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Are Custom GPTs Transforming Your Travel Experience?



Custom GPTs have revolutionised travel planning, being more than just a tech trend. They are a big step forward in the travel industry.

Kayak, one of the leading travel tech providers, has expanded its offering. They have developed their own GPT plugin. This AI assistant helps plan flights, hotels and car rentals. It’s not just practical. It’s customised to your needs.

So what does this mean for you? Do these smart AI tools make travelling better? Or are they just a new gadget? We get to the bottom of it. We’ll look at how custom GPTs are changing the way we travel. And we’ll take a close look at Kayak’s exciting new tool.

What Are Custom GPTs?

Custom GPTs stand for Generative Pre-trained Transformers. But what does that actually mean? You can think of them as AI, but with a specific focus on certain tasks and industries – in this case, travel.

Custom GPTs work like travel experts, offering you personalised assistance. They are trained on a large amount of data. However, they have a distinct quality of understanding the intricacies of travelling. They can help you book the best flights, choose suitable hotels and even recommend the best local restaurants. All of this is done in a way that is tailored to your preferences.

Do Custom GPTs Make Your Travel Experience Better?

When it comes to travel, technology has taken the lead, and Custom GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) are at the forefront of this transformation. They promise to revolutionise how you plan and enjoy your trips. But how exactly do they elevate your travel experience? Let’s take a look.

1. Simplifying the Planning Process

One of the standout features of Custom GPTs is their ability to simplify the travel planning process. These AI tools act as your virtual travel companions, assisting you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking for flight options, hotel recommendations, or travel itineraries, they’ve got you covered.

2. Personalised Travel

What sets Custom GPTs apart is their knack for personalisation. They don’t offer generic solutions but curate recommendations tailored to your preferences. 

3. Unveiling Hidden Gems

Travel is all about discovery, and Custom GPTs add a layer of excitement to this journey. They introduce you to uncharted destinations, uncover hidden gems, and present offbeat experiences you might have missed.

4. Hassle-Free Booking

Booking flights, hotels, and travel essentials becomes effortless with Custom GPTs. They seamlessly connect you to booking platforms, saving you precious time and energy. Plus, they monitor special deals and discounts, ensuring you get the best value.

5. Informed Decision-Making

Custom GPTs are treasure troves of information. They offer insights into weather conditions, local customs, and must-visit attractions. With this knowledge, you make informed decisions and immerse yourself in the local culture.

6. Enhancing Your Travel Memories

Custom GPTs don’t stop at planning; they enhance your travel memories, too. They can help document your journey, suggest great photo spots, and recommend the best local dishes. 

Kayak’s Custom GPT Plugin: Is it Good?

kayak-interface-Custom GPTs

Kayak’s Custom GPT Plugin understands your travel style. Here’s how it benefits you. 

Say you’re booking a flight, looking for a hotel, or renting a car. This is where Kayak’s Custom GPT jumps in. It goes through tons of options. But it doesn’t just pick any. It picks the best for you based on what you like and your budget.

It’s not all about being practical, though. Kayak’s plugin adds a personal touch. Do you love cosy stays or hunting for flight deals? It learns and adapts to your preferences. This makes planning not just easier but more fun, too.

So, let’s look further into how this Custom GPT makes your travel planning easier. 

Features of Kayak’s Custom GPT

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Kayak’s Custom GPT Plugin stand out. This tool is a smart, user-friendly guide for your trips. It offers features that do more than just plan your travel. They make your experience better. 

1. Searching for Flights

Finding the right flight deal can make or break your travel plans. With Kayak’s Custom GPT Plugin, this becomes easy. This feature isn’t just about listing flights. It’s about matching flights to your needs.

When you search for flights, the plugin thinks about what you want. Cheapest prices? Shortest flights? A particular airline? It keeps all this in mind. Plus, it remembers your past searches and bookings. This way, the flights you see are picked just for you.

But what if your travel plans are complex? Maybe a multi-city tour or a sudden change? The plugin’s got you covered. It looks through many options to find the best routes and prices. This saves you time and hassle.

2. Flight Insights for Flexible Dates

Are you planning a trip with flexible dates? Kayak’s Custom GPT Plugin has a feature just for you. This feature is a game-changer if you’re okay with changing your travel dates. It looks at different dates to find when flights are cheapest. You won’t need to check dates one by one. The plugin does that and shows you the best times to fly.

It’s not all about the lowest price, though. This feature also keeps an eye on flight trends. It helps you understand if waiting could mean cheaper flights or if it’s better to book right away. This takes the guesswork out of your booking. 

The plugin also considers things like flight duration and layover times. It ensures the flights you see are cheap but also convenient and comfortable.

3. Searching for Hotels

When you search for hotels for your trip, you have some specific needs. Maybe it’s a luxury hotel or a budget-friendly place. Kayak’s plugin gets this. It looks at your budget and your past hotel choices. Then, it suggests hotels that fit what you like.

The location also matters. Do you want to stay near the city centre or close to a special landmark? This tool sorts out hotels based on where you like to be. It’s all about finding the right spot for your stay.

Kayak’s Custom GPT also shows you reviews and ratings. This helps you choose the best hotel. And if your plans change, do not worry. The plugin makes it easy to change your booking as well.

4. Searching for a Rental Car

Say you’re planning a road trip. You need a car that fits your budget and comfort. Kayak’s plugin understands this. It finds cars, from compacts for city driving to SUVs for family adventures, picking the right car for you.

What’s great about this tool is its attention to the little things. It’s more than just car types. The plugin looks at rental terms, insurance, and extras. If you need a child seat or GPS, the Kayak GPT plugin sorts this out, too.

The plugin keeps an eye on the best rates as well. It helps you find the best deal, whether booking early or last minute. 

5. Exploring Travel Destinations

Discovering new places to travel is always thrilling. Kayak’s Custom GPT Plugin makes this more exciting and personal. It’s not just about showing well-known places. It finds destinations that match what you love about travelling.

Perhaps you love adventure, culture, or just relaxing on a beach. The plugin suggests places that fit these interests. Kayak GPT also gives you rich details about each destination. It covers famous spots and secret places not many know. This helps you see what your trip might be like beyond regular tourist info.

It also thinks about practical stuff. Like the best time to visit, the weather, and how much it might cost. 

How to Use Kayak’s Custom GPT Plugin

The Kayak GPT plugin is an intelligent tool to streamline your travel planning. Here is how to get started and make the most of its features. 

1. Sign In to ChatGPT


Begin by signing in to ChatGPT. Make sure you’re on the Plus plan. This step is crucial for accessing the Kayak plugin.

2. Finding the Plugin


After logging in, click on “Explore GPTs” on the sidebar. Here, search for the Kayak GPT plugin. Clicking on it will open a new tab. 

3. Getting Familiar with the Interface


You’ll notice that the Kayak GPT plugin interface closely resembles ChatGPT’s. If you’ve used ChatGPT before, you’ll find it straightforward to navigate.

4. Input Your Prompt


Now, it’s time to input your request. While you can directly ask for flight or hotel options, starting by providing details about your vacation and your preferences is recommended. This helps the tool suggest options that suit your needs. Once you’ve typed your prompt, just hit “Enter.”

5. Reviewing the Responses


The plugin will then offer various travel options. These include destinations, flights, and hotels. It effortlessly interacts with Kayak to search for the best deals and accommodation choices.

6. Booking Hotels or Flights


You’ll find links to the recommended hotel accommodations or flights as you read the responses. Click on these links, and you’ll be taken to Kayak’s website. Here, you can delve deeper into your options, compare prices, and book directly through Kayak.

7. Sharing Your Plans


If you plan your trip with others, you can easily share the entire chat conversation. Click on the three dots beside your chat and select “Share.” You’ll get a link to share with your travel companions, allowing them access to the same valuable information.

Pros and Cons of Kayak GPT

Streamlines your travel planning with personalised recommendations.Requires a paid Plus plan subscription for access.
Simplifies booking flights, hotels, and travel essentials for you.The AI-generated responses may lack a personal touch.
Offers insights on deals, discounts, and local attractions to help you save.Still need to verify details and double-check prices on external booking platforms.
Provides valuable information for informed decision-making.
Enhances your travel memories with photo spot suggestions and local food recommendations.

What Other Custom GPTs Can Improve Your Travel Experience?

Travelling is an adventure; the right tools can make it even more exciting. Besides Kayak GPT, a whole world of other Custom GPTs are ready to enhance your travel experience. Let’s look at other Custom GPT plugins that are becoming popular among travellers.

AirTrack GPT


AirTrack GPT stands out as an essential travel tool designed to ease your journey while being mindful of your budget. It specialises in finding the most affordable flight options tailored to your travel needs. 

This tool smartly pinpoints the best times to fly, balancing both your schedule and budget. And if you’re ever stuck deciding on a destination, AirTrack GPT steps in. It suggests exciting places to visit based on what you like.

The true strength of AirTrack GPT lies in its adaptability to your unique travel criteria. It allows you to set specific requirements, such as “Flights from New York under $100” or “Flights from Amsterdam to sunny destinations.” You can refine your search to include flight duration, preferred stopovers, and more.

ViaTravellers GPT


ViaTravellers GPT stands out as an expert travel guide, drawing on the comprehensive knowledge of This AI enhances your travel experience with expert insights and advice. This tool is ideal for everyone, from experienced travellers to beginners, ensuring each journey has unforgettable moments.

The AI provides expert guidance on all aspects of travelling. This includes creating detailed itineraries and giving tips on packing effectively. For those curious about the best times to visit destinations or seeking top restaurant recommendations, ViaTravellers GPT is well-equipped to assist.


Upgrading your travel adventures is now easier with custom GPT tools like Kayak GPT. These intelligent travel companions are designed to make your trips more enjoyable and less stressful. They provide budget-friendly flight options, ensuring you save money while exploring new destinations. Additionally, they offer smart travel advice tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re just starting to explore the world or are a seasoned traveller, these AI guides are an excellent addition to your travel toolkit. They are crafted to enhance your journey, helping you navigate the world effortlessly. 

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