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Skyscanner AI Tool Review



7 out of 10 travellers have already turned to online platforms to grab the perfect flight deal. For 56% of them, Skyscanner is their first choice. But why is that? Skyscanner is widely known as the go-to option for finding the cheapest flights. Now, it has gone ahead with its conversational Skyscanner AI tool.

Skyscanner’s AI tool goes beyond flight search by suggesting travel ideas and highlighting the best destinations. Each recommendation is thoughtfully paired with links to suitable flight options.

Now, let’s take a closer look at this innovative tool.

Key Points to Remember

  • Skyscanner has launched a conversational AI tool called “Dream and Discover with AI”.
  • The new tool suggests travel ideas and top destinations with flight connections.
  • Skyscanner AI is currently available in beta for Australia, India and Singapore.
  • OpenAI’s Chat GPT technology powers its interactive experience.
  • Skyscanner AI provides you with customised travel suggestions based on your individual travel history and search queries.
  • Destination suggestions are based on users’ preferences and prior searches.
  • The tool provides users with rich imagery and detailed descriptions of destinations.
  • The Direct Flight Links feature ensures you can quickly navigate to the best flight options.
  • Generative AI ensures the tool understands natural language input and provides tailored suggestions.

What Is the Skyscanner AI Tool?


Skyscanner has long been a trusted name for those looking for cheap flight deals. But the travel landscape is constantly evolving, and Skyscanner isn’t lagging. With its new Dream and Discover AI tool, Skyscanner is once again pushing the boundaries.

This tool isn’t just an ordinary search function but uses the capabilities of generative AI to offer a unique travel planning experience. The new tool will initially only be available as a beta version in Australia, India and Singapore. This strategic launch aims to understand traveller behaviour in these regions as AI is integrated into travel planning.

Skyscanner’s AI tool is built on Open AI’s chat GPT technology. This means that you can talk to the tool, ask open-ended travel questions or simply ask it where you should travel next.

The tool then gets to work, developing travel ideas, making recommendations and presenting three destination suggestions. Each of these suggestions is conveniently linked to the best available flight options. With Skyscanner’s new tool, the future of travel planning looks promising and truly inspiring.

Features and Functionalities

Skyscanner’s new AI tool is more than just a search engine. In this section, we’ll explore the core features and functionalities that set this tool apart from other travel planners.

1. Generative AI Integration

At the core of Skyscanner’s new tool is a feature known as Generative AI Integration. But what does that mean? Well, unlike typical systems that draw on existing data, generative AI can create new content based on what it learns.

So when you use the Skyscanner tool, it doesn’t just give you standard travel recommendations. Instead, it creates unique travel ideas tailored to you. If you like quiet beach getaways or vibrant urban adventures, the AI takes your preferences into account and offers suggestions you might like.

2. Tailored Travel Ideas

Through advanced AI integration, Skyscanner offers you more than just general travel recommendations. Skyscanner analyses your individual preferences, your travel history, and even your specific requests and provides you with travel ideas that are tailored precisely to your desires.

This tool suggests personalised travel recommendations based on your preferences, whether you enjoy exploring historical sites or relaxing on peaceful beaches. You no longer have to click through countless general offers, but Skyscanner provides you with a selection that is tailored to you.

3. Destination Suggestions

Thanks to its sophisticated AI, Skyscanner doesn’t just give you random destinations. Instead, the tool carefully evaluates your preferences, previous searches and specific queries to create three targeted destination options.

For example, if you’ve indicated that you prefer seaside locations. The tool might immediately suggest destinations like a secluded bay in Greece, a quiet beach in Bali or a charming coastal village in Portugal.

4. Rich Imagery and Detailed Descriptions

Today, the value of compelling visuals combined with detailed information is essential. Skyscanner’s AI tool considers this by including rich images and detailed destination descriptions.

As a user, you can now experience the charm of potential destinations through stunning, high-resolution images. In addition to these images, Skyscanner provides detailed descriptions of each destination’s cultural highlights, notable attractions and lesser-known places.

5. Direct Flight Links

Direct access to vital information is invaluable. Skyscanner’s AI tool meets this need with its “Direct Flight Links” feature, which ensures you can quickly navigate to the best flight options.

When you engage with destination suggestions or customised travel ideas, it’s not just about seeing pretty pictures and reading captivating descriptions. You also get instant links to the best flight options for each suggested destination.

6. Multi-Platform Compatibility

Skyscanner’s AI tool ensures a seamless experience regardless of your device. Whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, the AI tool is designed to adapt. The user interface adapts to various screen sizes and resolutions, providing consistent functionality and visual clarity across all platforms.

Pros and Cons of the Skyscanner AI Tool

Delivers prompt travel recommendations.Restricted to specific countries.
Streamlines the booking process with direct flight links. Requires specific user inputs for tailored plans.
Refines suggestions over time with adaptive learning.Only offers destination suggestions, not complete itineraries.
Provides vivid destination insights with rich imagery and descriptions. 
Offers various tailored travel plans with versatile prompts.
Available on the web and mobile.

Getting Started with Skyscanner AI Tool

Want to harness the capabilities of Skyscanner’s AI tool? Here’s a simple guide to ensure you get the most out of the tool’s features and optimise your travel planning process.

1. Accessing the Tool


Go to the Skyscanner website or use the mobile app to access the beta version of this AI tool. Remember, if you live in Australia, Singapore or India, you’re in luck. It’s exclusively available in these three countries.

2. Initiating Your Search


Start by entering your desired travel prompt. Whether you’re looking for tailor-made itineraries, scouting out the next best destination or looking for a quick weekend getaway, Skyscanner’s AI tool has you covered.

Options like ‘Find cheap cities’, ‘Short flights next weekend’ and ‘Foodie city breaks’ for foodies provide a wide range of travel inspiration. After you have entered your search query, simply click on the “Search with AI” button. The AI will suggest three options within a few minutes.

3. Navigating the Suggestions


We asked Skyscanner’s AI to suggest some cheap city breaks in Europe. In response, the tool suggested three attractive destinations.

Each suggestion was complemented by a captivating picture and an enticing description that painted a vivid picture of what awaited us. Additionally, the average flight pricing details offered a practical touch, and the handy link directed us straight to the flight options.

How Does Skyscanner AI Enhance Your Travel Planning?

Travel planning is a big challenge, but Skyscanner’s AI tool brings new solutions. Find out how it improves your travel planning experience:

1. Personalised Recommendations

You’ll find that Skyscanner’s AI tool will tailor its suggestions to your specific preferences. Whether you’re interested in quiet beaches, historical sights or culinary experiences, the tool will adjust its recommendations accordingly.

2. Swift Responses

Time is a precious commodity, and Skyscanner appreciates that. When you enter your travel criteria, the AI tool instantly shows you a selected list of destinations and flight options for efficiency.

3. Detailed Destination Insights

Rich pictures and an insightful description accompany each destination suggestion. This gives you a comprehensive picture of the place before you even set foot in it.

4. Budget-Friendly Suggestions

For those who want to manage their travel costs, the AI tool provides an overview of average prices. So you are always well-informed and can choose destinations that fit your budget.

5. Direct Flight Options

You no longer have to search multiple websites for flight bookings. Skyscanner’s AI gives you direct links to the best flight options and simplifies the entire process.

How Does Skyscanner Use Artificial Intelligence in Its Tool?

Skyscanner, a leader in the travel industry, seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into its tool, enhancing user experience and efficiency in trip planning. Here’s how it does this. 

1. Generative AI for Tailored Suggestions

Skyscanner’s tool, built on OpenAI’s powerful GPT technology, goes beyond basic search functions. It understands and interprets input in natural language, allowing you to make open-ended statements and ask questions as if you were talking to a human travel agent. This generative AI sifts through massive amounts of data to give you personalised travel suggestions and ensure you have options that match your preferences and interests.

2. Rich Content Creation

The tool is not limited to suggesting destinations but enriches the user experience with rich visuals and detailed descriptions. This integration of visual and textual content helps you get a comprehensive picture of each destination to make informed decisions.

3. Efficient Data Processing for Quick Responses

When you enter your data into Skyscanner’s AI tool, it processes the information quickly and provides you with tailored travel ideas and suggestions within minutes. Even if you’re in a hurry, your travel planning remains uncomplicated.

4. Direct Flight Integration

Once you’ve chosen a destination on Skyscanner, the AI helps you find the right flights effortlessly. This ensures a smooth journey from the initial planning stage to the actual booking.

5. Adaptation to User Behaviour

Skyscanner’s AI recognises the diversity of travel preferences and continuously learns from your decisions. The more you interact with the platform, the better it gets at making travel suggestions that really suit you.

Alternatives to the Skyscanner AI Tool

Skyscanner’s AI tool is making its mark in the travel industry, but it’s not the only player in the game. For those keen on exploring different avenues, there are several other tools to consider. 

PlanTrips AI


If you’re looking for an AI-driven travel tool, PlanTrips AI is a good choice. This tool will provide you with personalised packing lists depending on the season of your destination. If you want a clear insight into the cost of your trip, the cost calculator breaks it down for you. Just like Skyscanner AI, PlanTrips AI gives you destination recommendations tailored to your interests and even advises you on the best times to travel.

Get advanced travel insights, manage your budget with the cost feature and discover great restaurants. There is a Reddit community where you can share travel experiences and insights.

Read more about this tool in our in-depth PlanTrips AI review.

HomeToGo AI


HomeToGo AI stands out with features tailored to your needs. This tool, available only in the HomeToGo mobile app, uses ChatGPT’s API to help you describe your ideal trip and quickly receive matching offers.

As you use it, it learns and refines its holiday suggestions for you. With HomeToGo’s Pay-What-You-See pricing, there are no hidden costs. And when the decision becomes difficult, you can compare different accommodations.

Read more about this tool in our in-depth HomeToGo AI review.


Skyscanner AI is an efficient tool that speeds up your travel planning with tailored recommendations. It offers rich imagery, detailed descriptions and direct flight connections to streamline your process. So, if you’re looking for a travel tool that combines technology with user-friendly features, Skyscanner AI is worth a look.

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