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How I Found a Hidden Beach with BeachAtlas



Do you like secluded beaches off the beaten track but have difficulty finding one? That’s exactly what I struggled with on my recent trip to Thailand. All the beaches were too crowded for me, and I just wanted to find one that was a secret with the locals. And BeachAtlas led me there.

In this article, we’ll examine how BeachAtlas guided me to a hidden beach. This tool isn’t just another travel guide. It helps you discover beaches that are challenging to find with a Google search.

Key Points to Remember

  • BeachAtlas is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to navigate.
  • It provides detailed guides on beaches around the world, helping you find the perfect spot.
  • Users can benefit from reviews and ratings, offering genuine insights into each beach.
  • The platform features interactive maps, simplifying the process of getting to your beach destination.
  • There’s a vast database of beaches on BeachAtlas, covering popular and hidden gems alike.
  • You can book your stay near the beach directly through the site, thanks to its integration with
  • Searches focused on specific regions may offer limited results, so broadening your search can reveal more options.

What Is BeachAtlas?


BeachAtlas is a unique platform developed by a creative team in London. They aim to show you the best beaches in the world. It’s like having a travel guide that knows most of the world’s beaches that everyone talks about, right down to the quiet places that no one else knows about.

This AI tool is your first port of call for finding local beaches. BeachAtlas has been featured more than 100 times in major newspapers and websites worldwide. That’s not just because it has many beaches listed. It’s because the guides are easy to use, full of good information, and helpful.

Features of BeachAtlas

BeachAtlas helps you find some of the best beaches near you. But does it do that? I used some of this beach finder’s features when looking for a hidden beach in Thailand.

Let us look at some features that make this tool a must-have for your next beach vacation.

1. Comprehensive Beach Database

The core of BeachAtlas is its huge beach database, where you can find different types of beaches worldwide. What makes this database so special is its variety and level of detail. It’s also filled with information about each beach.

In addition, the database is constantly being expanded with tips from beach lovers worldwide, keeping it up to date. You can search for beaches by location, popularity, or features like being dog-friendly, which made it easy for me to plan my beach visit.

2. Detailed Beach Guides

These guides are not just simple descriptions but comprehensive resources with valuable information. Each guide contains everything you need to know about a beach, including how to get there, the best time to go, and what facilities are available, such as showers or cafes.

In addition to the basic information, the type of sand, the safety of the water, and even the local wildlife you might encounter are also described. This comprehensive information will help you plan your day at the beach.

3. Community Reviews and Ratings

People who love beaches can share their experiences here. These come from people who have been to these places. They share what they liked and didn’t like, which is very helpful when choosing the right beach to visit.

People talk about everything. They mention whether a beach is good for watching the sunset or if it’s clean and safe. Reading these reviews was the key to finding a hidden beach in Thailand. I found tips that weren’t in the usual travel guides.

4. Interactive Maps

These maps make finding your next beach destination easier and more fun. You can zoom in on the exact location of a beach and see how to get there. This feature came in handy when I was looking for a secret beach. With the help of its interactive map, I could see the beach and the surrounding area. This allowed me to plan my trip better.

5. Instagram Integration

BeachAtlas’ Instagram integration pulls photos of beaches directly from Instagram, so you can see the places you’re interested in up close. It’s not just any collection of images—these are snapshots shared by people who have been there.

Also, these Instagram photos can show you the beach’s current condition, which is very helpful. You can see if it’s crowded and clean and even discover hidden corners you might otherwise miss.

6. Seamless Booking

BeachAtlas works with to make it easy for you to book your stay. This means you can choose your beach and find accommodation all in one step, saving you from having to search for different places to plan your trip. I found it very useful when searching for a hidden beach. BeachAtlas not only helped me discover it but also showed me where to stay nearby.

7. Multi-Language Interface

The platform offers around 13 different languages. This means that BeachAtlas can speak your language, making it easier for people from all over the world to use. Also, the multilingual interface means more people can share their experiences and tips, leading to a richer, more diverse collection of beach reviews and recommendations.

Pros and Cons of BeachAtlas

No need to log in.Includes too many ads.
Easy to use with a user-friendly interface.Might not cover every single beach, especially newer or less-known ones.
Offers detailed beach guides and descriptions.Specific region searches can be less effective, limiting options.
Includes user reviews and ratings for real insights.Accommodation suggestions are limited to partnerships.
Features interactive maps for easy navigation.
Provides a comprehensive database of beaches worldwide.
Allows for seamless booking through integration with

How Did I Find a Hidden Beach Using BeachAtlas?

BeachAtlas has a user-friendly interface. Here’s how I used it to find a secret beach in Thailand using this local beach finder AI tool.

Starting the Search


There is a handy search bar on the main page of BeachAtlas. That was my starting point. I typed in the type of beach I wanted to visit and chose Thailand as my destination. I didn’t choose a specific city because I wanted to see all the options. This way, I could see a wide range of beaches with BeachAtlas.

Exploring the Results


After clicking on ‘Search,’ I got a list of beaches that matched my expectations. The selection was large, but I sought a quiet, less well-known beach. Then I clicked on the beach I liked.

Getting the Details


The page briefly described the beach and listed what to do there, reviews from other visitors, and Instagram photos. These details confirmed this was the tranquil, stunning beach I had hoped to find.

Booking My Stay

BeachAtlas also makes it easy to find accommodation near the beach. The tool works with, so I could directly see hotels and accommodations near the beach on the map. I picked a place that I liked and clicked on it. This took me directly to, where I could easily book my room.

How Does BeachAtlas Simplify Finding a Beach with AI?

BeachAtlas uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make discovering the best local beaches easier. Here’s how it integrates AI into its features. 

AI-Powered Search

When you tell BeachAtlas what kind of beach you like, the AI gets to work. It considers things like how busy the beach is, the type of activities on offer, and even the landscape. Then it shows you beaches that fit your description.

Continuous Improvement

The more you use BeachAtlas, the smarter it gets. The AI learns from your decisions and better understands your beach preferences. Over time, the suggestions will be even better.

Seamless Integration

In addition, BeachAtlas integrates AI with practical tools such as the booking function and interactive maps. This seamless blend ensures that once the AI suggests a beach, you’re just a few clicks away from having everything planned.

Learning from the Community

BeachAtlas’s AI also learns from the vast pool of reviews and ratings the community leaves. This helps the tool decide which beach is the best.

Alternatives to BeachAtlas

If you are looking for a beach holiday, wouldn’t it be great to have access to travel planners? Let us take a look at other platforms that help travellers find the ideal beach destination and plan their itinerary.



HomeToGo AI was developed to make personalised holiday suggestions. This feature is only available in the HomeToGo mobile app. You can simply describe your desired trip verbally, and the AI, based on ChatGPT’s API, will deliver customised holiday options.

This seamless integration ensures a user-friendly experience. The AI constantly learns and improves its recommendations based on user interactions. HomeToGo also offers transparent pricing with its pay-what-you-see model, so there are no hidden costs.

Interested in learning more about this tool? Check out our detailed HomeToGo AI review.



Forgemytrip is a travel planning app that creates custom itineraries based on your preferences. It quickly adapts to weather changes or unexpected events and ensures your travel arrangements remain seamless. Whether you’re looking for flights, hotels or car rentals, Forgemytrip helps you secure the best deals while offering insights into lesser-known attractions.

One of the notable features is the user-friendly chat interface that allows effortless communication to change your plans. Suitable for travellers of all budgets, Forgemytrip helps everyone create their ideal travel experience.

Interested in learning more about this tool? Check out our detailed Forgemytrip review.


BeachAtlas proves to be a helpful tool for travellers looking for the perfect beach destination. The user-friendly interface and extensive database make discovering and planning beach trips effortless.

However, it should be noted that while BeachAtlas offers detailed travel guides and integrates with booking platforms, it may not cover all smaller or lesser-known destinations. Nonetheless, BeachAtlas is a reliable resource for beach lovers, simplifying the exploration of coastal destinations worldwide.

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