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RoamAround AI Tool Review 2023


roam around

Fed up with travel tools that ‘roam around’ the point? Imagine a tool that understands your every travel whim. RoamAround AI isn’t just another app, it’s an experience.

This AI tool helps you create an itinerary in just a few seconds. Now, you don’t have to spend days researching online and writing down tourist attractions or local restaurants. Jump into our review and discover how the RoamAround AI tool can enhance your travel experience to the fullest.

What Is RoamAround AI?

RoamAround is like the handy notebook you’ve always wanted for your travel plans, only in the digital world. It is a tool powered by AI that assists in creating travel plans, for any destination. To date, it has created more than 10 million customised itineraries.

What makes the platform special is its simple design – there aren’t many flashy extras, but that’s what makes it so special. At its core, RoamAround uses ChatGPT. Although ChatGPT has many advantages in its own right, the sheer simplicity of RoamAround has caught the attention of travellers.

Features and Functionality

RoamAround stands out with its simple user interface and intuitive features. Now let’s delve into what sets this AI tool so special.

1. Personalised Itinerary

RoamAround takes vast information about potential destinations and distils it into a cohesive plan. Instead of bombarding you with multiple options, it focuses on what is relevant to you. 

You enter your preferences – perhaps a love of art or an interest in historical sites – and RoamAround gets to work. It creates a travel plan that is based on your preferences. This takes the guesswork out of organising your trip.

2. Booking System

When it comes to the practical side of travel – booking accommodation and activities – RoamAround has a little help at hand. RoamAround doesn’t operate its booking system but has cleverly teamed up with several platforms.

This collaboration means that once you’ve created your ideal itinerary, you can effortlessly make travel arrangements. Whether you want to book a cosy hotel room or buy tickets to the major attractions, RoamAround has you covered. It’s a seamless experience that allows you to manage your trip plans in one place.

3. Virtual Tours

RoamAround gives you a glimpse of your destination before you even set foot on it. Once your itinerary is ready, simply switch to the Google map view on the user interface.

This feature lets you virtually walk through the streets, landmarks and unique places mentioned in your itinerary. RoamAround not only helps you to set realistic expectations but also increases anticipation of your upcoming trip.

4. Local Recommendations

When it comes to truly experiencing a destination, sometimes it’s the local gems that are overlooked in mainstream guidebooks that leave a lasting impression. Instead of just taking you to the usual tourist hotspots, RoamAround delves deeper.

It draws on a database of local information to suggest quaint cafés, hidden alleys or perhaps an art gallery frequented only by locals. This gives you a taste of real local life.

5. Multiple Sharing Options

RoamAround knows how convenient it is to share travel plans, so it offers a streamlined sharing feature. With just a few clicks, you can send the link to your itinerary across different platforms.

Whether you share it with a friend via WhatsApp, tweet your upcoming trip on Twitter or send a detailed email to a travel buddy, RoamAround makes it easy. And when you want to review your plans later, you can simply save your itinerary.

Pros and Cons of RoamAround

Create personalised trip plans quicklyMaximum trip duration is limited to 5 days
Plan your next trip without a hassleNot all your personal picks might make it to the final plan
Find and book easilyThe Roam Around assistant might not know much about uncommon places.
Uses AI to plan a day with less travel and more fun.

Getting Started with the RoamAround AI Tool

RoamAround is a simple and straightforward travel planning tool. Let us walk you through the first steps to unlocking its features. 

1. Entering Your Basics


Start by entering your desired destination and travel dates. For example, if you’re travelling to Barcelona, you’ll ask RoamAround to create a 4-day itinerary. After that, press the ‘Magic Tool’ button to get things rolling.

2. Your Initial Itinerary

In no time, RoamAround provides a basic itinerary. It’s a broad overview to help you get started.

3. Fine-Tuning with Roamy

RoamAround has an AI assistant called Roamy that lets you refine your plan by adding specific requests. Whether it’s a local event or a certain type of cuisine, Roamy will incorporate it into your itinerary. The end result is a practical plan with recommendations for attractions, restaurants, and day trips.

The destinations chosen are close so you’re not driving across town. And if a place is a little further away, Roamy will plan it into your day sensibly. However, it’s important to note that the itinerary is limited to 5 days.

4. Preview with Maps

For those curious about their destinations ahead of time, this feature allows you to preview places on Google Maps.

5. Storing and Sharing

If you are content with your itinerary, you can easily save it. Plus, if you wish to talk about your holiday with friends or family, the tool gives simple sharing options.

How Do Travellers Benefit from RoamAround?

Navigating the world of travel, RoamAround offers unique tools for travellers. But how exactly does it enhance your journey? Let us find out. 

1. Simplicity

RoamAround knows the challenges you may face when navigating today’s travel tools. Its main goal is to give you a simple, user-focused experience. With its intuitive design, RoamAround allows even novice travel planners to create an itinerary easily. 

2. Efficiency

When you’re travelling, every moment is precious. RoamAround understands this and offers you a streamlined approach to designing your itinerary. No more digging through endless websites; RoamAround brings together the most important information in a single, easy-to-navigate section.

Once you’ve entered your travel specifications, you’ll get a detailed plan without the hassle of waiting. Integration with multiple platforms provides a smooth transition from planning to booking, as well as the handling of all trip details.

3. Enjoyment

When it comes to travel, the joy is often in the details. The goal of RoamAround is to improve your vacation experience through tailored suggestions. Instead of generic tourist attractions, RoamAround suggests places and activities that match your interests. This way, you’ll be able to easily discover places that appeal to you.

4. Integration

RoamAround stands out for its integration capabilities. It easily connects to different platforms, which is handy when you’re trying to compile travel data. This means you don’t have to jump between different apps or websites. It’s a straightforward approach that connects you to important bookings and day trip details without fuss.

5. Cost-effective

Many of us are conscious of our budget when it comes to travel. RoamAround is aware of this concern and aims to address it. By bringing together a wealth of travel information, the tool eliminates the need for numerous guidebooks or the expense of a travel agent. The integrated system often leads you to cheap accommodation and activities.

How has RoamAround integrated AI into its tool?

RoamAround has cleverly used Artificial Intelligence in its tool to improve travel planning. Let’s take a look at how this travel planner has incorporated AI.

  • Tailored Itineraries: RoamAround uses an AI algorithm to create itineraries based on user input. Once you enter your preferences, the AI checks its extensive database and makes tailored suggestions.
  • Introducing Roamy: RoamAround has a ChatGPT-based assistant called Roamy. This digital assistant addresses your travel questions and adjusts your plans accordingly. So when a question arises, or plans change, Roamy is equipped to assist.
  • Day Planning with Precision: Beyond mere suggestions, RoamAround’s AI also plays a role in day planning. It considers factors such as distances between attractions and ideal times to visit to help you make the most of your day.
  • Learning Over Time: What sets this tool apart is its adaptability. The system gradually adapts its itinerary suggestions through user interaction and feedback to suit travellers’ tastes better.

Alternatives to RoamAround AI Tool

RoamAround is a popular travel tool, but it’s not the only one out there. Let’s have a look at some more choices for your vacation planning.

1. Trip Planner 

When it comes to planning trips, TripPlanner offers another option besides RoamAround. To use TripPlanner, you need to register. The difference between TripPlanner and RoamAround is the level of control you have. Not only do you get a pre-designed itinerary, but you can customise it according to your wishes. This means you can choose specific places you want to visit or set your food preferences and budget.

One notable difference between TripPlanner and RoamAround is the budget feature. With TripPlanner, when you create your itinerary, you also get an estimate of how much the trip might cost. This includes everything from entrance fees to meals, giving you a better overview of your holiday costs.

2. WonderPlan

WonderPlan is another travel tool similar to RoamAround. The handy thing about WonderPlan is that you don’t have to sign up to use it. Just jump in and start planning. You simply choose your destination and travel dates, similar to RoamAround. However, there is one small limitation – you can only plan for up to 7 days.

Before your itinerary is planned, you can also set your budget and choose what activities you want to do, which is very helpful. While your itinerary is being created, WonderPlan gives you a little overview of your destination. The AI tool gives you a complete plan for each day of your trip, including the costs involved.

3. TravelMoji

Unlike other travel planners, TravelMoji is a paid planning tool. Before your trip is planned, you can decide on the details. These include decisions about your budget, the type of day you envision (whether with lots of activities or more relaxed), specific activities you want to do, and even special dietary needs.

One of the most important features of TravelMoji is the flexibility in the length of your trip. The tool can adapt to whether you’re planning a short weekend or a longer holiday. However, to get your customised plan, you have to pay $5 upfront.

Takeaway from our RoamAround AI

Planning your trip can sometimes feel like a maze. Well, RoamAround helps you with that. Using sophisticated AI, this tool seeks to make vacation planning easier and more personalised. It shifts your perspective on travel by prioritising your requirements and preferences.

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