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AdventureGenie Review 2023: Revolutionising RV Travel



Are you travelling by RV and looking for the best routes and stays to suit your tastes? In this AdventureGenie review we will see how this tool could be your new travel companion.

It seamlessly combines AI technology with the desires of the modern explorer. Instead of overwhelming you with information, AdventureGenie cleverly processes the data and presents you with suggested itineraries and accommodations tailored to your preferences. Read on to see how this tool can transform your travel planning.

Key Takeaways

  • AdventureGenie is an innovative AI tool, designed to assist RV travellers by offering tailored itineraries and accommodations.
  • It has a database of over 25,000 public and private campgrounds.
  • Allows addition of multiple stops, and activities to trips and provides extensive details on campgrounds.
  • Utilises AI for intelligent itinerary creation, campground recommendations, and route optimisation. 
  • Interface can seem overwhelming at first, but the website is easy to use.

What Is AdventureGenie?


Are you all set for an exciting RV adventure but unsure where to begin? That’s where AdventureGenie comes in. It’s like a helpful buddy who knows a thing or two about planning road trips.

The foundation of AdventureGenie is artificial intelligence. Its job is to understand RV travellers and help them have unforgettable adventures. This AI trip planner keeps it simple and offers itineraries that are more than just a list. It thinks about themed trips, creates detailed travel guides, suggests campgrounds, and even hints at fun activities.

But none of this is pulled out of thin air. This AI tool has a huge database of over 25,000 public and private campgrounds. The algorithms process this information, and you get customised routes based on actual data and real reviews.

Features and Functionality

AdventureGenie impresses with its clear and user-friendly site design. In this section of AdventureGenie review we’ll explore what sets this AI tool apart.

1. Personalised RV Itineraries

When it comes to making the perfect itinerary, AdventureGenie offers a refreshing approach. The AI-driven search mechanism that combs through the well-curated GenieTrips and the extensive database is at the heart of the function. This search isn’t just about finding a trip but also about finding a suitable adventure for you.

Once you’ve found a GenieTrip that piques your interest, you’ll find a comprehensive itinerary that you can access instantly. This isn’t just a list but a detailed roadmap of your potential trip, breaking down each day and destination.

2. Add Several Stops to Your Trip

When you plan a trip, you often want to include as many destinations as possible. AdventureGenie can understand that well. Similar to how we know adding stops on GoogleMaps, AdventureGenie has a similar feature built-in. You select the stops you want to make, and the tool calculates the best route, considering all your preferences.

To do this, you use the Trip Planner function. It’s elementary: you enter the places or sights you want to visit, and AdventureGenie creates a route.

3. Add Activities to Your Stops

When planning a trip, the places you stop are only part of the story. It’s the activities you do there that shape your memories. AdventureGenie makes it easy to integrate these activities into your travel plans.

You have to enter your interests on the AI platform, and the system will check if there are activities along your chosen route that match your interests. Sometimes, the activities may not be in your direct way. In such cases, the planner makes alternative suggestions. These are activities that match your interests and are close to your route.

4. Get Campground Details

Choosing the right place to camp can make a big difference to your travel experience. AdventureGenie recognises this and offers detailed insight into the campground available at your travel stops.

The tool displays a list of campgrounds for each stop you plan to make. AdventureGenie constantly updates its database with the latest details about these campsites to ensure that the information is always current.

When you browse the options, you’ll find a range of information. This includes available facilities, activities at the campsite, contact information and a general camp overview.

Each campground is given two distinct scores to help users make an informed decision: GenieScores and GenieMatch. GenieScores is a rating that indicates the quality of the grounds. GenieMatch, on the other hand, gives an impression of how well a camp matches your personal preferences.

Pros and Cons of AdventureGenie

Pros Cons
Extensive campground database with over 25,000 entriesReal-time data might not always be up-to-date in very remote areas
AI helps plan personalised tripsInterface can be overwhelming at first
Campground recommendations based on your preferencesFeatures like TripPlanner are only available for premium users
Keeps safety in mind when planning routesRequires frequent use of AI to refine and improve suggestions
Learns from your choices for better suggestions
GenieScores and GenieMatch provide insights into campgrounds
Also offers budget-friendly options

Getting Started with the AdventureGenie AI Tool

Even though the AdventureGenie homepage seems a bit overwhelming, using the AI tool is quite simple. In this section of AdventureGenie review, you can find out how to register and use the AI functions.

1. Registration on the Platform


To get started with AdventureGenie, visit the pricing section on the homepage. If you’re not ready to commit, you can become a free member or test the AI tool with a 7-day free trial. You don’t need to provide credit card information for the free trial.

Enter your email address, set a password, and you’re in. After signing up, especially for the trial version, you’ll be directed to a help centre to get everything started.

2. Setting Your Campground Preferences


Before you start looking at campgrounds or creating an itinerary, it’s good to set your preferences in the settings. Click on your profile icon and go to ‘Settings”. From there, go to the ‘Preferences’ section on the left.

Here, you can set your budget for campsites, ranging from $0 to $500. Regarding equipment and activities, the platform has clearly categorised them: “Don’t need’, ‘Nice to have’ or ‘Must have’. When you’re done, save your settings. 

3. Looking for a Suitable Campground


Click on the ‘campgrounds’ option and enter your desired location or specific name. Each result will show you amenities, activities, a GenieScore and a GenieMatch.


If you want more information about the campsite you’ve chosen, simply click on it for a detailed review, including its location on Google Maps and reviews from other campers.

4. Creating an Itinerary with TripGenie


Over time, AdventureGenie has put together a variety of trips, all of which are available on their website. You can browse these curated trips and find one that suits your interests. Each GenieTrip listed includes many details, such as the driving route, stopovers and recommended attractions and accommodations.

5. Creating a Customised Itinerary


AdventureGenie is the best choice if you want to personalise your trips. Add your journey’s start and end points and set your daily comfort zone in miles. Once you’ve done that, tap ‘Take this trip’. The AI tool will create an itinerary for you. You can further customise it by adding your stops.


If you are flexible with your starting points, you can even let the AI create a route for you. You must enter an idea for your journey and click the ‘Search’ button. AdventureGenie will then create a unique journey for you. This journey can be further customised by adding your stops or points of interest.

When you’re done, save your trip to view it later.

How Does AdventureGenie Help RV Travellers?

Are you planning an RV trip and need help planning? In this section of AdventureGenie review, we’ll see how this AI tool is changing the game for RV travellers.

Tailored Itineraries

RV travel brings the freedom to explore everything at your own pace. AdventureGenie makes this experience even better by offering bespoke itineraries.

The beauty of these tailor-made itineraries is their balance. They include not only popular destinations but also lesser-visited places. This ensures that travellers get a mix of popular and unique experiences. The main aim is to create an itinerary tailored to the traveller’s wishes so that each trip feels individual and well-planned.

Extensive Campground Database

With details of over 25,000 public and private campgrounds, AdventureGenie gives you plenty of choice. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot in the countryside or a place with a lively atmosphere, you’re sure to find a suitable option. AdventureGenie ensures that the information about the campsites is always up to date.

In addition to the basic names and locations, each entry gives you a comprehensive insight into what to expect. You’ll find details of amenities, activities and even feedback from other travellers. Additional features like GenieScores and GenieMatch give you a quick overview of how well a particular site fits your needs.

Customised Journey Recommendations

When you enter your preferences, from the type of destinations to specific activities you like, AdventureGenie tailors the recommendations to your tastes. You no longer have to sift through endless choices that don’t quite match your desires.

With AdventureGenie, you get itineraries that reflect your interests. The platform also suggests scenic stops and interesting activities along the way.

Cost-Effective Options

When you’re constantly on the road with your camper van, keeping track of your costs can be difficult. AdventureGenie helps you find campsites and activities that fit your budget. You can often find hidden treasures in AdventureGenie’s huge database. These budget campsites may not always be in the spotlight, but they stand out for their offerings and scenic beauty.

Focus on Safety

AdventureGenie specifically points out campgrounds that are known for their safe environment. So, if you’re camping at night with your RV, you can rest easy knowing the recommended sites prioritise traveller safety. You can look at the reviews of other travellers and decide which campsite is the best.

The shared experiences of travellers will give you a clear picture of how each campsite handles safety. In the AdventureGenie reviews, you can also find information about the safety precautions and general security at the camp.

How Does AdventureGenie Use AI in Its Platform?

But how does AdventureGenie make travel planning feel so intuitive and tailored? The answer lies in its innovative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this section of AdventureGenie review, we’ll explore how it harnesses the power of AI to personalise your travel experience. 

  • Intelligent Itinerary Creation: The AI plays a crucial role when you create your travel plans on AdventureGenie. Considering your preferences and previous travel decisions, it suggests routes matching your inclinations.
  • Dynamic Campground Recommendations: AdventureGenie also uses AI to optimise your search for campsites. For example, if you love quiet places near lakes, AI analyses thousands of camps in its database to find one that matches your preferences.
  • GenieScores: Each campground has two unique ratings on the platform – GenieScores and GenieMatch. GenieScores uses sentiment analysis to rate each campsite in the database and give it a score. GenieMatch calculates the percentage probability that a campsite matches your expectations.
  • Safety and Route Optimisation: With AdventureGenie, your itineraries are not only about travel but also about safety. The system analyses real-time weather conditions, road closures and traffic reports.
  • Continuous Learning and Updates: AdventureGenie’s AI is not static but continuously learns from user interactions. The more you use the platform, the better it understands your preferences. This means that your recommendations become more accurate with every trip you plan.

Alternatives to AdventureGenie AI Tool

AdventureGenie is the first choice for campers with its customised features. However, other tools also offer route planning. In this section of AdventureGenie review, we will take a closer look at these alternative options.

1. Curiosio


Curiosio helps travellers plan their road trips through different countries. It is easy to use and, most importantly, free. You don’t have to sign up or create an account; you can get started immediately. You can set up a route for a one-way or return trip. All you have to do is enter your travel dates, choose your stops and set a budget.

Unlike AdventureGenie, however, this AI tool doesn’t provide information about where to stay overnight or camp. In addition to routes, Curiosio also suggests places and activities you can visit.

2. RoamAround


RoamAround is a travel tool that uses AI to help people plan their trips. If you tell a friend what you like, you can tell RoamAround your interests, and it’ll suggest an itinerary tailored to you. The AI tool will even suggest the hotels you can book.

Just like AdventureGenie, this AI tool gives you insights into places and suggests activities and places to see. However, RoamAround may not be right for travellers with an RV. It’s great for creating an itinerary but doesn’t help you plan the route.

If you want a deeper insight into this tool, check out our in-depth RoamAround AI review.

AdventureGenie Review: Takeaway

Our AdventureGenie review shows that AdventureGenie has found its very own place in the world of travel technology. It’s a breath of fresh air for RV travellers, offering them personalised travel suggestions with the help of AI. The tool isn’t only interesting for the RV community but also an example of what is possible in the travel industry.

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