use? We have tested a few tools so that you can pick the right one without guesswork. They’re made to make planning your road trip as simple as pressing a button. 

1. Curiosio


Curiosio is a very easy-to-use AI road trip planner. This tool perfectly matches your schedule, budget, activities, and places you want to see on the way. It uses AI algorithms to create a road trip plan just for you.

Here are some features of the Curiosio AI road trip planner:

  • Route Planning: Curiosio puts the power in your hands. Select your starting point, destinations, and sights you wish to explore. It then creates a route that reflects your preferences, considering your budget and time constraints.
  • Detailed Itinerary and Maps: It presents your trip in a detailed map format. Curiosio includes estimated travel times, attractions, and rest stops, ensuring you have all the information you need at a glance.
  • Budget and Time Insights: Curiosio offers a breakdown of your trip’s costs and time allocation, providing insights into accommodation expenses, travel, and daily expenditures.
  • Streamlined Booking: Beyond planning, Curiosio simplifies hotel bookings through its partnership with Expedia. This integration allows for easy reservations.

Learn more about this road trip planner by reading our in-depth Curiosio review.

2. Gemini


Gemini, Google’s AI tool, is not just a regular chatbot. It is also an innovative road trip planner. It’s smart enough to learn what you enjoy and recommend trips based on what you like and where you’ve been. 

Here are some features of Gemini that make it a good AI road trip planner:

  • Personalised Destination Suggestions: Gemini stands out because it finds places you’ll love but might not know about. It uses your past trips and preferences to suggest new spots so you can explore unique places that fit your taste.
  • Adaptable Routing: Planning your route is hassle-free with Gemini. It adjusts your path based on things like traffic and weather.
  • Optimised Routing with Google Maps: As a Google product, Gemini integrates seamlessly with Google Maps. This ensures that your routes are optimised for the best travel experience. Plus, it prepares your route directly on Google Maps, making it easy to access and start your adventure.

Learn more about this Google AI bot and how it helps with road trip planning by reading our in-depth Gemini review.

3. AdventureGenie


AdventureGenie is designed specifically for RV adventures. It helps you find the best routes, campsites, and fun activities. It goes beyond basic planning to ensure your trips are memorable and tailored to the RV lifestyle.

Here are some features of AdventureGenie that make it perfect for RV travellers:

  • Comprehensive Itineraries: This tool does more than point you from A to B. AdventureGenie plans out themed trips and gives you complete travel guides.
  • Extensive Campground Database: AdventureGenie offers a vast selection of over 25,000 campgrounds. It makes sure you have access to the best spots, both the popular and the quiet ones.
  • Customised Routes: This RV road trip planner provides customised routes enriched by real data and reviews from fellow travellers. This means every recommended path and stop has been vetted by those who have travelled it before.
  • Flexible Stop and Activity Planning: Similar to adding stops in Google Maps, AdventureGenie lets you customise your journey with several stops and activities. It effortlessly calculates the best route, taking all your preferences into account.
  • Detailed Campground Insights: AdventureGenie offers in-depth details on campgrounds at your planned stops. This includes the latest information on facilities, campsite activities, contact information, and overall campsite overview.

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4. RoadTrips


RoadTrips is an innovative AI road trip planner tool that perfectly combines the ease of use experience with the accuracy and customization of planning the trips. It suggests a thorough travel guide for your road trip with the driving times and distances map. By inputting details such as trip length, budget, preferred activities, and the time of year, the AI creates a perfect road trip plan, usually within 5 minutes.

Here are some features of RoadTrips that make it a good road trip planner:

  • Personalised Activity Recommendations: RoadTrips helps you find exciting activities along your route. It suggests places to visit and things to do, complete with booking links. 
  • Optimised Directions via Google Maps: Get the best routes directly through Google Maps. RoadTrips integrates with Google Maps to offer you clear, easy-to-follow directions to each of your chosen destinations.
  • Tailored Accommodation and Dining: Whether you’re looking for cosy hotels or delightful restaurants, RoadTrips selects options based on your preferences. This ensures your stay and meals are how you like them.
  • Vehicle Insights and Rentals: You also get access to important vehicle information and car rental options. RoadTrips provides essential details to help you choose the right vehicle for your adventure.
  • Detailed Budgeting Tools: Plan your expenses with an intelligent trip budget tool. RoadTrips offers a breakdown of the trip cost and a packing list to make sure you are prepared for your journey.

How Can You Plan a Road Trip Using AI?

Here is how you can use AI to plan your next road trip.

Step 1: Selecting an Right AI Road Trip Planner

You should find an AI planner that fits your needs. Pick one which is user-friendly and provides you with all the necessary options. They may offer you such features as route planning, places to stay, and live traffic updates.

Step 2: Input Your Preferences

Once you’ve picked your planner, tell it about your trip. This includes your starting point, your destination, and the activities you plan to do on the way. The more you share, the better your trip plan will be. 

You should not skip on details like your favourite activities, where you’d like to stay, and any must-see spots.

Step 3: AI Itinerary Creation

AI takes all the information you’ve provided and puts together your trip plan. It analyses tons of data to pick out the best routes, places to visit, and the time to get there.

Step 4: Review and Personalise Your Itinerary

When the AI gives you an itinerary, you should take your time to look for anything you want to change and do that. You might plan a break on the way or hang around in a destination. These road trip planners allow you to make alterations in the plan and design it according to your personal preferences.

Step 5: Book Your Trip

With your routes planned, the next thing you need to do is book everything. Here, you will be booking your hotel, renting a car and getting your tickets ready for attractions or activities. Some AI tools also allow direct bookings. Finally, you can get your booking completed and you can use your planner’s packing list to make sure you have ticked everything from your to-do list.

What Should You Look for in an AI Road Trip Planner?

The key to a successful road trip lies in careful planning. AI road trip planners not only make this easier but also more insightful. They can look for places and suggest routes that are much more personalized. 

But with so many options available, what should you look for in an AI road trip planner? Let’s find out. 

1. Customization Options

The best road trip caters to your preferences, from the destinations you visit to the routes you take. An AI road trip planner should be able to create routes based on your interests. It also offers options to adjust your trip’s duration, start and end points, and daily travel time.

2. Map and Navigation Integration

A seamless journey relies on effective navigation. Your AI planner should integrate with reliable map services to offer information on traffic, road closures, and alternative routes.

3. Accommodation and Dining Recommendations

Generally, at the end of a long day on the road, you are likely looking for a place of rest or a snack. You should look for tools that list hotels, motels, campgrounds, and food outlets compatible with your travel plan and budget. It should also offer direct links or integration with booking platforms to secure your stay or dining experience in advance.

4. Activity and Experience Suggestions

Going to new places involves as much adventure as the trip itself. A good AI planner should provide sightseeing options and hidden gems depending on your location and preferences.

5. Budgeting Tools

Budgeting your road trip is important. A good AI planner should help you handle your finances by showing you the anticipated expenses, for example, fuel, lodging and activities. Those lists should be customizable to help you save money and only buy what you actually need.


AI road trip planners are changing how we plan our adventures, making them easier and more personalised. They do all the heavy lifting. These tools make sure your trip fits you perfectly and matches your likes and needs as well. 

The best AI planners combine detailed route planning, accommodation and dining options, and activity recommendations while maintaining simplicity and user friendliness. 

When selecting an AI planner, consider how well it integrates with maps for real-time navigation and whether it provides practical tools like budgeting aids and packing lists.

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