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Testing Google Bard’s Gemini Update for Travel: Our Insights



The world of AI is constantly changing, and it’s exciting to see what’s new, especially in the travel sector. Just last week, Google unveiled its latest AI technology, Gemini Pro. It’ll challenge ChatGPT. Gemini Pro now powers the chatbot Bard, replacing its previous technology.

We at TravelAIHub were excited to see what Gemini Pro can do. Our main focus? How it can help with travel. Reliable AI tools are the key to smooth travel. We thoroughly tested Gemini Pro to see how it helps with travel planning and management.

In this article, we’re sharing our findings. We’ll tell you how the Gemini update of Google Bard handles travel tasks. We tested it in real travel scenarios to give you a clear picture. Join us as we unpack the features and capabilities of Gemini Pro. Let’s see if it can change the way we travel.

First Impressions of Gemini Update

When we first tried out Google’s Gemini update, we found it quite impressive. Let’s break it down into simpler terms to make it easier to understand.

1. Starting Off with Gemini

Getting started with Gemini is pretty effortless. It’s now part of Google Cloud Vertex AI and Google AI Studio, which means it’s easy to access and use. For everyday users, Gemini’s integration with products like Google Bard means it should be easy to use. That’s good news for travelers who aren’t as tech-savvy.

2. What’s New in Gemini?

Gemini is one step ahead of Google’s previous AI models. It’s unique because it learns from text, images, sounds, and videos. Imagine an AI that can read a travel book and understand the pictures and sounds of travel destinations. It’s like having a travel guide that can explain both the stories and the landscapes.

The highlight of Gemini is its ‘multimodal’ capability. This means that it can understand different types of information at the same time. So, if you have a handwritten note and a voice recording, Gemini can understand both. This is super handy for travelers who come across all kinds of information.

Gemini is also very good at solving problems. Not only does he pick up information, he also finds out what it means. For example, he can look at many pictures and figure out their story. This ability is ideal for travelers trying to find their way around new places.

Gemini is also a good interpreter. It is good at many languages and can also translate and summarize content in those languages. All these features mean that Gemini could change how we plan our trips. It provides detailed, accurate information and can help with language barriers, making travel planning richer and more insightful.

3. Experience with the Interface


Gemini’s interface, as seen in Google Bard, feels more intuitive. It can analyze images and answer complex questions. A smart assistant that understands text, images, and voice could be helpful for travelers seeking diverse information.

Gemini’s ability to process images, understand languages, and combine different data types makes it an excellent tool for travelers. It could help you better understand travel blogs, translate foreign languages, and give you a feel for a place through images and videos.

Gemini’s Features and Functionalities

Here, we take a closer look at what Google’s Gemini offers. We’ll see how it’s changing how we plan our trips with its new and improved features.

1. Travel Itinerary Planning

When planning travel, who doesn’t want a bit of help? That’s where Google’s Gemini update comes in, making itinerary creation much easier. I put it to the test by asking for a 10-day travel plan. Surprisingly, it offered three different versions, each packed with activities that matched my request.

Gemini’s itineraries were thoughtfully planned, not just a list of places. From sightseeing spots to local dining experiences, it covered a range of activities. However, it’s worth noting that Gemini didn’t provide real-time information about these events or activities. 

What stood out was how engaging these

itineraries were. Each plan came with links to activity sites and images. This made the itinerary more than just a plan; it was an interactive guide that visually walked me through the trip. With just one prompt, Gemini provided complete plans that were easy to follow. They were detailed enough to give a clear picture of each day’s activities without being overwhelming.

Gemini also allows you to hear an audio version of your travel plan. This is perfect for those who prefer listening over reading or if you’re on the move and want to review your plans hands-free.

2. Arranging Flights and Accommodations

Booking flights and finding the right hotel can often be a bit of a headache. Well, Google’s Gemini update makes these tasks much easier.


For flights, Gemini is a very handy tool. It lists different flight options and shows prices and stopover details. It is helpful because you can see all the options at a glance. Each flight option also has a link to Google Flights. So you can book the flight you want directly and save time and hassle.


Now, let’s move on to the hotels. Gemini knows that it’s essential to stay within budget. That’s why it suggests hotels that match your spending. But that’s not all. It shows you the Google rating for each hotel and the price per night. You can see the rating and price side by side and make the best choice for your stay.

3. Recommending Dining Options

The new Gemini update is pretty savvy when suggesting places to eat. While there is a specific tool for restaurants, it uses Google Maps to give you suggestions.


Gemini will show you a list of restaurants depending on where you are or where you want to go. But it’s not just a list. Each suggestion is displayed on an interactive Google map. This is really useful. You can see exactly where each restaurant is located, which is very helpful for planning your day or evening out.


As well as the map, there are also links to each restaurant. It is a handy addition. So you can quickly see what each restaurant has to offer. You can look at the menu, read other people’s opinions, and even see photos of the food and the restaurant.

4. Real-time Translation


Gemini’s real-time translation feature is a fantastic tool for travelers. It makes it easy to converse with locals in their language and overcome language barriers. Imagine being in a foreign country and being able to talk easily.

With Gemini, you can ask questions, order food, and find your way around new places without struggling with the language. It’s like having a personal translator with you, making your travel interactions more authentic and enjoyable.

5. Risk Assessment

Gemini’s “Risk Assessment” feature is essentially a travel safety tool. It analyzes various factors such as weather, political stability, and health advisories to inform you about possible risks at your destination.

This is particularly helpful if you’re heading to less familiar or potentially volatile areas. It’s not about scaring you away from traveling but equipping you with the knowledge you need to make safe and well-informed decisions.

Pros and Cons of Google Bard’s Gemini Update

Automates complex tasks like itinerary planning and language translation.Still under development, with limited availability for now.
Flight and hotel suggestions streamline bookings.No real-time event updates.
Restaurant suggestions via Maps aid dining choices.Limited restaurant suggestions via Maps.
User-friendly interface enhances accessibility.Reliance on AI’s knowledge base.
Multilingual capabilities for effective communication.
Tailors plans and recommendations to your unique interests and preferences.
Real-time translation breaks language barriers.
Risk assessment tools enhance safety awareness.

Google Bard’s Gemini vs. GPT- 4 for Travel

Many of us turn to AI tools for help when planning a trip. Two popular choices are Google Bard’s Gemini and OpenAI’s GPT-4. Let’s compare them. We’ll look at their strengths and weaknesses and which might be best for you.

Google Bard’s Gemini

Gemini is part of Google Bard. It’s great at using Google’s information, like Maps and Reviews. This makes planning a trip easy and personalized.


  • Easy Integration: Gemini uses Google’s data. This means it gives up-to-date and detailed information.
  • User-Friendly: Its simple design makes trip planning easy, even for first-timers.
  • Local Insights: Gemini provides local knowledge, like hidden gems and popular spots.
  • Real-time Updates: It often offers the latest information on travel restrictions, weather conditions, and local events.
  • Travel Logistics: Gemini is adept at suggesting practical travel routes and transport options, thanks to its integration with Google Maps.
  • Accommodation and Dining: It can recommend hotels and restaurants based on user reviews and ratings.


  • Less Tailored Suggestions: While Gemini offers reliable information, it might not provide highly personalized travel plans.
  • Less Creative: Gemini is good at giving facts. But, it’s not as creative in suggesting trip ideas as GPT-4.
  • Over-reliance on Google’s Ecosystem: Users might miss out on unique insights not covered by Google’s platforms.
  • Limited Global Coverage: Gemini’s suggestions can be less comprehensive in some less popular destinations.
  • Struggles with Complex Questions: Gemini can find it hard to answer unusual or complicated travel questions.


GPT-4, by OpenAI, is known for its smart language skills. It’s great for unique and creative travel ideas.


  • Creative Plans: GPT-4 can come up with special and personalized trip suggestions.
  • Handles Various Questions Well: It’s good at answering all travel questions, from simple to complex.
  • Cultural Insights: It provides fascinating cultural and historical context for various destinations.
  • Language Versatility: GPT-4 can assist in understanding and translating foreign languages, which is handy for international travel.
  • Problem Solving: It offers solutions to travel-related challenges, like finding activities for a rainy day.


  • Not Always Up-to-Date: GPT-4 might not have the latest information as Gemini does.
  • Can Give Too Many Options: GPT-4’s suggestions are sometimes too broad. This can be overwhelming.
  • Generalized Recommendations: Some of its travel advice might be more generic and less location-specific than Gemini’s.

Our Recommendation

The choice between Gemini and GPT-4 depends on what you need. If you want the latest information and an easy-to-use tool, you should choose Gemini. But if you want creative trip ideas and don’t mind the many options, GPT-4 is great.

Gemini could be a bit better overall. It provides accurate information and is easy to use. But GPT-4’s creativity and ability to answer different questions make it a good choice. It’s perfect for anyone who likes unique itineraries.

Ultimately, both tools are helpful. Your choice depends on what kind of traveler you are. Do you want precise information? Or do you prefer creative ideas? Either way, Gemini and GPT-4 are great for helping you plan an unforgettable trip.

Final Thoughts

After thoroughly testing Google Bard’s Gemini for trip planning, we’ve gathered some valuable insights we would like to share. Gemini is excellent at utilizing Google’s information. This means it gives you the latest details for your travels. It’s like having a helpful travel guide. You can easily find a lovely café in Paris or the best way to travel in Tokyo.

Gemini is a superb choice for travelers who want to plan quickly and accurately. It’s like a wise friend who knows a lot about many places. However, he may not know all the little secrets of each place. For unique, out-of-the-way experiences, you may need to do a little more research.

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