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Skoot AI Review



Travel planning can be daunting, especially when it comes to family. Around 83% of people find organising a trip stressful rather than enjoyable. Skoot AI has set itself the goal of changing this narrative.

This tool simplifies travel planning and makes it a smoother experience for travellers with children. Users can easily compare destinations and receive customised suggestions for activities that make family trips memorable and stress-free.

Let’s look at how Skoot AI can reduce the stress of planning and replace it with the joy of discovery.

Key Points to Remember

  • Skoot AI transforms stressful family travel planning into an enjoyable process.
  • Uses algorithms for personalised travel suggestions, including destination comparisons and activity recommendations.
  • Creates itineraries based on family needs and suggests the best family activities.
  • No sign-up is required, plus a user-friendly chatbot helps with planning.
  • Assists with booking flights and sharing itineraries.
  • Uses AI to improve recommendations constantly.

What is Skoot AI?


Skoot AI is an innovative tool that changes how families plan their trips. It was developed from the personal experiences of Rob and Sam, a pair of parents from South London. They knew first-hand the challenges of organising trips with young children and created Skoot AI as a practical solution to a common problem.

At its core, Skoot AI uses advanced algorithms to simplify and optimise family travel planning. The tool compares destinations, considering everything from local attractions and activities to weather, accommodations, dining options, shopping, transportation and budget. This thorough approach ensures that families get a choice that truly suits their needs and interests.

The AI tool can also quickly suggest fun activities. Skoot finds the perfect park for a family picnic and suggests museums that fascinate both kids and adults, making trip planning fun and easy.

Skoot customises your itinerary based on your inputs and creates a tailor-made itinerary based on your family’s preferences and schedule. It’s more than just a planning tool. It transforms travel planning into an integral and enjoyable part of your vacation experience, tailored to your family’s unique dynamics.

Features and Functionalities

A look at the features and functions of Skoot AI shows how it stands out from other journey planners. This tool has user-friendly features designed to make travel planning more effortless for families. Let’s find out how Skoot can transform your next family adventure into a seamless and memorable experience.

1. Comparing Travel Destinations

Skoot AI carefully evaluates destinations, considering important factors such as attractions, activities and weather to ensure that each recommendation matches what your family will enjoy.

Accommodation is crucial, and Skoot doesn’t just look at cost. It scans for family-friendly and comfortable accommodation that is within your budget. Dining is also an important consideration, as Skoot AI finds places with various food and drink options that cater to all tastes & dietary needs.

Transport and accessibility of the destination are also taken into account. Whether on public transport or walkable roads, Skoot AI ensures you’re comfortable travelling with children.

2. Suggests Activities

Skoot quickly creates a list of the 10 best family and kid-friendly activities tailored to your current location. This feature is handy for parents who want to find exciting and age-appropriate activities without searching for a long time.

Whether in a city or the countryside, Skoot AI will show you a variety of activities, from outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, so there’s something for everyone. The suggestions aren’t only well-rated and easily accessible, helping families make the most of their time.

3. Recommending Dining and Beverage Choices

Skoot AI simplifies the search for great places to eat and drink while travelling. Tailored to your family’s preferences and dietary needs, it offers a range of options, from child-friendly restaurants to local culinary gems.

The tool considers factors such as location, atmosphere and budget and ensures that the food suggestions match the overall mood of your trip. It’s not just about the food but the dining experience tailored to your holiday plans and preferences.

4. Custom Itinerary Creation

Skoot AI puts together itineraries customised to your family’s specific preferences and needs. Whether you prefer action-packed days or a more relaxed pace, Skoot AI adapts the schedule to your style.

The process is simple: enter your travel dates, favourite activities and any special requests from your family. The AI then creates a balanced itinerary with suitable activities, meal options, and rest periods. This ensures that your trip is enjoyable and doable for everyone.

Itineraries can also be adapted to last-minute changes. This makes it a valuable tool for families needing to adjust their plans flexibly.

5. Booking Cheap Flights

Skoot AI simplifies the search for cheap flights by working with renowned providers in the travel industry, including This feature accesses’s vast network and offers a range of options with different airlines, routes and prices.

It’s not only about finding the cheapest flights. Skoot also considers flight duration, stopovers and departure times to ensure options are suitable for family travelling. The AI keeps an eye out for special offers and deals and brings these savings directly to users.

6. Itinerary Sharing

With Skoot, you can share your itinerary, activities and destinations with your travelling companions, making coordination much more straightforward. Whether you’re planning a family trip or a holiday with friends, everyone can stay informed about your plans.

This feature is especially helpful for coordinating group activities and ensuring everyone knows about the day’s itinerary, accommodation and transport options. In addition, comparing destinations can help you decide where to go, considering everyone’s preferences and budget.

Pros and Cons of Skoot AI

Tailor your trips to your family needs.Requires specific user information for effective suggestions.
Evaluates destinations on various criteria.Mainly caters to travellers with children.
Identifies family-friendly activities.No direct sharing through email or social media.
Suggests suitable dining options.Lacks the ability to save itineraries for future reference.
Easy to share plans with others by copying the itinerary.
User-friendly chatbot simplifies interactions and changes.
No sign-up is required, and the app is easily accessible without adding personal details.

Getting Started with Skoot AI

Skoot AI is a simple and efficient way to improve your travel planning. Let’s take a look at how you can plan your trips stress-free with Skoot AI.

1. Starting with the Platform


Neither registration nor personal details are required to use Skoot AI. Click the “Plan your family trip” button on the homepage, and you’ll be redirected to the itinerary creation tool.

2. Planning Your Itinerary


Skoot AI uses a chatbot to help you plan your journey. To begin with, you need to provide some basic information, e.g. your destination (city, town or region), the length of your stay and the age of your children. This allows the AI to create an itinerary tailored to your family’s needs.

3. Going Through the Itinerary


Once you have entered your details, Skoot AI creates a detailed itinerary based on your input. You can interact with the chatbot to make the itinerary as detailed as possible and ensure it matches your travel preferences.

4. Making Changes to the Itinerary


If you need to change your itinerary, the chatbot interface makes this process easy. Tell the bot what changes you need, and it will update your itinerary accordingly.

5. Sharing Your Itinerary

sharing-itinerary (3)

Although Skoot AI does not offer direct email or social media sharing, you can easily copy and share your itinerary with others. This way, you can easily update your travelling companions with your plans.

Enhancing Your Travel Experience with Skoot AI

Skoot AI can easily simplify and improve your travel planning. Find out how you can personalise and enhance your travel experiences.

1. Effortless Destination Comparison

Skoot AI simplifies the process of comparing destinations. It compares potential destinations based on various factors such as attractions, weather, accommodation and budget. This not only helps to make informed decisions but also ensures that the chosen destination has something to offer every member of the family.

2. Budget Management

Skoot can help you create a travel budget by estimating different aspects of your trip, such as accommodation, activities and food. This enables you to manage your spending and plan a trip within your budget.

3. Local Insights and Tips

Skoot AI offers valuable local insights and tips to enhance your travelling experience. It recommends the best times to visit attractions to avoid crowds, provides information on local customs and suggests places worth exploring off the beaten track.

4. Dining and Beverage Options

Skoot AI makes it easy to find restaurants that cater to everyone’s tastes and dietary needs. It recommends food and drinks that cater to your family’s preferences, enhancing your culinary experiences while travelling.

5. Language and Cultural Information

Skoot AI provides basic language phrases relevant to your destination for international travellers to simplify communication with locals. It also provides cultural information to enrich your understanding and experience while travelling.

How Does Skoot AI Use Artificial Intelligence?

AI technology powers Skoot AI, enhancing its functionality and user experience. Let’s look into the intelligent features that make this AI a smart companion for family trips.

  • Tailored Recommendations: Skoot uses AI to make personalised recommendations. It analyses your preferences to suggest suitable destinations, activities and food options and ensure they match what your family likes.
  • Smart Itinerary Planning: The tool uses AI for intelligent itinerary planning. It considers several factors, such as destination details and your preferences, to create practical and enjoyable travel plans, including optimised routes and activity planning.
  • User-Friendly Chatbot: An AI-driven chatbot makes Skoot AI easy to use. This feature allows you to interact with the tool naturally, making requests or changes to your travel plans simple and intuitive.
  • Feedback and Review Analysis: Skoot uses AI to analyse the feedback and ratings of other travellers and provide insights and recommendations based on collective experience.
  • Health and Safety Regulations: Skoot utilises AI to keep up to date with health & safety regulations in various destinations. This function is essential for travel planning during health crises or pandemics.
  • Adaptive Learning from User Behaviour: Over time, Skoot AI learns from the preferences and behaviour of individual users. This continuous learning enables the system to improve its recommendations and services constantly.

Alternatives to Skoot AI

Although Skoot AI offers a comprehensive travel planning solution, exploring alternatives is always helpful. In this section, we’ll introduce you to other tools that aim to simplify and enhance your travel experience. Let’s take a look at what other options are available in the field of travel planning technology.


trip-planning (1)

JourneyPlan AI is an effective alternative for different types of travellers looking for customised travel plans. JourneyPlan AI creates itineraries based on individual preferences, budgets and timeframes, making it suitable for solo travellers, couples or groups. The platform simplifies group travel by making coordinating and sharing itineraries easier.

Getting started with JourneyPlan AI is easy and requires no registration. You can quickly enter the trip details to begin the planning process. The strength of JourneyPlan AI lies in its AI technology, which creates custom itineraries and learns from your travel preferences over time.

Read more about this tool in our in-depth JourneyPlan AI review.

SkyScanner AI


SkyScanner AI introduces “Dream and Discover with AI”,” a new tool changing how travellers plan their trips. This feature, available in beta in Australia, India and Singapore, uses OpenAI’s chat GPT technology to make personalised travel suggestions. It is characterised by providing tailored suggestions for destinations and flight connections based on the user’s preferences and previous searches.

What sets this AI apart is its focus on customisation and ease of use. It analyses individual travel history and search queries to suggest destinations that match the user’s interests, accompanied by rich imagery and detailed descriptions. The “Direct Flight Links” feature further enhances the tool’s usefulness by providing quick access to the best flight options for each destination.

Read more about this tool in our in-depth Skyscanner AI review.


Skoot AI is valuable for families who want to streamline their travel planning. It can create customised itineraries, compare destinations and suggest activities tailored to the family’s needs. The chatbot interface and the fact that you don’t need to log in make it user-friendly. Skoot AI is a practical and efficient solution for families who want to make their travel planning less stressful and enjoyable.

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