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Wayfind Review 2023



Planning a trip can often seem like a daunting task. Statistics show that 58% of travellers find it difficult to organise an entire trip. That’s where Wayfind AI comes in. It is a personalised AI travel agent that takes the hassle out of travel preparation.

Wayfind AI streamlines the planning process. You can quickly customise your itinerary with an AI-powered chat, convenient drag-and-drop editing, and tailored activity recommendations. It’s a straightforward tool that simplifies your travel preparations.

Let’s take a closer look at the customised itinerary builder.

Key Points to Remember

  • AI creates tailored itineraries based on user input.
  • Streamlined interface with AI chat and drag-and-drop for itinerary adjustments.
  • Detail-rich itineraries, including activities, dining options, and travel logistics.
  • Direct links to accommodation platforms like, Airbnb, and Kayak.
  • Flexible editing and customisation of itineraries, with up to three monthly free trips.
  • Easy sharing with a unique URL for collaborative travel planning.

What Is Wayfind?


Wayfind is a travel planner that allows travellers to quickly create personalised itineraries. It uses an AI-powered recommendation engine that adapts to your preferences to customise your trips. By simply describing your ideal travel experience and answering a few questions about your trip, Wayfind can create an itinerary that matches your exact preferences.

The process begins with you describing your ideal travel scenario and answering a series of questions about your trip. These steps are not mere formalities but a method by which Wayfind gathers critical insights to create a customised trip. This level of personalisation means that within moments, you’ll receive an itinerary tailored to your exact preferences.

Ease of editing is a key feature: with Wayfind’s AI-powered chat and drag-and-drop functionality, you can quickly change your itinerary. Personalised activity recommendations are also part of the package, ensuring your itinerary is rich with potential experiences that align with your preferences.

Features and Functionalities

Wayfind offers a range of features and functions that simplify the travel planning process. The tool is packed with clever design elements, each serving a specific purpose to improve travel planning.

1. Personalised Itineraries

Wayfind’s AI provides a clear insight into its user-centred design. This feature prompts you to describe your ideal travel experience through targeted questions. It uses your answers to recognize and understand your interests and create a customised itinerary.

The process is simple: you describe what you want from your trip, and Wayfind takes these personal interests into account and creates a customised itinerary in no time. Tailoring every trip element to your preferences ensures a bespoke journey.

Whether it’s adventure, relaxation, culture or cuisine, Wayfind considers all these aspects to create a well-thought-out itinerary.

2. Simplified Itinerary Editing

With Wayfind AI, you can customise your travel plans even more efficiently. This function is designed for uncomplicated itinerary changes. The AI-powered chat enables quick and easy changes through a conversational interface that is as natural as a message.

The drag-and-drop editor allows you to rearrange suggested activities quickly and precisely. Wayfind AI generates personalised activity recommendations to ensure your itinerary is filled with experiences matching your interests. It also provides you with editing tools.

3. Built-In Travel Logistics

Wayfind AI simplifies your journey from start to finish by providing estimated journey times and directions alongside your itinerary. It ensures that you are well informed about the duration and route to your next destination.

With this feature, you no longer have to worry about how to get from one place to another.

4. Accommodation Suggestions

This is a handy feature of Wayfind AI designed to help travellers find the perfect accommodation. This tool simplifies the search by connecting you with booking platforms such as, Airbnb and Kayak and presenting you with hotels that fit your budget and itinerary.

The simplicity of this feature lies in its directness: you can find hotels close to your planned activities, guaranteeing convenience and relevance. In addition, Wayfind AI improves this process with its recommendations.

5. Itinerary Sharing

Wayfind AI offers an easy way to share your travel plans. By creating a URL for your itinerary, you can easily share the details of your trip with your fellow travellers, family or friends. This keeps everyone informed and connected with your travel preparations.

Pros and Cons of Wayfind

AI-driven personalisation of travel plans.Quality of suggestions depends on user input.
Straightforward planning and editing interface.Initial learning phase for new users.
AI learns and improves with user interaction.Needs internet connectivity for full functionality.
Detailed itineraries, including activities, dining, and routes.Unlimited messages to Wayfind AI require a premium plan.
Seamless connection to booking platforms.
Simple itinerary distribution with a shareable link.
The free plan allows the creation of three trips per month.

Getting Started with Wayfind

Getting started with Wayfind is a straightforward process designed for simplicity and efficiency. Let’s take a look at the first steps to unlock the full potential of this innovative travel planning tool.

1. Signing Up


First things first: you have to register. You can traditionally do this with an email and password or conveniently via Google or Facebook. This step is done quickly and lays the foundation for creating your itinerary.

2. Navigating the Interface


Once you register, you’ll be redirected to the homepage. Here, you’ll find a clean layout with a clear call to action at the top to start planning and begin your personalised travel experience.

3. Submitting the Details of the Trip


The journey begins when you enter your destination. Then you enter further details, such as the length of your journey. Here, you can provide the AI with detailed notes, an optional but recommended step to customise your itinerary.

4. Planning Your Itinerary


Next, you come to the interface for itinerary planning. You can let the AI suggest a plan or organise your day according to your picks. Whatever you decide, the AI will assist you by offering a customised plan or building on your input.

5. Reviewing Your Itinerary


Wayfind AI creates a comprehensive itinerary based on your preferences. This includes activities, food options, and descriptions with estimated duration and route – a complete plan for your day.

6. Lodging Suggestions


Accommodation options are seamlessly integrated into your planning. Wayfind AI connects you to booking platforms like, Airbnb, or Kayak. These suggestions are aligned with your itinerary and budget. You can also use AI to help and ask the tool to suggest hotel options. 

7. Customising Your Itinerary


One of the highlights of Wayfind AI is that your travel plan is customisable. Every element, from the start time to the duration of each activity, can be adjusted to suit your preferences. The itinerary is flexible, allowing you to add or modify as you see fit.

8. Sharing Your Itinerary


To wrap up your planning, Wayfind AI offers a sharing feature that generates a unique URL for your itinerary. This link can be sent to travel companions, friends, or family, keeping everyone in sync with the planned activities.

How Does Wayfind Enhance Your Travel Planning?

Wayfind transforms the often complex task of travel planning into a streamlined, stress-free process with the help of its AI engine. Let’s look into how it does this. 

  • Personalised Itinerary Design: Wayfind’s key strength lies in its tailored approach. It uses artificial intelligence to consider your preferences, allowing the platform to design itineraries that are not generic templates but customised narratives about your upcoming trip.
  • Efficient Itinerary Assembly: Wayfind’s user-friendly dashboard invites you to enter the details of your trip and then takes care of the finer details, making your itinerary simple and efficient.
  • Adaptive Planning: Adaptability is at the heart of Wayfind’s planning process. The AI adjusts your itinerary in real-time based on your input, allowing you to refine it as needed and ensuring that the result meets your expectations.
  • Detailed Travel Plans: Wayfind doesn’t just suggest places. It provides a comprehensive itinerary with restaurant visits, activities and directions – a complete travel guide.
  • Direct Booking Links: Wayfind’s integrated system makes it easy to book accommodation or activities. There are direct links to booking sites, allowing a smooth transition from planning to booking.
  • Simple Itinerary Sharing: Wayfind’s itinerary-sharing feature is invaluable if you’re travelling with companions. It provides a straightforward way to ensure that all travellers are on the same itinerary.

How Does Wayfind Use Artificial Intelligence?

Wayfind leverages artificial intelligence to revolutionise the way you plan your travels. Let us look into the practical applications of AI within the app’s functionalities.

1. Learning Your Preferences

Wayfind’s AI is designed to understand and learn from your preferences. As you interact with the platform, it gathers insights from your decisions so that the system can make increasingly accurate recommendations for your itinerary.

2. Continuous Improvement

AI is not static; it evolves. Every interaction allows the AI to refine its understanding of your preferences. This means that the more you use Wayfind, the better your routes will be tailored to your preferences.

3. Automated Scheduling

AI is the driving force behind the app’s ability to automatically create an itinerary that considers factors such as opening hours, travelling time between locations and your stated interests to ensure a feasible and enjoyable travel plan.

4. Smart Adjustments

The AI also supports the platform’s editing functions and enables smart adjustments to your itinerary. If an activity doesn’t fit, the AI can suggest alternatives or rearrange your schedule in seconds, ensuring a smooth travelling experience.

Alternatives to Wayfind

Although Wayfind provides a solid journey-planning platform, it’s always instructive to consider other options on the market. Whether you’re looking for more simplicity or different features or just want to compare the market, we’ll introduce you to the main providers that are possible alternatives to Wayfind.

iPlan AI


iPlan AI is an alternative to AI-driven travel planning. It focuses on creating itineraries tailored to your interests. Its AI swiftly assembles detailed travel plans, easing the time-consuming preparation process. You can set your budget, and iPlan AI will provide options that keep expenditures within those limits, ensuring the financial aspect of travel is well-managed.

The platform also allows users to alter itineraries, a feature that’s particularly useful for last-minute changes or when collaborating with others. Sharing itineraries with friends or travel partners is streamlined. Additionally, iPlan AI keeps users in the loop with recommendations for trendy and up-to-date travel spots. 

To learn more about this tool, check out our full review of iPlan AI.

Expedia AI


With Expedia AI, you can revolutionise the way you create travel itineraries. Its conversational AI tool, powered by ChatGPT’s API, simplifies the planning process by responding to your open-ended questions with custom travel suggestions. This innovative feature offers a more personalised and streamlined experience as you plan your journey.

Beyond just crafting recommendations, Expedia AI acts as your comprehensive booking hub. You can effortlessly book accommodations, city tours, and car rentals all in one place. Plus, it leads you to discover hidden gems and authentic local experiences, taking your travel adventure beyond the beaten path.

To learn more about this tool, check out our full review of Expedia AI.


Wayfind AI has become an essential tool for travellers by simplifying travel planning through artificial intelligence. Thanks to its intuitive user interface and detailed recommendations, Wayfind AI is able to create personalised travel plans. The free plan does have certain limitations, but this is only a minor factor, given the comprehensive and customisable service that Wayfind AI offers.

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