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Trip Planner AI Review 2024



Around 70% of travellers are overwhelmed by the task of putting together an itinerary. This is where Trip Planner AI comes into play and brings a new perspective to travel planning.

Trip Planner AI is a web-based tool that simplifies your travelling experience. Thanks to advanced AI, it suggests activities and dining options that fit your budget. But that’s not all. Trip Planner AI goes one step further by suggesting transport options and splitting your day into three main activities, each with corresponding transport and food options.

Let’s see how Trip Planner AI can make planning stress-free and enjoyable.

Key Points to Remember

  • Trip Planner AI addresses the common challenge of itinerary planning, using AI to create personalised, budget-friendly travel plans.
  • Users can easily add, edit, or remove activities, offering flexibility and control over their travel plans.
  • The tool incorporates trending destinations and activities from Instagram and TikTok into travel itineraries.
  • AI-driven suggestions for local dining options tailored to individual taste preferences.
  • Utilises AI algorithms for optimal route planning, enhancing travel efficiency.
  • Centralises all travel bookings for easy access and management.
  • Facilitates real-time itinerary collaboration for group travel.

What is Trip Planner AI?


Trip Planner AI is revolutionising the way we plan our journeys. This innovative tool is free to use and harnesses AI to help you create, tweak, and perfect your travel itineraries. Whether you’re planning a leisurely vacation, a workation, or just a day out, Trip Planner AI has got you covered.

At the core of Trip Planner AI are sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms consider your preferences for sights, dining options, and places to stay. As a result, they create a travel plan that’s tailored specifically for you. 

Additionally, the tool has a unique feature. It can analyse travel content from social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This means you can find inspiration from these platforms and easily add those destinations to your travel plan.

The flexibility offered by Trip Planner AI is one of its standout features. You have complete control over your itinerary. Feel free to add new activities, modify existing ones, or remove them altogether. This adaptability is perfect for those who plan on the go or make changes based on discoveries.

Features and Functionalities

Trip Planner AI reveals a world of possibilities for travellers. Discover how Trip Planner AI redefines travel experiences, from personalised itinerary creation to real-time adjustments.

Personalised Itineraries

Trip Planner AI has the ability to create completely custom itineraries for you. It designs a trip that suits your interests and style. Whether you enjoy exploring new cultures, are looking for adventure or are a foodie, Trip Planner AI will create an itinerary tailored just for you.

The AI starts by understanding your preferences in terms of sightseeing, food and accommodation. It then uses this information and a comprehensive travel database to create your itinerary. This way, you’ll get suggestions that match your interests and some exciting new ideas you may not have thought of.

Optimal Route Planning

This feature is all about making your journey smooth and stress-free. It’s about more than just getting you from one place to another. It’s about making sure you’re travelling in the most efficient way that suits your style.

Trip Planner AI uses advanced AI algorithms. These algorithms look closely at what you like when travelling. Then, the AI uses your preferences to create the perfect route for you. This way, you spend less time trying to find directions. It takes the complexity out of planning your journey.

Travel Reel Insights

This tool utilises the wealth of travel content available on social media to help you plan your trip.

If you come across a captivating video on social media showcasing a beautiful location or coffee shop that you’d like to visit, Trip Planner AI can help you add that place to your itinerary. Simply share the social media post with the trip planner; it will take care of the rest.

This feature keeps your travel plans up to date with the latest trends. It connects you with the places that are currently popular with travellers.

Local Cuisine Recommendations

Trip Planner AI stands out for its ability to recommend the best local foods and hidden dining spots. 

It looks at your food preferences and past dining experiences. Then, it suggests places to eat that match your tastes. This could be anything from bustling street food markets to elegant restaurants. The AI acts like a knowledgeable food guide, always ready with the best suggestions.

The AI doesn’t just focus on popular eateries. It also finds those unique, off-the-beaten-path spots. These might be small local cafes, family-run restaurants, or street food stalls known only to locals. These are the places where you can truly experience the local food culture.

Customise your Itinerary

Trip Planner gives you complete control over your trip. It lets you adjust every part of your journey to match your interests and mood. 

You can add new things to your itinerary with Trip Planner AI. For instance, if you hear about a local event or a new museum, you can include these in your plans. You’re not just limited to adding, though. You can also change the details of what you’ve already planned.

If you want a more relaxed day or find something more exciting, you can remove things from your itinerary. This makes your travel plans flexible.

Managing your Bookings

Trip Planner AI serves as a one-stop shop for all your travel details. It neatly stores your hotel bookings, flight information, and any other reservations you have made. This means no more searching through multiple emails or apps to find your travel details. Everything is conveniently available on the Trip Planner AI platform.

It also assists you in managing these details. Whether you need to check your flight schedule or look up your hotel reservation, it’s all easily accessible.

Collaborative Group Planning

Trip Planner allows everyone in your group to work on the itinerary together in real time. Each person can share their ideas and preferences. This includes choosing accommodations, tourist attractions, and where to eat. This way, the final travel plan reflects what everyone wants and likes.

Since it’s a real-time feature, the whole group immediately sees any changes someone makes. This means everyone is always up-to-date with the plans.

Pros and Cons of Trip Planner AI

Creates travel plans tailored to individual preferences.Can only create plans for up to 10 days.
Incorporates the latest trends from Instagram and TikTok.Supports adding up to 10 people in a plan, which may not suffice for larger groups.
Offers AI-driven suggestions for authentic dining experiences.Requires online access for full functionality.
Allows users to modify their travel plans easily.Sign-up process restricted to Google accounts.
Saves time with AI-optimised travel routes.
Consolidates all travel bookings in one platform.

Getting Started with Trip Planner AI

Starting your travel planning journey with Trip Planner AI is easy. Let us look into the simple steps to begin crafting your perfect trip.

1. Sign Up


Before you start your planning, you’ll need to create an account. Head to the Trip Planner AI homepage and look for the login option at the top right corner. Clicking this will redirect you to the Google sign-up page. Here, you’ll need to sign in with your Google account, which will then be linked to your Trip Planner account.

2. Understanding the Interface


Once you’re signed up, you’ll see Trip Planner AI’s easy-to-use interface. To begin your travel planning, click “Create my first plan”. 

3. Planning Your Trip


Creating a customised plan is easy. The AI will ask a series of questions to understand your needs. These include your destination, travel dates, the number of people you travel with, and your budget. After inputting this information, click “Create my trip” at the bottom. 

You’ll then move to personalisation options, where you can select activities, meals, and accommodation. Finalise your choices with the “Build my trip” button.

4. Reviewing Your Itinerary


After you’ve selected, the AI generates a detailed itinerary for you. This includes a list of activities and places to eat. The itinerary is planned to save you time travelling between spots. You can view more details about each activity with just a click.

5. Manage Your Bookings


You can book activity tickets directly through Trip Planner AI. Clicking on an activity provides a detailed overview and a booking option. Selecting this will redirect you to a partner booking site where you can easily secure your tickets.

6. Customising the Itinerary


Adjusting your itinerary is straightforward. To rearrange activities or dining options, just drag them up or down in your plan. Adding or deleting items is just as easy. Plus, you can ask the AI for alternative activity suggestions if you need more ideas.

7. Saving or Sharing Your Itinerary


Sharing your itinerary with friends and family is easy. You can copy or share the link through social media apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, or email. You also have the option to save your itinerary as a PDF for future reference.

Enhancing Your Travel Experience with Trip Planner AI

Trip Planner AI does more than just sort out your itinerary; it’s designed to improve every part of your journey. Let’s take a closer look at how this tool can elevate your travel experience.

1. Easy Itinerary Management

Trip Planner AI makes managing your itinerary straightforward. With its real-time updates and simple customisation options, you can change your plans effortlessly. This flexibility means your travel can adapt to new desires or changes, making your trip smoother and more enjoyable.

2. Local Insights and Recommendations

A great feature of Trip Planner AI is its local recommendations. It can suggest off-the-beaten-path restaurants and attractions, giving you a taste of local life. This way, you can explore places beyond the usual tourist spots, making your experience unique and more authentic.

3. Smart Route Planning

Another advantage is Trip Planner AI’s smart route planning. It looks at your schedule and suggests the best ways to get between places. This saves time and lets you enjoy more of each destination. You spend less time travelling and more time experiencing the beauty of each place.

4. Integrating Social Media

Trip Planner AI also connects with social media. You can add places you’ve seen on platforms like Instagram and TikTok to your trip. Your itinerary stays current and exciting, filled with trending spots and personal favourites.

5. Collaborative Planning

Trip Planner AI’s group planning feature is beneficial if you’re travelling with others. It lets everyone in the group have input into the plan. This makes planning easier and more fun, as everyone gets to contribute.

6. Personal Touch

Most importantly, Trip Planner AI personalises your journey. It tailors your travel plan to match your interests and suggests dining options you’ll love. This personalisation ensures that your trip feels special and unique to you.

How Does Trip Planner AI Use Artificial Intelligence?

Trip Planner AI is more than a simple travel tool; it’s powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI). Let’s take a closer look at how AI is the driving force behind this innovative travel planner.

  • Data-Driven Personalisation: At its core, Trip Planner AI employs AI to analyse vast amounts of data. This includes your travel preferences, past experiences, and interactions with the tool. The AI customises your travel plans by processing this data to match your unique tastes and preferences.
  • Real-Time Optimisation: AI in Trip Planner AI works in real-time to optimise your itinerary. It continuously analyses factors like weather, traffic conditions, and local events. This ensures that your travel plans are not only feasible but also the most convenient and enjoyable. 
  • Learning and Adapting: Another key aspect of AI in Trip Planner AI is its ability to learn and adapt over time. The more you use the tool, the better it understands your preferences. This learning process enables the AI to make more accurate recommendations and improvements.
  • Social Media Integration: AI also significantly integrates social media insights into your travel planning. By analysing trending destinations and popular experiences shared on platforms, the AI suggests current and exciting options for your itinerary.
  • Efficient Route Planning: The AI is brilliant at planning efficient travel routes. It considers distance, traffic, and how you like to travel. This leads to the best trip routes, saving you time and making your travels smoother.

Alternative to Trip Planner AI

While Trip Planner AI provides many useful features for travel planning, examining other options is valuable. Let us explore other travel planning apps with strengths and benefits.

Skoot AI


Skoot AI relies on the power of artificial intelligence to offer tailored travel suggestions that suit your family’s preferences. It doesn’t just suggest destinations; it also assists you in comparing options and recommends activities that match your family’s interests. 

This tool stands out because it can create detailed itineraries based on your family’s specific needs. It considers factors like your children’s ages, dietary preferences, and any special requests you may have, ensuring your travel plans are exciting and practical.

iPlan AI


When planning your dream getaway, iPlan AI steps up as your ultimate travel companion. This smart travel planner harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create itineraries that perfectly match your interests and desires. 

The tool is all about making travel preparation quick and easy with the help of AI. It swiftly crafts detailed plans, saving time and simplifying the entire process. You can set your budget, and iPlan AI ensures that all recommendations stay within your financial limits. 

Like Trip Planner, this AI tool offers flexible and customisable itineraries. You can adjust your travel plan to your liking and easily share it with friends or travel partners for collaborative planning.


Trip Planner AI is a versatile and user-friendly travel planning tool. It employs AI for personalisation and real-time optimisation, enhancing your travel experience. It integrates social media insights for up-to-date suggestions. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or planning a group trip, Trip Planner AI promises convenience and personalisation for smoother adventures.

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