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PlanTrip AI Review (2023)



Imagine having a personal travel assistant who creates itineraries tailored to your interests, preferences and budget. In a world where time is precious and every trip counts, PlanTrip AI is a game changer that simplifies the planning process with cutting-edge technology.

More than 80% of travellers today are looking for smarter ways to explore the world, and this tool has already piqued the curiosity of thousands. But does it deliver what it promises? Let’s find out.

Key Points to Remember

  • PlanTrip AI is an innovative AI-driven travel planning tool tailored to individual preferences and needs.
  • Can create detailed packing lists based on the season of the destination.
  • The cost estimator provides a breakdown of potential travel costs.
  • Suggest destinations based on the user’s interests and optimal times to visit.
  • The goal is to enhance travel planning with insider knowledge, budget control, and dining suggestions.
  • A community forum on Reddit for user discussions and sharing experiences.

What Is PlanTrip AI?


PlanTrip AI is a travel planning tool that uses artificial intelligence to develop itineraries based on individual preferences. Whether you like adventurous activities or relaxed sightseeing, PlanTrip AI provides a structured itinerary with relevant suggestions that match your interests.

PlanTrip AI also includes features that allow you to adjust your budget, specify the number of travellers and select your desired travel style. In addition to itinerary suggestions, PlanTrip AI also provides an approximate cost calculation to help you manage your budget. It can also suggest a packing list to help you prepare for your trip.

This AI tool has a community on Reddit where users discuss their travel experiences, give advice and share insights.

Features and Functionalities

Let’s dive into the world of PlanTrip AI and explore its remarkable features and capabilities. Learn how this tool can enhance your travel planning, from custom itineraries to budget overviews and beyond.

1. Creates Personalised Travel Itineraries

Understanding and translating travel needs into a coherent plan can be quite a task. However, PlanTrip AI streamlines this process. Instead of the often overwhelming task of manually putting together an itinerary, the tool automatically creates itineraries based on your input.

You enter a destination or several places you want to visit, add some activities, and PlanTrip AI does the rest. The tool also recognises that everyone travels differently. Knowing these differences, PlanTrip AI offers itineraries such as ‘standard’, ‘dog-friendly’, ‘adventurous’ and ‘cultural immersion’, among others.

The free version of PlanTrip AI is quite comprehensive and allows you to plan up to 8 days. For those planning longer trips, a paid version extends this limit to 30 days.

2. Transportation Options

Navigating a new city or destination isn’t just about choosing places of interest; it’s also about how you get from one place to another. PlanTrip AI’s “transport options” recognise and cater to your preferences.

When planning your day, let PlanTrip know how you want to travel. Whether you want to take a leisurely walk to take in all the sights and sounds of the city or opt for cycling or public transport, the AI-powered assistant will plan a route for you.

By specifying your preferred mode of transportation, PlanTrip AI will adjust your itinerary accordingly to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable trip.

3. Creates a Packing List

When preparing for a trip, you may find it hard to decide what to pack. But PlanTrip AI has a feature that makes this task easier. When you enter your destination and the month of your trip, PlanTrip AI creates a packing list just for you.

PlanTrip AI’s approach is detailed. Your packing list isn’t a simple overview but goes into the essentials by listing clothing, toiletries, medicines, gadgets and important documents, and it even provides valuable packing tips.

A special feature is the tool’s ability to adapt its suggestions to the season of your destination. If you’re planning a winter trip to Tokyo or a sunny holiday in Barcelona, PlanTrip AI will adapt the list and make sure you’re well-equipped for any weather.

4. Cost Estimator

PlanTrip AI’s “Cost Estimator” feature gives you a clear overview of your travel costs. Start by entering your starting point & destination, the duration of your trip and the number of people accompanying you. Don’t forget to enter your preferred budget: standard, high or low.

After these entries, the “Cost Estimator” becomes active and breaks down your potential expenses. You’ll get an overview of transport, accommodation, food and activities to understand what to expect clearly.

What makes PlanTrip AI’s “Cost Estimator” special is its precision. Although no tool can predict all unexpected costs, we found this estimator to be quite good when analysing travel costs.

5. Destination Suggestions

Choosing your next travel destination can often feel like selecting a book from an endless library. Instead of reading countless travel articles or asking everyone you know for advice, PlanTrip AI offers a simpler approach. Based on aspects such as your previous travels, your interests and even the time of year, the tool suggests five destinations that might pique your interest.

PlanTrip AI suggests some of these lesser-known places, adding a touch of uniqueness to your adventures. In addition, the “Destination Suggestions” feature takes into account local events and optimal times to visit to ensure that your trip is timely and engaging.

6. Optimal Travel Timing

Ever wanted to know the ideal time to travel to your dream destination? PlanTrip AI’s “When to Go” is here to help you. This feature provides customised travel calendars, specific weather data and insights to ensure you choose the right time for your trip.

With this tool, you can avoid common travel pitfalls like crowded places or peak prices. And if you’re looking at seasonal highlights, it’ll point you in the right direction. If your dates are flexible, it even shows you alternative dates, allowing you to choose the perfect time slot for your trip.

Pros and Cons of PlanTrip AI

Offers personalised suggestions drawn from extensive datasets.Itinerary creation is capped at 8 days on the free plan. 
Dynamic itineraries optimise travel routes.Potential data privacy concerns when inputting travel details.
Suggests places matching your activity preferences or desired experiences.Ads can sometimes clutter the user interface.
Advises on the best times to visit specific destinations.Limited customer support (only email) with the free plan. 
Continuously adapts to user preferences over time.
Safety tips and local insights ensure a well-informed trip.
Personalised packing lists are tailored to the weather of your destination.

Getting Started with PlanTrip AI

Thanks to its user-friendly design, starting your journey with PlanTrip AI is easy. Let’s see how you can plan your trip with this AI tool.

1. Sign-In Process


You can use PlanTrip without registering, but it’s recommended that you create an account to use all the features. You’ll find the “Sign in” button at the top right and the ‘Sign up” option directly below it.

Simply enter your email address & password, or use your Google or Microsoft account for convenience. You also don’t need to wait for the email confirmation – you’ll be taken directly to the main page.

2. Navigating the Interface


Once you’re logged in, you’ll find the interface refreshingly simple. You’ll be taken to the itinerary creation page, where everything is clearly labelled. One small note: be prepared for a few ads – they may pop up here and there.

3. Creating Your Itinerary


Start by entering your destination(s) and any special activities you fancy. Enter your travel dates, but remember that you have a maximum of 8 days with the free plan. You can also specify the travel style for your trip. Remember to enter your budget and the size of your group. Then click on ‘get new itinerary’, and your plan will be ready in a few seconds.

4. Going Through the Detailed Itinerary


You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how extensive your itinerary is. Not only are the chosen locations close together, but you’ll also get a full breakdown of costs, estimated exploration times, accommodation options, travel tips, cultural insights, accepted currencies and even some local slang.

5. Finding Places to Eat


You’ll find the “Nearby Places to Eat” buttons within the itinerary. PlanTrip will suggest a nearby restaurant each day of your trip and point out recommended dishes and their prices.

6. Saving and Sharing Your Plans


You can easily save your itinerary as a PDF for future reference. And if you want to share your upcoming adventures with others, you have many options – from tweeting to sharing on Facebook to copying the direct link or even emailing it to your family.

7. Exploring Other Tools


In addition to itineraries, PlanTrip also gives you access to other AI tools. You can discover tools like the cost estimator, a handy packing list maker, destination suggestions and travel time hints. Each tool is simple and designed to give you a comprehensive insight into your travel planning.

How Can PlanTrip AI Enhance Your Travel Experience?

If you’re preparing for a trip and need help planning, PlanTrip AI can help. Let’s see how it can make things easier for you.

1. Crafting Detailed Personalised Itineraries

With PlanTrip AI, you enter your travel preferences and get a tailor-made itinerary for each day in no time. Gone are the days you had to scroll through endless brochures or websites. Here, the hard work is done so you can focus on enjoying your upcoming trip.

2. Diving into Local Insights

Have you ever felt out of place in a new city? With PlanTrip AI, you get an insight into the local customs and traditions right on your itinerary. You’ll be more familiar with the places you explore and feel less like an outsider and more like an informed traveller.

3. Keeping an Eye on Your Budget

Managing your travel finances can take time and effort. But PlanTrip AI gives you a clear overview of possible expenses and suggestions for your budget. This tool ensures that you can travel without constant financial worries.

4. Finding Options to Eat

There is no denying that food is an important part of your journey. Instead of wandering searching for a meal, PlanTrip AI points you to local restaurants and even gives you recommendations for trying dishes.

5. Packing Tailored to the Season

If you need help deciding what to pack for your trip, PlanTrip AI can help. Based on the time of year you’re travelling, it provides a detailed list of what you might need.

6. Suggest New Destinations

If you’re unsure where to go next, tell the tool the activities you like. Whether mountain climbing, sunbathing or immersing yourself in the local culture, PlanTrip AI can show you places that match your interests.

7. Pinpointing the Right Travel Window

Have you ever landed somewhere to find there are better times to visit? PlanTrip AI makes that a thing of the past. It suggests the ideal time to visit and ensures that you avoid seasonal pitfalls and make the most of your trip.

How Does PlanTrip AI Integrate Artificial Intelligence into Its Platform?

Have you ever wondered how PlanTrip AI manages to simplify your travel planning? Learn how PlanTrip AI uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make travel arrangements smoother.

  • Tailored Recommendations: Deep within PlanTrip AI, extensive datasets work in silence. When looking for the ideal café in Rome or a hidden gem in the Cotswolds, the AI evaluates previous user preferences, global trends and reviews. This means you get relevant and tailored suggestions that save you from scrolling through endless options.
  • Crafting Your Itinerary with Precision: Gone are the days when you had to juggle between countless tabs and notes to plan a trip. PlanTrip AI’s algorithms consider elements such as the distance between places, times of attractions and even the weather forecast. So when you get an itinerary, it’s not random but perfectly timed to your days.
  • Evolving to Serve You Better: A prominent feature of AI is its ability to adapt and grow. As you and many others use PlanTrip AI, the platform improves its services. Feedback from travellers like you helps the tool better understand travel preferences and refine its suggestions.
  • Language and Cultural Tips: PlanTrip AI uses its extensive database to provide local phrases, cultural norms and tips that can enhance your travel experience. This can make interactions with locals smoother and more enriching.
  • Dynamic Expense Breakdown: The AI system not only gives you a total amount but also breaks down where you’re likely to spend the most. From accommodation and transport to meals and activities, it gives you insight into every segment of your travel costs.

Alternatives to PlanTrip AI

PlanTrip AI is popular for many travellers, but other options exist. Let’s look at other travel planning tools you might want to consider.

Abhi AI


Abhi AI was developed by Mondee and stands out as a dynamic mobile companion for travellers. It offers customised travel tips for those seeking convenience and personalisation. This AI tool harnesses the capabilities of renowned AI systems such as Bard by Google, ChatGPT by OpenAI and Watson by IBM.

Just like PlanTrip, Abhi has a user-friendly interface. Plus, you can manage your bookings in one place while getting real-time, tailored travel information. With this conversational AI tool, you can create an itinerary that matches your preferences.

To learn more about this tool, check out our full review of Abhi AI.

TripNotes AI


TripNotes is a nifty AI travel companion that simplifies your travel arrangements. Using the ChatGPT API and Welcome’s comprehensive data, TripNotes creates a customised itinerary based on your preferences.

With the TripNotes AI platform, every booking you need is at your fingertips. If you want to eat at a certain restaurant or stumble upon an event, you can book it directly through the app. The goal is to improve and simplify your travel planning.

If you want to learn more about this tool, check out our full review of TripNotes AI.


When you think about modern travel, it’s hard not to notice how tools like PlanTrip AI change the game. This isn’t just another app; it’s changing how you plan and experience travel. From real-time updates to managing your travel budget, this AI tool has it all covered.

In an increasingly AI-driven travel landscape, you can rely on platforms like PlanTrip AI to make your trips more informed, easier and memorable.

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