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HomeToGo AI Review (2023)



Some 72% of travellers want more tailored recommendations when they search online. Gone are the days when there were only general travel suggestions. HomeToGo, a renowned travel platform, has added a conversational AI feature to its app and named it HomeToGo AI mode. Using ChatGPT’s API, you can simply describe your dream vacation and receive personalised suggestions.

In this review, we’ll look closer at this new AI tool and how it’s changing travel planning for modern users.

Key Points to Remember

  • HomeToGo AI is an innovative AI-driven recommendation tool tailored to individual preferences and needs.
  • The AI feature is only available in the HomeToGo mobile app.
  • Through ChatGPT’s API, users can verbally describe their desired trip and receive matching holiday options.
  • The seamlessly integrated feature learns and refines recommendations based on your interactions.
  • HomeToGo promises no hidden costs with its Pay-What-You-See pricing.
  • View different accommodations side-by-side to make decision-making easier.

What is HomeToGo AI?


HomeToGo AI is the latest app feature that is all the rage in the travel planning domain. What’s so special about it? Instead of clicking on various options and filters to find your perfect holiday, this new mode lets you describe what you want.

It uses the API of ChatGPT, a smart technology that understands what travellers are saying. Imagine telling the website you want a quiet beach holiday in Cornwall or an exciting city trip to Edinburgh. Once you describe it, the system quickly gives you holiday suggestions that match your description.

In short, it’s a new way to search for holidays online. It feels more personal, almost like the website understands your needs.

Features & Functionalities

As we dive deeper into HomeToGo’s AI, you’ll find that there’s more to it than meets the eye. Aside from its catchy name, this feature has functionalities that enhance your travel search. Let’s take a look at the features it has up its sleeve.

1. Conversational Interface

The HomeToGo AI has a conversational interface. Instead of using the usual drop-down menus and ticking boxes, you can now tell the system exactly what you want. For example, if you want “a quiet stay in the Cotswolds” or to “experience the artistic side of Brighton”, the system understands and shows you travel options that match your words. It’s a new way to find your next trip and ensures you get suggestions that match your requirements.

2. Flexible Search

One of the handy tools in HomeToGo AI is the flexible search. Say you’ve got a trip in mind but are unsure of the exact dates. All you have to do is tell the app how long you want to stay, e.g. “a week” or “a weekend”, and choose a month or a few weeks that suit you. HomeToGo will then show you all the trips and offers that match, so you have many options.

3. Search Nearby Accommodations 

Have you ever thought about taking a relaxing break without travelling too far? With this tool, you can do just that. Just specify how far you’re willing to travel, for example, “within 30 minutes” or “a few hours away”, and HomeToGo will show you excellent accommodation near you.

4. Intuitive Search Filters

The intuitive search filters are a real-time saver. They are like a shortcut to finding your ideal holiday stay. If you have specific requirements, such as accommodation with a jacuzzi, a balcony with a view or a pet-friendly place, HomeToGo is for you.

With these filters, you can easily select the amenities you want, set your price range and even choose the accommodation type. HomeToGo will then show you the accommodations that match your exact preferences so you can quickly find your perfect place.

5. Price Transparency

Have you ever found what appears to be a great deal, only to be hit with additional charges at checkout? HomeToGo has tackled this problem head-on.

Pay-What-You-See pricing is now a standard across all markets. What this means for you is that you know exactly what the cost will be upfront. The price includes all taxes and fees when comparing different holiday homes on HomeToGo. These prices do not include any hidden fees or last-minute add-ons.

7. Compare Accommodations

Searching for the right holiday home can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. HomeToGo makes this task less daunting with its comparison of offers.

When you plan your trip with HomeToGo’s AI, the tool presents you with customised suggestions for your trip and accommodation options. With the offer comparison feature, you can compare the suggested accommodations by laying your options side by side.

Pros and Cons of HomeToGo AI

Tailors search results based on individual preferences, ensuring a more accurate match.Only accommodation recommendations are given, not the planned itinerary, as with other popular travel AI tools.
Analyses vast amounts of data rapidly, offering trending and relevant accommodation options.The AI feature is only available on the mobile app.
Allows users to describe their ideal holiday in words and get matching results.While it refines over time, initial searches may not be as spot-on until the AI learns user preferences.
Eliminates surprise costs with the Pay-What-You-See Pricing feature.
Adapts to varying travel plans, such as flexible dates or lengths of stay.
Simplifies decision-making by comparing multiple offers side-by-side.
Adapts and refines recommendations based on user interactions over time.

Getting Started with HomeToGo AI

Are you ready for a seamless holiday planning experience? We’ll explain the basics of HomeToGo AI and how to get started.

1. Download the App


HomeToGo AI is an app-exclusive feature. So grab your Android or iOS phone and go to your respective app store (App Store or Play Store) to download it.

2. Launch the App


When you open the app, you’re greeted by a clear, user-friendly interface. It’s intuitively designed and ensures you won’t lose a second in confusion.

3. Sign-Up or Log-In


Navigate to the account icon at the bottom. You can sign in with your email or Google account if you’re new to the app.

4. Accessing the AI mode


To explore the AI functions, click on the ‘Explore’ tab at the bottom screen. Then tap on the ‘AI Mode’ option at the top. A chat-style screen will open, ready to talk to you and give you personalised recommendations.

5. Getting Personalised Recommendations


To get these personalised suggestions, you need to describe as many details as possible about your trip. The more you reveal (travel dates, group size, preferred accommodation, number of rooms, etc.), the more precise the AI’s suggestions will be.

6. Explore the Suggestions


In the blink of an eye, the AI presents you with hand-picked options, all with a clear, pre-determined price. If you like accommodation, you can simply click on it to learn more about the property, including availability on your preferred date. And if you like it, you can book it directly in the app.

How Does HomeToGo AI Enhance Your Travel Planning?

HomeToGo’s AI is not just another feature but a game changer for personalised recommendations. But how exactly does this AI make the experience better? Let’s take a look at the details:

1. Personalised Recommendations

At the heart of HomeToGo AI is its ability to personalise. It processes your preferences and offers you choices that match your true desires. Your dream holiday is now just a few taps away – with suggestions tailored to you.

2. Swift Responses, Less Waiting

In our hectic lives, every minute counts. That’s where HomeToGo AI comes in. It quickly provides you with the most relevant recommendations, shortening your search time and giving you more time to enjoy the anticipation of your trip.

3. Rationale Behind Choices

With HomeToGo AI, there’s always a reason for every suggestion. If you’re looking at a serene beachfront villa, the AI has recognised your love of the coast. This means that every suggested option comes with a reason per your tastes.

4. Integrated Platform Experience

HomeToGo’s AI isn’t only smart and seamlessly integrated into your platform. This ensures that every information, price or availability is spot on. You can be confident that everything you see is up to date-and correct.

5. Adaptive Learning Capabilities

One of the wonders of the HomeToGo AI is its adaptive learning. With every interaction, it learns to understand your likes and dislikes better. This means that your future searches will be even better matched to your preferences.

How Does HomeToGo Use Artificial Intelligence in Its Tool?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration in various industries is nothing less than remarkable, and the travel industry is eagerly riding this wave. HomeToGo, too, is using AI to improve the travel planning process. Let’s take a look at how the company integrates AI into its tool:

  • Data Analysis at Scale: At the heart of AI is data – and lots of it. HomeToGo sifts through countless accommodation listings, user reviews and individual preferences. The platform suggests options based on current trends and travellers’ preferences by analysing vast data.
  • Adaptive Learning Mechanism: HomeToGo’s AI can learn from you. Every interaction, from clicks to feedback, refines its understanding of what you’re looking for.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): HomeToGo’s AI understands data and language. Thanks to NLP, you can simply type in your holiday wishes, and the tool interprets and responds to them, simplifying your search.
  • Personalisation Algorithms: HomeToGo’s AI goes deep instead of offering generic options. Its algorithms consider your past interactions, immediate preferences and even the slightest clues to create a list that reflects your desires.
  • Optimisation for Seamless User Experience: Besides recommendations, AI is crucial in keeping the platform running like clockwork. From managing backend processes to predicting your next move, it’s designed to improve the user experience without you even noticing.

Alternatives to HomeToGo AI

Although HomeToGo AI offers unique features, other tools are on the market. Let’s take a look at some notable alternatives for your travel planning.

Expedia AI


Expedia has unveiled its conversational AI tool designed to simplify your travel planning. It provides you with customised travel suggestions based on your questions. It helps you find accommodation and discover hidden local gems, book city tours, organise car rentals, and even manage your travel budget.

It’s a comprehensive tool that combines the most essential elements of travel planning into one easy-to-use platform.

Learn more about this tool in our full Expedia AI review.

TripNotes AI


TripNotes is a smart, AI-driven tool that streamlines your holiday preparations. It uses the power of the ChatGPT API combined with Welcome’s extensive information to create a customised itinerary adjusted to your preferences.

The TripNotes AI ecosystem makes every reservation you need easily accessible. Whether going out to eat at your favourite restaurant or planning a spontaneous meeting, you can organise it through the app.

Read more about this tool in our in-depth TripNotes AI review.


HomeToGo AI has carved a niche for itself in the world of holiday planning, offering a fresh approach with features such as tailored travel suggestions and clear pricing. It’s a real powerhouse for accommodation search, although it may not be the complete solution for some travellers. When you weigh the pros and cons, it’s clear that HomeToGo AI stands out from the crowd if you value efficient accommodation search.

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