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Never Plan a Road Trip the Old Way Again – Curiosio Review 2024



A whopping 79% of people in the UK take a road trip every year. But planning these trips is not always easy. In the past, you had to use paper maps and various online tools. It was like trying to solve a puzzle, with over 60% of people saying it was tough and took too much time. Now, we have Curiosio in 2024, which fundamentally changes how road trips are planned.

Curiosio makes everything simpler and more fun. It uses artificial intelligence to create a road trip tailored to you.

Let’s look at Curiosio and see if it delivers what it promises. Can it change the way we plan road trips? Let’s find out.

Key Points to Remember

  • Curiosio specialises in creating personalised road trip plans based on your preferences and budget.
  • It utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimise routes and suggest itineraries, saving time and enhancing travel experiences.
  • The platform offers detailed cost breakdowns, helping you manage your budget effectively.
  • Curiosio has partnered with Expedia to facilitate easy hotel bookings within your travel plan.
  • The service adapts and learns from your travel habits over time for increasingly personalised suggestions.
  • Curiosio allows for real-time itinerary adjustments, providing flexibility during your travels.
  • It is currently limited to planning trips in 29 countries and may not have extensive details on less popular destinations.

What Is Curiosio?


Curiosio helps you plan a road trip that fits your schedule and doesn’t break the bank. It acts like your personal trip designer, making exciting travel plans that start with what you want and end with you loving the outcome. 

This tool is all about creating journeys that match your travel goals. You tell it where you want to go, how long you can stay, and your budget. Then, Curiosio uses its AI algorithm to devise a road trip plan just for you.

Curiosio is also great at putting together trips that have multiple stops. You share your dream locations, available travel time, and how much you want to spend. It then gives you a detailed plan for your trip. 

But what happens if the first plan isn’t exactly right for you? No worries. Curiosio gives you different plans to look at. This means you can compare them and pick the one that fits you best.

Exploring the Main Features of Curiosio

Let’s look at what makes Curiosio a wonderful choice for road trip planning. This tool has features designed to make your travel planning smoother and more enjoyable. 

1. Planning Routes

Curiosio lets you decide where you start, where you go and what you want to see. It’s about offering you a route that suits you perfectly. It considers how much time and money you like to spend to get a doable and fun plan. It’s smart enough to suggest other routes if you change your mind or find new places you can’t miss.

2. In-depth Guides to Destinations

Curiosio also acts like your travel guide. It gives you a deep understanding of every place you plan to visit. Imagine knowing the best spots before arriving, from cultural highlights to the best local food. Detailed information makes every destination come alive, so you’re prepared to dive into the experience fully. 

3. Detailed Itinerary with Maps

Curiosio turns your planned trip into an easy-to-read map, showing every part of your journey. You get a clear map with your whole route, including how long it takes to get from one place to another, spots to check out, and places to rest. It’s like having a guide that shows you the way and highlights all the exciting things you can do and see along the route.

4. Cost and Time Breakdown

This AI road trip planner also shows you how to use your time and money wisely to enjoy your trip more. You’ll get a clear picture of what you’ll spend on things like places to stay, travel costs, and daily spending. Curiosio breaks it down for you, making it easy to see where your money is going and how long you’ll spend at each part of your journey. This is great if you want to have fun without paying too much.

5. Seamless Booking

Curiosio takes your trip planning further by offering a hotel booking feature with its partnership with Expedia. This means you can plan your journey and book your stay in one go. Finding the right place to stay is easy, whether looking for a cosy inn or a fancy hotel. 

Curiosio connects you with a vast selection of accommodations through Expedia, fitting your trip’s needs and budget into your itinerary. This feature is a big time-saver and adds to your travel experience.

Pros and Cons of Curiosio

Curiosio customises your trip to fit what you like and your budget.Curiosio may lack information on less popular places.
It uses AI to find the best routes, saving time and hassle.Sometimes, the AI suggestions might not be as good as tips from people.
You get a clear idea of your trip’s cost, which helps with budgeting.Updates require the internet, which can be difficult in remote areas.
Booking hotels is easy because Curiosio works with Expedia.Curiosio only plans trips in 29 countries, so it’s not for every place yet.
The more you use Curiosio, the better it gets at suggesting trips.You can only add up to 6 travellers in a plan.
You can change your plans easily if necessary, making your trip flexible.

Getting Started with Curiosio

Using Curiosio is simple with its easy-to-use interface. Here, we’ll dive into the steps to get started with this AI road trip planner, from creating your account to picking your first exciting destination.

1. Picking Your Country


First up, choose the country you want to explore. On Curiosio’s homepage, there’s a simple search box where you can do this. With this tool, you can currently plan trips to 29 different countries.

2. Setting Your Starting Point


Now, decide where you’ll start your trip. With Curiosio, you can plan a round trip, a one-way journey, or a trip to a specific destination. This makes sure your trip fits exactly what you want.

3. Customising Your Trip


This is where Curiosio shines. You can tailor your trip by choosing places you want to visit. Add details like how many people are going, when you’re travelling, what car you’re using, your budget, and even the theme of your trip. Once you’re done, hit “Get Trip” to see your plan.

4. Checking Out Your Options


Curiosio then shows you various travel options. If you click on one, you’ll get all the details, including a complete itinerary and budget. You’ll also see maps and photos of the places you’ll visit, making it easier to decide.

5. Viewing the Trip on Maps


For a closer look at your route, click on the map option. You can choose between Google Maps and Here We Go. This step helps you see your entire route.

6. Booking Hotels


Curiosio simplifies the booking process by partnering with Expedia. It means you can book your stay right through the app, making one less thing to worry about.

7. Sharing Your Trip


Once your trip is all set, you can easily share it. Just copy the itinerary link and send it to your friends or family through email or a message. This way, everyone can see your plans or even join in.

How Can Curiosio Make Your Travel Better?

Curiosio is more than just a travel planning app. It helps you make your road trip better and smoother. Here’s how this tool uses AI to elevate your travel experiences.

1. Personalised Itinerary Planning

Curiosio stands out by tailoring each journey to your likes, budget, and schedule. It meticulously plans out routes filled with destinations you’re eager to explore. It uses AI to examine your likes, travel style, budget, and places you want to see. Then, it plans a trip with places you’ll love, whether beautiful views, city vibes, or hidden spots.

2. Simplifying Route Planning

Curiosio offers a streamlined approach, selecting the most efficient and enjoyable routes. Its AI calculates the best paths to take. It looks at road conditions, expected traffic, and how fast you travel. 

This means you spend less time behind the wheel and more time soaking in the experiences at each destination. And you do this while avoiding the frustration of backtracking or unnecessary detours.

3. Transparent Cost Breakdown

Travel expenses can quickly spiral if not carefully managed. AI is vital in predicting your trip costs. Curiosio uses AI to give you a detailed breakdown of costs associated with your trip, including accommodation, fuel, and expected daily expenses. This transparency helps you budget smarter.

4. Seamless Hotel Bookings

Curiosio teams up with Expedia to make finding and booking hotels simple. This integration means you have many accommodation options at your fingertips. With real-time availability and options for every budget, finding the perfect place to stay becomes part of the fun rather than a chore.

5. Collaborative Trip Planning

If you’re travelling with others, Curiosio makes it easy to plan together. Share your trip plans to get everyone’s ideas, and make sure the trip suits everyone. It also uses its advanced AI algorithms to find places and activities that everyone will like. 

6. Dynamic Adjustments

Sometimes, plans change. AI lets Curiosio update your plans quickly if things change. Whether a road is closed or you want to stay longer somewhere, AI recalculates your route and updates your itinerary instantly. This flexibility means your trip can evolve with your wishes.

7. Visual and Interactive Maps

Curiosio doesn’t just tell you where to go; it shows you. Moreover, Curiosio enriches your planning with visual and interactive maps. Combining these maps and photos of potential stops serves as your guide and inspiration throughout your journey. Consequently, you’ll discover attractions and destinations you may not have considered.

Alternatives to Curiosio

Thanks to its AI technology, Curiosio is great for planning road trips with a personal touch. But it’s not the only option out there. If you’re looking for something a bit different, there are plenty of other tools to consider. Each one has its special features that might fit your travel plans better.



AdventureGenie is a smart choice for RV travellers looking for an easy way to plan their trips. This AI-powered tool helps you create custom travel plans, focusing on finding the best places for RVs to stay. It’s packed with information on more than 25,000 campgrounds, both public and private, giving you plenty of options for every stop on your journey.

The unique thing about AdventureGenie is that it uses AI to customise your trip. It can add multiple stops and activities, ensuring your itinerary is filled with things you like to do. The tool also uses AI to suggest the best routes to make your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Want to know more about how AdventureGenie uses AI for route planning? Check out our detailed AdventureGenie review for all the insights.



Wayfind offers a user-friendly alternative to Curiosio. It employs AI to create custom itineraries based on your preferences. The platform’s interface is designed for ease of use. You’ll find an AI chatbot ready to assist you, and you can make itinerary adjustments with a simple drag-and-drop feature.

What sets Wayfind apart is its attention to detail. It provides thorough itineraries that include activities, dining options, and travel logistics. Additionally, you can book accommodations directly through, Airbnb, and Kayak. 

Collaborative planning is easy with Wayfind’s unique URL-sharing feature. This allows you to share your itinerary with others, making group travel planning fun and efficient.

Want to know more about how Wayfind uses AI for travel planning? Check out our detailed Wayfind review for all the insights.


Curiosio creates personalised itineraries, offers destination insights, and aids in bookings. While there are some limitations regarding trip duration and group size, Curiosio remains a valuable tool for those seeking tailored travel experiences. If you’re ready for the convenience of AI-driven travel planning, you should consider Curiosio for your next road trip.

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