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JourneyPlan Review 2023



Planning a trip can often be as daunting as it is exciting. With over 75% of travellers seeking more streamlined planning processes, the demand for intuitive and efficient tools is clear. JourneyPlan AI emerges as a noteworthy contender in this space. It’s an AI-powered tool designed for ease of use, offering personalised travel plans that align with your specific preferences, budget, and timeframe. 

Let us look into how JourneyPlan AI can simplify travel planning with tailored experiences based on your interests.

Key Points to Remember

  • Offers tailored travel plans based on individual preferences, budget, and timeframe.
  • Suitable for different types of travellers.
  • Simplifies group travel coordination and itinerary sharing with others.
  • Simple start-up process with no sign-up required and straightforward trip detail entry.
  • Uses AI for tailored itinerary creation and for learning traveller preferences.

What Is JourneyPlan?

trip-planning (1)

JourneyPlan uses state-of-the-art AI technology to simplify travel planning. This tool excels at creating personalised itineraries tailored to your specific interests and preferences – all within your timeframe and budget.

JourneyPlan is suitable for all types of travellers. Whether you’re looking for exciting adventures or prefer a more relaxed pace, the sophisticated algorithms are designed to optimise your trip. The focus is on customising every aspect of your journey so that you can enjoy it to the maximum, regardless of your travel preferences. You can adjust your plans anytime and adapt to last-minute changes or new inspirations.

Another attractive feature of JourneyPlan is its social aspect. Sharing your travel plans with friends is easy and can simplify group travel. You can also keep your loved ones up to date with your itinerary. This feature adds an extra layer of functionality to your journey-planning experience.

Features and Functionalities

JourneyPlan is an effective travel-planning tool. It’s about how this AI-powered tool can optimise your travel preparation, offering flexibility and personalisation. Let’s look at what JourneyPlan brings to the travel planning process.

1. Personalised Trip Planning

JourneyPlan’s personalised itineraries are an essential feature that makes travel planning easy and tailored to your interests. The tool uses advanced AI to create itineraries based on your preferences, travel history, budget, and available time. Whether you’re interested in history, food or outdoor adventures, JourneyPlan will design a trip tailored just for you.

2. Flexible Itinerary Options

JourneyPlan’s Customisable Plans feature is important for travellers who value flexibility. With this tool, you can customise your itinerary, whether changing your sightseeing plans or adjusting your travel dates. It’s designed to handle the unexpected twists and turns that travelling often brings.

The beauty of these plans is their adaptability to different travelling styles. JourneyPlan makes it easy to make changes to suit individual needs, ideal for solo travellers who prefer to make decisions on the go. But JourneyPlan is also great for group travel, as it allows everyone to have a say in the planning.

3. Itinerary Sharing

This feature makes travel planning more collaborative and uncomplicated. This practical tool allows you to share your travel plans with others easily. It’s perfect for coordinating group trips, as everyone can view and keep up to date with the trip details – from destinations to activities.

For solo travellers, sharing the itinerary is also a great way to inform friends or family of your whereabouts and ensure safety. The process is simple: copy the itinerary link and share it with your chosen contacts.

Pros and Cons of JourneyPlan

Customises travel plans based on personal preferences.Only creates itineraries for trips up to 7 days.
AI adapts to and learns from your travel habits.Requires budget input in dollars.
Reduces time spent on trip research and planning.You need to restart your trip planning to make any changes.
Manages group travel preferences effectively.Takes a bit of time to generate your itinerary.
Includes dietary restrictions in meal planning.Doesn’t provide specific stay recommendations despite asking for preferences.
Offers easy ways to share itineraries.

Getting Started with JourneyPlan

Starting with JourneyPlan is easy and intuitive. Let’s look at the basics of setting up your account and how to begin planning your trip.

1. Entering Your Trip Destination

trip-planning (1)

Using JourneyPlan begins with a simple step: just enter your travel destination. There’s no need to sign up, making it a hassle-free start. After adding your destination, click the ‘Forward’ button to move to the next stage of your planning.

2. Planning Your Trip


The next step is to give some details for a personalised itinerary. You’ll need to input the number of days you travel (up to 7 days) and your budget in dollars. This helps the AI tailor your trip. You can also include your preferences for cuisine and drinks, though this is optional.

Choosing your accommodation is easy with JourneyPlan’s wide range. It includes options like: 

  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Vacation rentals (eg Airbnbs)
  • Resorts
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Guesthouses
  • Motels
  • Campgrounds
  • Homestays
  • Lodges 

You can also pick specific activities or attractions you’re interested in. A unique feature of JourneyPlan is considering your dietary restrictions for meal planning, a thoughtful touch not often seen in other travel tools. Transport options are also included in the planning.

3. Going Through the Itinerary


JourneyPlan’s interface is straightforward. It creates a basic but personalised itinerary that fits your budget and includes your preferences. However, if you want to customise this itinerary further, you’ll need to start the planning process again, as there’s no feature to edit an already created plan.

4. Sharing Your Itinerary

sharing-itinerary (2)

When it comes to sharing your itinerary, JourneyPlan offers multiple options. You can copy it, have it emailed to you, or share a trip link with others. This makes coordinating with travel companions or keeping friends and family informed about your plans easier.

Improving Your Travel Planning with JourneyPlan

Let us look into how this tool streamlines and enhances your trip-planning experience. We focus on the specific features of JourneyPlan that make travel preparation easy and personalised. 

1. Streamlining the Planning Process

JourneyPlan is designed to make travel planning easier and quicker. You can quickly get a tailored plan by inputting your destination, travel duration, and budget into the tool. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus more on looking forward to your trip rather than the stress of planning it.

2. Personalised Experience

The standout feature of JourneyPlan is its personalisation. It considers your preferences, from dietary needs to accommodation styles and activities. This means your itinerary is not just a schedule but a customised travel experience that reflects your interests and needs.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability

If your travel plans change, the tool adapts easily, whether updating your budget or shifting travel dates. This adaptability is particularly useful given how unpredictable travel can be. However, you will need to create a new trip plan to change your plans.

4. Enhanced Collaboration

JourneyPlan also simplifies group trip planning. Its itinerary-sharing feature allows you to easily collaborate with friends or family, ensuring everyone’s preferences are considered in the planning process. This makes organising group travel less complicated and more inclusive.

JourneyPlan’s Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI technology is the backbone of this tool. Let us look into how JourneyPlan utilises AI to craft tailored travel itineraries and adapt them to your preferences. 

1. AI-Driven Customisation of Itineraries

JourneyPlan uses AI to create itineraries tailored to your preferences and wishes. The AI creates a plan that fits your travel style by analysing your choices, such as destinations and activities. The AI learns from your past trips to provide you with increasingly personalised suggestions.

2. Learning and Adapting to Traveller Behaviour

The AI in JourneyPlan is designed to learn from your travelling habits. The more often you use the tool, the better it can predict what you’ll like so that every journey planning is even better tailored to you.

3. Streamlining Complex Decisions

With JourneyPlan, AI simplifies travel planning decisions. It processes various information, from dining options to activities, and narrows down the best choices for you.

4. Balancing Group Preferences with AI

When travelling in groups, JourneyPlan’s AI considers all participants’ choices. It finds a balance and ensures that the final itinerary has something to offer for every group member. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring that group journeys are enjoyable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Alternatives to JourneyPlan

Recognising that travellers have varied needs, we have also examined other available tools in the market. Each of these alternatives offers a different set of features and user experiences. Let us look at how these tools compare to JourneyPlan and what they offer to travellers.



Wayfind offers a unique approach to AI-driven travel planning. It uses artificial intelligence to create detailed itineraries tailored to user input, covering everything from activities and dining to travel logistics. 

One of its standout features is its integration with popular accommodation platforms such as, Airbnb, and Kayak, providing direct booking links within the itinerary. This makes it a comprehensive tool for planning every trip aspect, ensuring travellers have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

Wayfind AI’s user interface is designed for ease and efficiency. It features an AI chat for interactive planning and a user-friendly drag-and-drop system for making itinerary adjustments. This intuitive design allows for simple and flexible editing of travel plans, accommodating up to three free monthly trips.

To learn more about this tool, check out our full review of Wayfind AI.

Skyscanner AI


Skyscanner AI has launched an innovative conversational AI tool called ‘Dream and Discover with AI, ‘ currently available in Australia, India, and Singapore. This tool is characterised by its ability to suggest travel ideas and top destinations, including flight connections. It’s designed to understand and interact with natural language, making the search for travel ideas more intuitive and personalised.

Skyscanner’s AI also enhances the user experience by providing rich images and detailed descriptions of destinations. This visual and descriptive approach helps to make informed decisions about where to travel next. A key feature is the ‘Direct Flight Links’, which simplify the search for the best flight options for the chosen destination.

To learn more about this tool, check out our full review of Skyscanner AI.


JourneyPlan offers a new perspective on planning travel. Its main advantage is the ability to tailor itineraries to your specific preferences, including your budget and cuisine preferences. The AI improves its suggestions based on your travel history, making it a great option for individual and group trips. 

JourneyPlan AI stands out for its user-friendly design, enhancing the travel planning experience. Additionally, features like accounting for dietary preferences highlight how AI can make travel planning more efficient and tailored to individual needs.

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